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Arcane Resist for the Curator, etc.
I've gotten my arcane resist up to 178ish with the gloves and boots i've crafted, with the cloak naruth crafted and enchanted (thank you so much!), and a pair of AR pants i had laying around waiting in the bank i'd forgotten about.

Mahiah also has a set of gloves and boots in the mail.

I've got the leather and scales together for a pair of gloves/boots for jabadue and mizar (if you want them) -- i just don't have the primal mana for those yet. i've managed to farm about...21 primal mana since saturday.

Naruth, what were those AR cloth bracers you linked before?

I'm thinking the more i have the better, because i was quite a mana sponge. the more of those adds i had on me the worse it was. They were hitting about 300-700 arcane damage per hit, and they were pretty fast too.
I have made the two pieces of arcane resist plate I can for myself and Anathamon already. It's 50 arcane resist with those two pieces, so it'll help some.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
I can make [item]Cloak of Arcane Evasion[/item] and [item]Arcanoweave Bracers[/item], and I can enchant the [item]Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance[/item]. If anyone wants any of those done, let me know! The cloak+enchant combo is very nice, if a bit hefty on materials. And I'll do what I can to help you there, but my supplies are perilously low at the moment. Off to farm more primal mana right now, point of fact. ;D

Also, my Aldor-specific patterns are FR... which resistance is on the Scryer patterns, V?
Jabadue's boots and gloves are in the mail.
As an update --
Between Vanea and myself, the following people should have the noted tailored items:

[item]Cloak of Arcane Evasion[/item] - Greyfith, Tetsumis, Efluvious
[item]Arcanoweave Bracers[/item] - Greyfith, Tetsumis, Vanea, Naruth
[item]Soulcloth Gloves[/item] - Tetsumis, Vanea, Naruth

Grey's cloak is also enchanted with [item]Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance[/item].

I believe I have the materials for one more cloak at this time.

Anathamon and Efluvious each have two pieces of AR plate, and Mizar and Jabadue each have two pieces of AR mail, correct? I'm pretty sure I know where Grey stands... how's Mahiah? Thoguht? All in all, I think we're doing great for a week's worth of work!
I have no AR stuff.
Naruth, Vanea, Greyfith, you guys are awesome.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
Mizar, i'll have your boots and gloves for friday i'm sure. Just need to go primal mana farming again.

i can now also do:

[item]Enchanted Felscale Leggings[/item]


[item]Enchanted Clefthoof Leggings[/item]

But i think those ones'll have to wait until the week after. Lots more materials.
I've got two [item]Cloak of Arcane Evasion[/item] that are going to Tet and Efluvious, I've got mats for a few more that I'll make as well.. I'll bring them to the raid on friday.
Big thanks to Mahiah and Efluvious for supplying materials for them!

And as far as craftables from scryers that I can do... [item]Mystic Spellthread[/item] and [item]Runic Spellthread[/item] are what we get as tailor.. boo. I can make some spellthreads for those needing them for their pants.. currently can make the Mystic.. (Mats: 5x [item]Primal Mana[/item] and some thread..) I've got some manas stored up that I can use.. and am farming for them regularly...

Scryer rewards for Blacksmithing and Leatherworking are arcane resist though.. nice stuff actually..
I'll check my bank alt for any motes of mana that I might have.. no idea if I do have any..
I've got 3 or so Primal Mana on Terelith if you want to borrow those.
I've got another [item]Cloak of Arcane Evasion[/item] Made for Thoguht. Enchanted with +12 Agil Big Grin
I have the leather boots, gloves and the cloak.
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
You guys are amazing!
What do you need for the leather stuff? I have some knothide... heh. and motes of various sorts.
the leather gloves and boots both take:

4 heavy knothide leather
16 heavy clefthoof leather
6 primal mana

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