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Anyone who left the tribe on their main but still has alts..
Please tell me who you want your new 'main' in the Tribe to be. We'll still keep notes on who your true main character is, but I just want to ensure the main/alt relations in the Roster addon still parses them correctly.

In addition, I've set up a usergroup for 'Tribe Friends,' which mainly consists of folks that have left the Tribe on good terms and that still participates in discussion here on the forums. They have the same permissions as guild members (ie, viewing and posting in Member forums), but they just have a separate title (instead of one of the guild ranks, it's "Tribe Friend"). It's mainly just to help me keep track of who's not in the guild anymore, so I don't inadvertently remove their access completely when I do my comparisons between who's in the Members group that's not in the Roster.

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