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Application for Lacryma Sunleaf
Name: Lady Lacryma Norandu Sunleaf, Sin'serrar of the Blood Knight Order. (The Blood Blade)

Vocation: Formerly a Warlock that served the causes of the Alliance with honor and care, Lacryma has taken up in her ongoing efforts to master magic itself, the power of the Light.


Well.. to start my story, it would begin at some point during the end of the Third War. I was a Ranger of Quel'thalas and was often dispatched to Netherguarde to scout out places for Orc or Demonic presence.

No, I wont deny that I have killed Trolls and Orcs many a times, clashing with them up to recent times. It was not my wish but rather a bond of honor that my people then called the Quel-dorei held to the Humans for their part in the Troll Wars.

To continue on.. I suppose it could be seen as fortune.. or perhaps fate? That I was picked for a mission to the Black Morass. Within the Morass I discovered a coven of Orcs, Tauren, and a few humans. Members of the "new" Twilight's Hammer Clan. My mission should have ended with me reporting back to Netherguarde but the mission objectives changed when I spied... what could be classed as a Rotting human Knight, mounted upon a Horse and bearing the badges of the Stormreaver Clan.

It was a Death Knight of Gul'dan, and before I could escape, he was aware of me and bound me. ..No. Not with chains. Trust me when I tell you there are far more painful and effective ways to bind a person.

I am sorry, I would prefer to skip further detail and move on. They are painful memories. A brief summing up of the events.. This Death Knight was called Grajak Felstorm. Likely a member of Gul'dan's Shadow Council, as he often would curse the name of Doomhammer. Eventually when he percieved I was "broken" he would become my master, and I learned from him. In that I learned of places of power, seats of demonic energy and ways I could manipulate them to defeat my enemies.

Because I was ...thorough, during my enslavement to Grajak, I gained a name amongst the Stormreavers, Norandu. It means "The Bane" in Thalassian. That was what he groomed me to be.

-Lacryma looked into the distance, before her face drew into a ghost of a smile.- ...How ironic..

My father, a Magister of Silvermoon named Curanus, was searching for me and through use of Grajak's fear on Doomhammer I was able to use the recent.. events regarding the Orc's departure from Kalimdor to make him believe that Doomhammer was alive and was coming to kill him again. Planning a migration, he let his guard down and Netherguarde finally came. The Alliance played its part well. The Stormreaver and Twilight's hammer within the Blasted Lands were crippled and I was able to chase down and kill Grajak. However.. given his non-corporeal nature, it was nessecary to bind his spirit as well. His body was entombed within the place called the Tainted Scar, until later events, which is another tale.

Father and I returned to Quel'thelas... but it was no longer there. That -grumbled off a string of curses in Elvish- Arthas decimated my homeland. I remember burning the Forests so that Scourge... could not abuse the stranglehold they had.

...By that point the Ranger within me had died. ..I.. I did my duty, I fought, and yet I failed to prevent the death of those I cared for most. Magic. Magic had been something I disdained and used sparingly.. but without the Sunwell.. It became very evident I needed to know more about the Force Grajak had taught of me, the powers of the Arcane, and what I could do to save any Quel'dorei that remained. Hearing a report that my sister was a Paladin and Priestess within Stormwind, I rejoined her and pledged years of my life to serving their causes. During these years I dropped my real name and took on Grajak's moniker.

Norandu Felbane would become my name.

Believe me when I say however that as bad as the Horde may treat those who utlize Fel Magic, the Knights of the Silver Hand are innumerably worse. I would face the same perils, and when they desired my aid I gave it. But they always made a fuss as if though they took of my knowledge I was still a worthless being.

I honestly.. I dont know how I endured it. It was maddening. I suppose familial bonds were the reason. I enlisted in the Army of Stormwind as a Blood Mage and was awarded with the rank of Knight Captain.. I befriended Paladins like Rhaze and Pantzeri.. and for several years more I fought the pointless wars of the Alliance, fully aware of the true threat that was the Burning Legion.

Then.. the conflict of thought came. The Alliance.. primarily the Paladins I have met began to aspire to the same genocidal thoughts of Garithos. I was spat on and jeered at for simply being what I am. A Paladin of noble blood, (a real fop, but I digress) attacked me for healing a injured Mage, and decried me as a traitor for defeating him in combat.

...The House of Nobles 's counter was to have the audacity to command me to prove my loyalty to Stormwind, ignoring all that I had ever fought for them in. You cant compete with that sort. The mission however was what I liken to my "Severance Pay".

I was ordered to hunt down the "renegade" Sindorei and if possible bring back the head of Curanus Sunleaf, for his part in slaying Dalaran jailors. My own father.

Naturally, I accepted the quest and departed.

I have yet to return, and my father lives yet as do I in the restored Silvermoon City. For this refusal to obey orders, I am a "traitor" in the Alliance's eyes.

So I leave it to you to decide who betrayed who. What was done in the War's prior.. my grievances with the Amani...?

Well.. Orcish culture seems to dictate that you dont apologize for old grievances. War is its own mindframe. I can tell you this however. The Orcs are not enemies, nor are the Darkspears. I would be honored to fight alongside you, if it will help defend my people from Alliance aggression. This is why now I take a more martial path and serve as a Blood Knight. Another story that one is, and I wont tire your ears with it however. Even elder races get tired of speaking. -smirks-

To conclude.. I think it was Majra, a Orc Hunter who showed best the stock and grit of the Horde, when she and several of the Horde assisted me during the Battle of the Dark Portal a few weeks ago. Due to her and the assistance of many others, we were successful in the battle and the Legion is cast back for now.

To quote the greatest Warlock of them all, Medivh. I am but the sum of my parts. I leave to you to decide whether to see me for what I was or what I have become. My goal is that by assisting you as a ally, it may go lengths to undo lingering rancor on both sides from prior wars. To quote Thrall, we need eachother.

I have read the totem..? If that is what it was called, and agree to the laws you set down upon it.

-Lacryma Norandu Sunleaf
Greetin's there, Lacryma. We ain't acceptin' any more recuits 'till March but we do have allies ya can see 'bout joinin. I hope this helps ya out.

Such a tale of woe and betrayal I am surprised you have the strength to continue the fight. I hope to adventure with you at some point.

Blessings of the Earthmother to you Lacryma
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
-briefly paused thinking on the mythos of the Earthmother, before trying a reply. With luck her studies on the Tauren at Mulgore was part of her ambassadorial duties would pay off.-

May the Earthmother's Silver and Golden eyes always guide your hunt to a swift and fruitful end, and may the spirits sing with your ancestors.


(( As for not accepting members till March, thats a shame to hear. Hopefully yall wont mind if I stick around on the Boards? Good RP was difficult to find Alliance-side. ))

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