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Applying to Ironsong Tribe
Hello All,

I have heard many good things about your guild, and I find it very interesting. I have been looking for more information on your application proceedure or requirements but have not been able to find anything.

Could someone point me in the right direction?


Grymfang & Snipps
Beast Master Hunter & Trusted Pet Companion
Silver Hand
Dear Grymfang,

Welcome to the Tribal Totem Pole! We thank you for your interest. To become a part of the Tribe, you must attend one of our Moots and introduce yourself. Since you have already located the Totem, it is a good idea to read our Code of Conduct. ((Posted in links on the left)). That way, you can learn what we stand for and whether or not we are the kind of family you would enjoy being a part of.

Recruitment, From the Ironsong Code of Conduct:
"New applicants are required to present themselves to
the Tribe at a moot or some other function. They will receive a trial
period, where they will hold the rank of Peon. Typically this period
is a week, but it may be extended if the Farseers, Blademasters, or
Warlord decide that more time is needed. If after that time the
applicant is deemed to be a good fit for the Tribe (and vice-versa)
they will be promoted to Grunt and welcomed as a full member of the

You are welcome to ask any questions here, or directly at the Moot! Our Tribe Moots are always held on Thursdays, at 6pm Orgrimmar Time. ((Server time)). Today's Moot is a special celebration at Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale, so you are in for a real treat if you are able to make it! You can ask me for a summons there when the time nears.

If you do miss this week's Moot, you're welcome to attend next week. If Thursdays are a bad day for you, please let us know and we will seek to accomodate your needs.

Safe journeys!
Thank you for the warm welcome Eveline.

I have read over the Code, twice in fact, that was one of the things that made me seriously consider applying to this guild besides its exceptional reputation.

I will see if RL permits me to attend the Moot this evening.

I look forward to getting to know you all.


Grymfang & Snipps
Sorry I had a question regarding a guild Moot. Well I didn't have the question but Snipps does.

Are these events "pet friendly"? Or should I put Snipps up in the stable for the evening with a nice book and something to nibble on?


Grymfang & Snipps
*big grin*

It would be a rare occasion that anyone would ask you to part with your faithful companion! Even when we hold the Moots in Grommash Hold, Thrall's Chambers, the animals are quite welcome if they choose to linger.

Seeing that this week we're celebrating among the Zandallar Trolls, I think Snipps should definitely attend! I am sure he likes being out in the sunshine! Maybe there will be some treats for him.

It was very considerate of you to ask! Pets are most usually welcome at our gatherings.
Snipps will be happy with the news he can attend, for a Scorpid he is a very social creature.

It seems that the "Powers That Be" have granted me permission to attend this evenings event. I look forward to seeing you all!

Ooo I may have to get myself a new outfit.

Grymfang & Snipps
<The little undead perks up> Does he like candy?!
Zarraema Wrote:<The little undead perks up> Does he like candy?!

Unfortunately no. Snipps is strictly a meat eater, except for elves.
Oh. <pouts> ...maybe he'll like candy if I give it to him. <nods>

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