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Armor reduction: Should you be getting Executioner or not.
First off folks, I need to link this so everyone can understand where I am coming from. This is the theorycrafted armor reduction stub of wowwiki.com. Now, one might look at this and say 'oh hell, not algebra!' but in truth, its very easy to understand. This is good for ALL layers of melee, and to a lesser degree, all physical DPS. Casters might be interested to read it just to understand why we can beatstick you in PvP, but past that its not going to be that easy.

The Armor Reduction page

Now, that state, there are a few aspects that aren't mentioned on that page...where bosses are sitting at for Armor. Even melee bosses have no where near the AC of the tanks that fight against them. You can assume the boss is going to have anywhere from 5k to 8k armor. Stack 5x Sunders (2600) and Faerie fire(610), that means they will be at 1790 to 4790.

Executioner knocks another 840 off of that amount. If you do the math through that, you can end up with executioner being worth around 300-500 extra AP on a boss fight. It is very dependant on other Armor penetration. What this basically means is that the enchant has to scales much higher when you have armor penetration on your gear.

To read much more in depth parses and math work, I recommend reading this threadon elitist jerks.
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Yar. I'll be going with Mongoose/Executioner forever on Logros, heh.
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Yes, for fury warriors (with a good enough main hand to warrant it) it is best to do Executioner in the main hand and potency(+20str) in the offhand. Thanks Gholjan!
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