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Settling in with her trusted friends, the sunset-colored ravager, Tyr and dark skinned warp beast, Malifyr, Arithalia gathers her writing utensils up and inspects her parchment for flaws. Her quill in her left hand she then takes her first reluctant stroke and so she starts to tell her tale. The piece of parchment is soon crumpled and tossed away; the quill is tapping on her teeth through the mask that is her almost constant garb. Distracted by the antics of her friends, she takes a moment to offer each some attention and a bite to eat. Nodding in satisfaction, she grabs another parchment and begins to write, while her gluttonous friends greedily eat.

It would be rude of me to start off without giving my name, so I guess I’ll start there. I am Arithalia, though it is a bit of a tongue tangle to pronounce and while I enjoy watching people trying to unknot their tongues, it’s simpler and much more enjoyable to be addressed as Ari. I am of course a Blood Elf and a huntress and I have two friends, A ravager and a warp beast called Tyr and Malifyr. I have a particular affinity for using beasts to assist my fighting.

Arithalia nods, thinking not a bad start, although it could be a little neater, writing never having been one of her strong suits... she wonders if her hand writing could be mistaken for chicken scratches on paper, but decides that it’s as good as it’s going to be.

I’ve never felt that I needed to be a stand out person, content to stay by the side and let others be the center of attention although I’ve managed. I have adventured into caverns and traveled back in time to defend Hyjal but have never found it overly satisfying having to fight, always preferring it more entertaining to be with my friends or exploring.

Feeling a breeze wisp across the toes of one feet, she wiggles them realizing all the sudden that the boot is missing. She groans in irritation and taps her Ravager on the head. “Malifyr stole my boot Tyr. Go get it. I’ll give you a treat of you do.” The Ravager obediently scrambles off to get Arithalia’s boot. She mumbles about distractions and continues to write.

I grew up with a good family of a mother, father, brother and sister. My father was injured in a fight against the legion and never made it back home. My mother was stressed over taking care of…

Arithalia closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and opening them. If anyone had been watching they might have noticed her left eye, the right looking normal and healthly with a bright emerald glow like all of her kindred, the left much dimmer and subdued. A loud squeak breaks into her wondering thoughts; her warp beast is valiantly attempting to defend her boot from the determined Tyr. Tugging her hood up more securely to block out the sound, she tries to resist the urge to storm in after the two beasts. Praying that the Innkeeper does not throw her out, she again writes.

…three children. My mother was a fragile woman often forced to stay in bed for extended periods of time. My brother, who was eldest, had entered training to be a Blood Knight and was lost while doing so. I was the middle child of the three and took after my mother, being of a less then hearty sort, even frail at times. Following the loss of my brother, my mother became quite incapacitated and unable to support us. I was forced to support the family, some women might have resorted to selling themselves but I would not resort to that. As fragile as I was, I was unable to have a normal profession and so I had to make some hard choices, and until my mother passed, almost four years later, I did things that I would rather forget. As a result of this dark chapter in my life, I was forced to sever my relationship with my sister and assume a new name, a new start.

She nods slowly. Re-reading what she’s written. Then she glares at her un-booted foot, then around looking for her pets. “…Glutton-beast…” She grumbles, then goes back to writing.

Much has changed since those days, I have found that in addition to my career that I also enjoy the fashioning of jewelry and cutting gems, even occasionally searching for my own materials; it’s so exciting finding shiny rocks. I would prefer not to draw attention to myself but have learned that gems and jewels can be helpful and not just ornamental…as I don’t really enjoy wearing them.

Arithalia relaxes, digging her gloved hand under her hood. I knew I should’ve gotten someone with neater handwriting to write this, maybe Durkham’s available, his writing is neat enough it’s the spelling that he needs help with…

I have been associated with many groups in my time and travels, most noteworthy is the time I spent with Relentless. While with them we explored many places the last of these I went to was strangely set back in time, a high valley known as Hyjal. I eventually became convinced that the leadership was largely self serving and left when it became clear that they cared little for me only if I could accompany them on their next outing. I heard however, that the Ironsong Tribe is a very honorable group of people that work together to help each other and actually show compassion. That they respect each other and I find that as something that is very important.

Arithalia stretches and goes to lean back… landing flat on her back she suddenly remembers that she was seated on a stool not a chair. More embarrass then hurt, her face flushed a deep red she looks around to insure no one witnessed... as she pushes herself up, she spots Tyr returning with her boot, now not looking much like a boot at all, torn, holed and shredded, she thinks “I wonder how much of my depleted funds it’s going take to fix that.”

I have had many trials set before me. Fighting when running wasn’t an option, but of all the things I’ve done, my continued efforts at training my friend the warp beast… she stops to think back on this thought with affection - …named Malifyr, unfortunately he just won’t stop stealing my boots… I can’t prove this but I suspect that he often “drops” these items while he warps, I say this because I don’t believe he eats them, yet they seem to disappear. Once while my Tauren friend, Brokenclaw, was visiting, her staff came up missing. We both seen her stand it by the door when she entered, it was later found in Netherstorm, some great distance away.

My goals? To be a good friend, to have fun and to find a place I can stay and friends that truly are. I’m always ready to help but have grown tired of constant fighting and would much rather spend my time strolling by the water and just looking around. I’m no longer convinced that all Alliance are bad, so I only fight when I or my allies are attacked.

She takes a moment to reread what she has written, grumbles again and sets the quill to paper to sign the document.

With hopes of a warm reception,

((OOC: I have read the Code of Conduct and find that I not only agree but am encouraged by what’s is written there, even the things that I have been searching for. Guild mates are should be respectful to each other, you can have fun just not at the risk of someone else’s joy. Situations are handled maturely and I believe it an easy and good code of conduct to follow. Relentless is a guild from Sisters Of Elune, it was heavy in raiding but I didn’t like how it went and I transferred here with my dad and some of his friends. ))
You certainly don't talk like an elf, I am intrigued.

My name is Dergash and I currently serve the Tribe as Minister of Culture and Recruitment. Having read your posting to the Totem I encourage you and your friends to attend this weeks Moot. Our Moots are held on Thursdays at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time, this week we are holding it on the second floor of the Inn in Booty Bay. Come and introduce yourself, answer our questions, and we may even grant you Peonship within our Tribe.

Also do you have someone you know in the Tribe that might be willing to stand as Sponsor for you?
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
*Reading the new notice attached to the totem, Saerrina thinks back to the time when she first met this one who is now called Ari. She had never seen a creature anything like this Tyr and watched it continuously, almost to the point of distraction from the campfire meeting to which Alfin had invited her. A few days later, she'd had to duck for cover in Silvermoon, of all places!, when this same elf came charging down Murder Row on a strange white beast with eerie-looking horns. Ari was one of the first to introduce Saerrina to such creatures as her ravager pet and riding talbuk. Ari would become a regular face among those Saerrina eventually adventured with, although Ari became fed up with the relentless pursuit of riches and glory, a new and dangerous challenge at every turn, no rest -none!- before pressing onward, no time to sit back and enjoy friends. Ari was the smart one. She left those adventures behind and made her own place, her own adventures, back on Azeroth. Now they had all come full circle, back to the simple pleasures of building friendships and getting to know one another. So Saerrina added her own note to the bottom of Ari's notice.*

Ari, it is good to see you again. I am positive you will like these folks as much as I have already come to do so. See you at the moot Thursday!
Arithalia settles against Tyr, thinking. Then, with a hidden frown, she nods her head slowly.

“My apologies…but I don’t believe I have sponsor. Though I do know many peons within The Ironsong Tribe.”

She gives a brief nod to Malifyr, who settles at her feet, ready to bite her boot. She gives him a minor glare, causing the creature to snort at her. He settles with dropping his head on the mail boot of her left foot.
Peonship granted 10/02/2008.
Saerrina is her sponsor.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)

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