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1) My name is Akumaryu I am a warrior of many worlds and ages. I've held the title Legionaire many times in PvP combat. I have been the leader of many guilds and clans!
2) I'm an experienced warrior
3) His name is Ustsusemi
4) As i said in the beginning im a warrior of many lands and ages (( I have 6 60s on 2 different servers, 3 on each server i'm pretty much versatile i can play any class there is)) I've been fightin the fight since i was a young orc many many moons ago. I've fought in various battles such as ZG Strat DM BLW etc. Having me in the Tribe would be an asset to everyone! I help when help is needed and I'm more than generous!
5) In this Lifetime i am takin up Mining and skinning strictly to make money, but if there's something i can do for the guild id be more than happy to change it.
6) I was the Master of many guilds on different worlds, I started when i was a youngin on the World Elune where my first guild was Chaotic Disorder, then i graduated to a clan called Elegy where i became second in command.. after they had fallin apart i start a clan called RIP co. and there have been various other ones before that..
7) I sat in on a moot that Utsu had brought me to.. and i liked how warm and friendly everyone was.. and they showed a true spirit
8) Long ago when i first battled Onyxia ((we wiped like 5 times in a row)) many horde came from afar to help us slay the beast after many tries we tooke him DOWN!
9) to Become the Greatest most well known and respected warrior of this world, my reasonin you ask? its very satisfying when a member of the horde whom you don kno walks up to and tells you they respect you!
10) Questing! i love the rewards! PvP also holds a place high my heart along with high lvl instances!
11) I Akumaryu warrior of many lands and ages do!
Nice to meet you Akumaryu. I hope to see you at the next moot.

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