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I've been kind of prodding around to see who would be interested in doing some arena. I'm not proposing anything truly serious (because really I'm not that good) but it'd be a nice change from Ashran. I would also like to point out that I have not seriously done the arena since season 3... which was a little bit ago.

I would be doing arena on Sapph (holy priest) because my rogue pvp is embarrassing at best. I also have 2 sisters that are interested in doing the arena that play a mage and enhancement shaman.

As for times I have very little social life so generally any evening would work for me or Saturday/Sunday afternoons.

Thoughts? Victims? volunteers?

I promise nothing but death and a repair bill...
I would love to do arenas! The only thing is that I mostly play resto, and my matchmaking ratings are based on that. So if I was to switch to balance I'd probably be playing at a lower skill level than my actual MMR. I'd just have to get used to playing balance in pvp, but I enjoy pvp so much I don't mind losing a bunch to get my MMR to the right level.
I have been contemplating leveling my warrior as I do miss mortal striking things in the face.

Maybe we could get enough people to do 5s then we could run with 2 healers. It would confuse the heck out of the other team so bad maybe we could sneak a win in.
Clearly we should revive Team "Do You Have 5 Hours?", made of 5 healers. Though I guess there's some sort of dampening effect on healing now, so maybe that's no longer a viable strategy.
Omg, I want to try that. And to be honest it was probably never a viable strategy. People probably just won those games because the other team got bored to tears and gave up.
That's exactly how they won. It's "viable" in a "you will win enough matches to gain rank and conquest points due to enemy forfeits" way, not in a "you actually have a chance to defeating the other team by killing them" way. It was a pretty valid time proposition -- give up early and get more matches in, or stay a long time (hours, potentially) to eventually eke out a victory. If dampening works like I think, though, where it scales up over a few minutes to reduce healing, then this would no longer be something people would forfeit to avoid.

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