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Argus nutshell guide
Argus is a four phase encounter.  It's a pretty straightforward encounter, but also very fast-paced and intricate.  There are a lot of mechanics, which are visially bright and easy to see, but if we misplay these mechanics it will be fatal.

We'll be helped by the Titans in each of the phases.  They'll place powerful buffs on us, or serious debuffs on our enemies, which we will need to take advantage of.

Each phase has a particular "flavor" and tests different aspects of raid cohesion.  

PHASE ONE:  STORM AND SKY (100 to 70% health)

This phase revolves around the idea of placing patches of Death Fog around the room in space-saving locations.

Death Fog:  Death Fog is a ground effect that spawns from two of his abilities.  It deals a lot of damage to players who stand in it and it won't despawn until the beginning of Phase Two.

* The primary Death-Fog-spawning ability is Cone of Death.  He casts this at 100% energy.  He'll target a random non-tank's location and will place Death Fog in a cone aimed at that location.

--> We'll have standard tanking procedure for Phase One, with the boss in the middle of the room, the tanks holding the boss facing away from the raid, and the raid behind the boss.  To handle the Cone of Death, all players should stack up behind the boss to bait Death Fog in that direction.  Once it is cast the entire raid will sidestep counter-clockwise to a spot just beyond the Death Fog.  In this way we will place the Death Fogs right next to each other and thus save space.

If we need more time to DPS him during this phase, we can alternatively place the boss near the edge of the room and more him along slightly after each cone.

* The second ability that spawns Death Fog is called Soulblight Orb.  The boss will summon an untargetabble orb that will send out a few debuffs in a staggered way, then despawn.  The Soulblight debuff it leaves on players is a DoT that also spawns a small patch of Death Fog under the player when it expires.

--> Affected targets should move directly BEHIND the group to let the debuff expire.  Make sure not to go ahead of the group, or the next Cone of Death may target them instead and place a Death Fog ahead of the group.

Argus will also cast Tortured Rage, which does burst damage to the entire raid.

Anti-tank attack (Sweeping Scythe): large semi-circular cleave that does instant damage and applies a debuff.  Swap at around three stacks of Sweeping Scythe.

PHASE ONE TITAN AID:  Golganneth's Aid

During this phase, we'll be helped by the titan, Golganneth.  He will place two "debuffs" on two players.  These will spawn an orb above the players' heads, one white orb and one lightning orb.  After the debuffs expire the orbs will spawn at the locations of those players.  Running into these orbs will grant players a buff:

* Running into the WHITE orb grants a player Strength of the Sea, increasing haste and versatility by 2000 for 1 minute.

* Running into the LIGHTNING orb grants the player Strength of the Sky, increasing their mastery and critical strike by 2000 for 1 minute.

Notes on the orbs:

* These buffs are mutually exclusive.  Running into a second orb will remove the buff from the first one.

* The buffs STACK.  If you run into the same orb every time it spawns, you can gain multiple stacks of the buff.

* We need to place the orbs in a spot where players can easily choose which one to grab.  It is best to place one orb directly in the boss' hitbox, and the other just 5 yards away from the boss.  This allows melee to choose which buff they want while maintaining 100% uptime on the boss.  As long as we stay together with the Cone of Death movement, we should be able to maintain 100% uptime with our buffs.


Rotate around the boss for each Cone of Death
Face the boss away and taunt on 3 stacks of Sweeping Scythe
Move the Soulblight debuffs behind the raid
Place the buffing orbs in the boss' hitbox and 5 yards away
Gain buffs whenever you can


At the start of this phase Golganneth will clear all the Death Fog from the room with a lightning storm called Golganneth's Wrath.  This storm does a lot of damage.  The entire group needs to stand in the middle of the room until the storm is over.  BUT make sure nobody except the tank is in front of the boss during the storm, as Argus will start up again with Sweeping Scythe which might one-shot a regular player.

Once the storm is over, the tanks should drag Argus to one edge of the room and keep him there through the entire phase.  Continue taunting at 3 stacks of Sweeping Scythe.

We will place markers at three locations around the edge of the room, 45 yards from the raid, to deal with the mechanics of this phase.


The current tank will receive a 1 minute long "debuff" every minute called Avatar of Aggramar.  This increases the tank's health pool by 100% and movement speed by 40%, while also buffing nearby players with Aggramar's Boon.  Aggramar's Boon causes the player to redirect all damage taken to the tank with the debuff (Avatar of Aggramar).

These two debuffs are used to deal with one of Argus' new abilities, called Volatile Soul.

Each time Argus reaches 100% energy, he will cast Volatile Soul.  This applies two Soulburst debuffs and one Soulbomb debuff on different players.

Soulburst:  15-second DoT that explodes (Soulburst Detonation) when it expires.  The explosion does burst damage to the entire raid, decreasing with distance, up to a maximum of 45 yards.

--> Players with Soulburst should move away from the raid.  We will designate two of the three locations for Soulburst players to go to, both will be least 45 yards from the boss and from each other.

Soulbomb:  Similar to Soulburst, but it does more damage, enough that it will kill any afflicted player who does not use a large damage reduction or immunity.

--> Soulbomb players need to move to the third marker (which is also 45+ yards away from the raid and the Soulburst players).  The debuffed tank will help the player survive the Soulbomb.  Here's how it works:  before the Soulbomb expires, the tank with the Avatar of Aggramar must have the other tank taunt Argus, then he will move to the Soulbombed player and stand on top of them.  When the explosion occurs, the damage will be redirected from the player to the tank.  The tank should use some form of damage reduction to survive the explosion.

During this time, the rest of the raid should be stacked up behind Argus.  This ensures that all players are over 45 yards from the Soulbombed and Soulbursted players, while allowing efficient heals.

Each time Argus reaches 50% energy, he will place two Soulburst Debuffs.  These players will need to run to their pre-assigned locations.

The only other ability cast in this phase is Edge of Obliteration.  These are spinning blades that spawn in random locations.  They'll mark a line on the floor and after a few seconds will shoot down the line, dealing damage and a knockback and applying a DoT to anyone who is struck.

--> Make sure to stay out of the lines, but also stay relatively close to the boss so you don't get caught in a detonation.


At the start of this phase, Argus will dash to the middle of the room and become unattackable.  Aman'thul will cast Temporal Blast on Argus, causing him to burst into multiple start.  These will fly around the encounter area and eventually form into seven Constellar Designate adds that stand stationary around the edges of the encounter area.

We need to kill all seven adds to enter Phase Four.

The raid should be loosely stacked in the middle of the room to remain in range of the healers, while allowing ranged DPS to maintain range on all the adds in the room.

The Constellar Designate adds cannot be crowd controlled, moved, or tanked.  All adds have the same three abilities they will cast throughout the phase:

* Cosmic Ray:  marks a player and points a beam at them.  A moment later the beam explodes, dealing damage to anyone standing in it.  If you are targeted, make sure you are not on top of any other player targeted with the beam.  Then stand still, giving everyone else the time to sidestep the beam.

* Starblast:  interruptible cast that is repeatedly cast at a random player.  These can be interrupted, but it's not critical.  Some interrupts must be saved for the next ability, Cosmic Beacon.

* Cosmic Beacon:  Marks a player and after 4 seconds hits them with Cosmic Smash, dealing a lot of damage and applying a 6-second DoT to the entire raid.  Two adds will cast this at the same time.  If neither of them is interrupted the combined damage of both Cosmic Smashes may wipe us.  We will assign at least one player per Constellar Designate add to hold their interrupt and use it on the Cosmic Beacon cast.

Weapons gained by the adds:  Occasionally, two randomly selected Constellar Designate adds will gain weapons via The Stellar Armory.  One add will gain the Blade of the Eternal which increases melee damage by 300%.  The other add gains Sword of the Cosmos which increases melee damage by 200% and gives it access to the Cosmic Power ability which increases the damage of adds within 20 yards by 20% for 3 minutes.

While the adds have weapons they can be tanked and moved, and they CAN'T cast their normal abilities.

--> Each add needs to be picked up by a tank quickly (they have a threat table based on the damage they have taken while weaponless.

--> The Blake of the Eternal add should be moved next to a weaponless add, so that DPS can cleave them down.

--> The Sword of the Cosmos add needs to be tanked 20 yards away from any other Constellar Designate adds so it doesn't buff them.  A good spot for this add is in the middle of the room, where DPS can still attack it but it's still 20 yards away from all the other adds.


15 seconds after all the adds have spawned, Norgannon casts The Discs of Norgannon.  This places a different debuff on each add which increases the damage they take from a single school of magic by 200%.  We've got Arcane, Fire, Frost, Holy, Nature, Physical, and Shadow vulnerability here.  The DPS should focus on killing the add that matches their damage type.

The debuffs are always applied to the same adds.  So one you've located yours, it'll be the same one every time.

Once we've defeated all seven adds, Phase Four will begin.


Argus will kill all the players at the beginning of this phase, removing food buffs, augment runes, and resetting the cooldown of potions.  The raid should aim to have already used two potions by this point (pre-pot and one during Phase Three) so we can use a third one during this phase.


Shortly after the raid dies, Eonar will create a Gift of the Lifebinder Tree.  This tree allows players to Release Spirit, allowing them to move around the encounter as a ghost.  Players within the Spirit World will see many Hungering Soul adds which wander around aimlessly.  If a player touches an add it will explode (Soul Detonation) which knocks back and slows many nearby ghost players.

--> Don't touch these souls.

Running as a ghost into the aura around the Gift of the Lifebinder tree will resurrect the player and allow them to engage Argus once again.

However, the tree has an energy bar which depletes a little bit each time a player uses it to resurrect and this energy doesn't come back.

Upon losing all its energy, the Gift of the Lifebinder tree will become a Withered Gift of the Lifebinder tree.  We can still use the energy-less tree to resurrect, BUT doing so will apply a permanent stack of Withering Roots to the tree which deal heavy ticking damage to it.  The healers can heal the tree to try to keep it healthy.  But as the stack of Withering Roots grows, the damage will become unsustainable and the true will die.  Once the Withered Gift of the Lifebinder tree is dead it does not respawn.  From this point onwards players can no longer Release Spirit and death now acts as it usually would.

Because of this, we need to manage our resurrects.  Resurrecting becomes a resource we can use.  We will want certain people to die at certain times, and if we run out of resurrects too quickly we will wipe.

At the beginning of the phase, all members of the raid should Release Spirit as soon as possible, run to the tree, resurrect, and engage Argus again.

Whie all members of the raid are dead, Argus will cast the End of All Things.  This is as bad as it sounds, and it MUST be interrupted or the raid will wipe.  As soon as players resurrect for the first time, they must interrupt this cast.  Make sure a tank is alive and can immediately gain threat on Argus, or he will start killing other players.

On a timer, Argus will spawn a set of Reorigination Module adds that spawn around the edges of the room.

* These slowly drain their health with an ability called Initialization Sequence. When they die they cast a raid-wide AoE that is worse the closer you stand to it.  The RADIUS of this AoE is proportional to the amount of time they are allowed to cast their channel.

-->  We need to damage these adds so their circles don't get too big.  They don't have much health so we can keep the circles small as long as DPS switches two them when they spawn.

* Each time these adds spawn, their number will increase by one.  We'll start by killing three adds but by the end of the phase we may end up killing six or severn in each wave.

The Reorigination Pulse cast by these orbs will leave several Motes of Titanic power in the spirit world.  Ghost players can run over these to absorb them.  This will give Khaz'goroth energy.

Once he has at least 20 energy he'll channel Titanforging, which buffs the entire raid with Titanforged, increasing our damage, healing and movement.  The buff gets stronger the longer Khaz'goroth has more than 20 energy.

--> Any ghost players should aim to gather any nearby Motes of Titanic Power to try and have a high uptime on the Titanforged buff.

In this phase, Argus replaces Sweeping Scythe with Deadly Scythe.

Deadly Scythe deals the same damage as Sweeping Scythe, but the debuff increases damage taken AND it is permanent.  This means that eventually the tanks will die.  However, the debuff is removed upon death.

--> A single tank should take as many Deadly Scythe hits in a row as possible.  When this tank eventually dies they can release spirit and run over to the tree to resurrect.

The dead tank does not need to rush to resurrect.  They should take the time to absorb Motes of Titanic Power to give the raid Titanforged.

Volatile Soul still occurs during this phase, with Argus giving out two Soulbursts at 50%, and two Soulbursts and one Soulbomb at 100% energy.

--> The raid should deal with these the same way as in Phase Two, with the boss tanked at the edge of the encounter space and the raid stacked behind the boss, and players running to their raid markers.  HOWEVER, the Soulbombed player will die in this phase unless they use damage reduction or an immunity, as there is no Avatar of Aggramar tank debuff to save them.  The killed player can take this time to pick up some Motes of Titanic Power before coming back to life at the tree.

On a timer, Argus will once again cast Tortured Rage which deals a large burst of damage to the raid.  We may need healing cooldowns if Tortured Rage overlaps with pulses or explosions.

Embers of Rage will be falling to the platform throughout this phase.  The cause small swirly circles to appear on the ground.  These do a burst of damage and permanent DoT --> players must dodge these embers as soaking one will eventually be lethal.
That was very productive last night -- we got him down to 15% twice!  I think we just need to tighten up Phase Four and we've got this.  A couple notes on what we learned:

Phase One:
* Don't run ahead of the group to drop orbs or explosions, as this may bait a wedge of Death Fog ahead of the group.  Place the orbs close to the boss, either in his hitbox or slightly to one side.  Make sure it's where melee can reach them easily.
* Take the explosions to the back, behind the raid.
* Argus' frontal cleave is HUGE, 180 degrees, so make sure not to stand anywhere in front of him, or even to the side if it's in front of his midline.  Tanks can rotate him a bit too so that some of this cleave overlaps the first Death Fog as the phase goes on, which gives the raid a larger clear 'wedge' in which to stand.

Phase Two:
* We ran the little bombs to either side of the room and the big bomb straight back.  The tank, with the speed buff, can reach the back of the room.
* Tanks need to balance the accumulating Sweeping Scythe debuffs with making sure that the debuffed tank is free to run back to protect the player with the bomb.  Saving the player with the bomb is a very high priority.

Phase Three:
* Interrupting the adds' Cosmic Beacon is important.  DBM broadcasts a warning if Cosmic Beacon is being cast -- find that add and interrupt it.
* The add with the sword goes to the middle of the room, the one with the daggers goes next to another add.
* Damage to the tanks goes up dramatically after the adds get weapons -- healers be alert.
* DBM marks the adds with a raid marker, the shape and color of which corresponds to that add's vulnerability.  E.g. Nature damage has a green triangle.  Figure out your raid marker and target that add to start.

Phase Four:
This is a tough phase as there are three different mechanics happening at once.  But if we can tighten this phase up we'll get him down.

(1) Bombs:  Argus is placing bombs on players just like in Phase Two.  These people need to run to the sides and back, or, if those areas are not clear, somewhere away from everyone else.  There's no tank to save the player with the bomb, so that player will die and enter the spirit world, but that's okay as players in the spirit world can rez / gain buffs for the rest of the raid.

(2) The Spirit World is pretty straightforward.  Avoid the adds, pick up the buffs (which look like small white spheres with black lines swirling around them) then run to the tree to get rezzed.  If the tree is dead, stay down there and pick up buffs.

(3) The Orbs: These orbs are nasty and need to be killed quickly.  I think we should have ranged on the far ones, while melee handle the close ones and keep DPSing the boss.  The orbs have very little health, so they're pretty quick to DPS down.  Having the ranged DPS handle the far orbs (a) keeps the melee DPS on the boss and (b) keeps melee away from areas of the room that we may need for detonating bombs.

I think if we handle the orbs correctly, and keep DPS high on the boss on Phase Four, we've got this.


Note:  Here is the map of the adds with their vulnerabilities.
[Image: 679475.jpg]

^^ DBM places a raid marker over the head of each add, the color of which corresponds to that add's vulnerability.  I just noticed that these occur in rainbow order, starting with Fire (red) at about 2 p.m. on the circle and going round counter-clockwise with Physical (orange), Holy (yellow), nature (green), frost (blue), arcane (pink -- totally not a rainbow color), and shadow (purple).  So this pattern may help you remember where your add is.
Heroic Argus

Okay, heroic Argus is actually almost the same as normal Argus.  The numbers are a lot bigger, but the changes to the mechanics are small:

Phase One:  During the first phase, the buffs we get by standing under the orbs only last 30 seconds instead of one minute.  This means that your buff is more likely to fall off.   It's possible to refresh it, but the timing is a lot tighter.  Players who get Soulblight and need to run to back may see their buffs fall off.

--> Think of the buffs as bonuses, rather than a necessity.

The anti-tank frontal cone attack, Sweeping Scythe, will increase damage by 150% rather than 75%.

--> Tanks should swap at 3 stacks.

Phase Three (the add phase):

Whenever an add is interrupted, it will become immune to interrupts for 20 seconds (due to Impending Inevitability).

--> ONLY interrupt Cosmic Beacon.  Let the Starblast casts go through, so we don't accidentally make a subsequent Cosmic Beacon cast uninterruptible.

Phases Two and Four are unchanged.

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