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Any Alchemests out there?
Hey folks. The farther I get into the leatherworking skill the more I realize that I need a good Alchemest buddy, I can make some really great gloves right now with 2 elixir of defence (def plus 102 for 1 hour) Gloves are blue, I'll gladly pay more than fair market value or if you want a pair yourself i'll give you 2s and a pair if you give me 4. As things progress I may need your help more and more but you could get yourself some great gear and possibly a fairly steady flow of cash.

-Rogues Do it From Behind
Brannora is aa alchemist, and I have always found her to be helpful.
I'll gladly make you potions. Just send me a letter saying how many of which potion you need and I'll get them to you as soon as I can. I've recently been out gathering herbs so I can make just about anything at the drop of a hat.

Take care and may the Dark Lady watch over you.


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