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Any news from the front?
Not heard much how this is going in a bit. How far are you guys getting? Any word on some of the gear requirements? Possible spots opening up or which days might be available?
The campaign is going rather well I think. Nalorakk, Akil'zon and Halazzi have all been confirmed as killed. The nature of avatars however is not to stay dead for very long, if death can even be applied to such beings. As for gear and weaponry, Zul'Aman is quite a testing environment. The battles are quite long and require high levels of effort from all involved. Extensive and advanced dungeon crawling in both heroic areas and Karazhan before venturing into the domain of the Amani would likely be a very good idea. As to positions in war parties, I am not in any position to comment on such things. Those questions would most likely be best answered by the individual war leaders.
Bloodbound has the 4 animal bosses down, although only the first two within the timer. I don't think we'll get the third within the timer any time soon, if ever.

Gear requirements are very, very high. Anything less than full Kara/heroic/badge epics won't cut it. Everyone needs to be at the the top of their game, it's just not possible to succeed reliably without everyone being up to the instance's level. The entire place is a gear check, there's no easy stuff.

As important as the gear is the raid working well together. I don't think I'd recommend any new raid starting together in ZA - I'd do some Karazhan first, to get to know how folks play, and what individual players' strengths and weaknesses are. Most fights are very challenging in coordination, as well as gear.

I can't speak for the IST raids, but BB won't have openings at all. If they do come up, we'll be adding folks that we've done Karazhan with, not adding folks we haven't raided with previously. You really need the coordination to be mostly unspoken here, because fights move very fast, and there's too much to keep track of. Everyone needs to know their role without it being explained mid-fight.

For those wanting to go, my recommendation would be to get a Karazhan raid going, and once you've got Kara whipped, move on to ZA. Waiting for an open spot is probably going to be an eternal wait. Also, the badges from Kara will help immensely with acquiring the gear necessary to succeed in ZA.
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