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Are you Heroes? Prove it to the Horde!
Hear ye, oh hear ye, Ironsong Tribe. I, Vardoth Narvenci, wish to bring to light the dire situation the Outland is in. As you are all aware, there are many organizations that desire to oust and exterminate the Horde, such as the Fel Orcs of the Hellfire Peninsula, to Kael'thalas' Blood Elves, to Lady Vashj's nefarious naga brethren. I suggest that enough is enough and strike back at them at their bases of operation!

Whether you be a Champion or Peon, I ask of you all to volunteer for the good of the Horde to help the assaults on these dispicable enemies in the depths of what may seem impossible...to destroy the mires of evil only heroes can eliminate.

To make this possible, I ask of you all to leave your names and information on the spaces below so we may archive and notify you as soon as possible so we may gather up together quick and attack quicker! Power to the Horde, and Power to the Tribe!

(OOC: Yay, I wanna just start this list for Heroic Dungeon runs. Just post your name(s) (including alts), class, talent spec, Heroic Keys you have acquired, and times most available. Also, add any info you may think will be helpful. This way, I hope everyone will find it easier to access Tribe members for Hero Runs! Hope you play along with my whim and post up!)

-Has Improved Sap
-Has Improved Kidney shot
Keys: All Keys (For Hellfire Citadel, Coilfang Resevior, Auchindoun, Tempest Keep, and Caverns of Time)
Available: Weekdays- 3-8 PM (PST), Saturday- 1-8 PM, Sunday 1-8 PM

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