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April 7 Raid
Well, since no one else has posted on our brilliant raid last night, I think I'll jump the gun on it.

We had another great bunch of people, but got off to a bit of a late start again as we were trying to fill our last two spots. However, great thanks to Mindi and Ahgga for being in attendance last night!

Among the guild, we had Zeengo along for his first time who did an awesome job of healing. We also had our saviors, Abbru, Daichallar, and Umu who did their jobs very nicely. Umu was still managing to get aggro even with a Blessing of Salvation coursing around him (30% less aggro from damage). Our other two healers, Lymoria and Jadyn, did wonders on keeping the group up. Gholjan was picking up the slack in the DPS department, and I (Terelith) was bouncing back and forth between melee and healing as I had the chance to hit some things now with our excess of healing.

As for the actual raid, we made swift works of the huntsman who dropped the lovely [item]Steelhawk Crossbow[/item] which of course went to our intrepid hunter whose soul is now bound to us. [item]Gauntlets of Renewed Hope[/item] also dropped, mostly in part because of Lymoria's ability to tell the future. This long-awaited item went to Terelith.

Time enough was found for us to practice the creatures on the way to the Maiden. We did not forsee actually making it to her, which when she came in sight, most people were startled. We had time enough for one attempt in which we succeeded in getting her down to around 80% before a wipe. Terelith bombed right off the bat with a lovely Holy Fire and was too slow to bubble and hearth. <Weeps> We hope to make another attempt at her tonight.

Good work, Entourage!

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