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Arcane Resist
As ye may have seen in other Team threads..we are going to need arcane resist items for when we get to the Curator event. I suggest we start to consider this now and begin gathering mats and such. Feel free to weigh in on this thread - and lets start to gather well in advance.

Not to butt in, but if anyone needs any of the AR things I can craft or enchant, do let me know ( [item]Arcanoweave Bracers[/item], [item]Arcanoweave Boots[/item],[item]Cloak of Arcane Evasion[/item] [item]Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance[/item] ). I'd be more than happy to make them / help with materials if I have any to spare.
Hi - there's also the [item]Flask of Arcane Fortification[/item], which Gholjan and I can both make now. The materials are expensive but not unreasonable, if we put it on a tank.
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Well, the main problem is that the tank isn't the one who is taking all the damage, the Curator spawns little beasties that arcane blast up the wazoo and everyone else is needing to kill those while the tank just keeps the Curator distracted. So if anything, the tank needs the arcane resist the least. :?
Dokcha has the ability to currently craft (if some materials are found):

[item]Enchanted Clefthoof Boots[/item]
[item]Enchanted Felscale Gloves[/item]

I need to get back to grinding Scryer rep to learn more of the patterns for leather/mail...
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I thank all who have weighed in on this. Naruth - many thanx for your offer - I am sure we will take advantage of your skills and knowledge. Likewise....ANY member of the tribe that can offer assistance in this effort will do nothing but benefit all. I am grateful indeed for all aid. Safe travels to all.


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