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Application for Arduina
1) My name is Arduina SwiftBreeze.. and as of yet I have earned no titles.. I am still very young

2) I am but a young druid in training.

3) not really much that I can say here.. as I am still attempting to find myself. ((still thinking up back story.. first Horde character and I'm none to familar with the races))

4) I have no professions as of yet.. but as soon as I find a trainer I will begin to train in mining and engineering.

5) I am but new to this world.. and I have not been a member of any other guild, tribe or family.. but I wish to change that now if I can.

6) The main reason that I am interested in joining the Ironsong Tribe is because of a new close friend of mine by the name of Amato..

7) I must say that the greatest trial that I have ever faced was gathering up the courage to leave my little home and go to see the expansises of our world.

8) At this moment I am uncertin of any of my goals.. but I would say that I am looking to become the best that I can be... and to show honor in all that I do.

9) The best thing I enjoy about my adventures in our world is meeting new people and doing what I can to help those that I meet.

10) Yes I have read the Code of Conduct and I do agree to abide by and do my best to help uphold these rules.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to considering me to become a part of your tribe.. and hopefully a part of your Family...
May the road stretch out before you and may the skies shin upon you on all your travels. Best Blessings friends!
~ A relatively unmussed corpse rises from his seat upon the ground and looks on with a steady yellow glow that occasionally flickers from red to blue. ~

Interesting, young one, you answer with honesty and modesty. Still finding your way within this world and trying to carve a nitch into it for yourself. And in spite of the obvious adversity, you chose to leave your safe little home.

~ The corpse stares unflinchingly, and "deathly" still. From behind a large felhunter comes up and nuzzles his hand then turns to face the young tauren. Without warning, the implacable visage smiles and turns away with a nod.~

We'll see young Arduina, we'll see.

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