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Antoran High Command nutshell guide
This is a quick write-up of the fight we saw on Tuesday.  We're very close on this one -- I'm just going to organize the information about the fight here.

This is a single-phase council fight in which we fight three bosses, which share a health pool.  The fight is in the style of the Sisters fight in Tomb of Sargareras: one of the bosses will engage the raid at a time, while the others are unattackable and bombard the raid using the pods they live in.  While one of the bosses engages the raid, that boss' pod is empty, and a player can jump into the pod and use its abilities against them.

The fight is divided into three sub-phases, one for each boss, which we will rotate through until the fight is won.  The room is shaped like a three-leaf clover, with three bays, with one boss in each bay.  We will rotate clockwise around the room engaging the bosses in turn as they become active.


These are the abilities the Commanders can use against the raid when they are in their pods.  If a Commander is active, that Commander's pod's abilities won't be used against the raid.

Chaos Pulse:  This ability is available in all three pods.  It deals light Fire damage and applies a damage-increasing debuff, which stacks up to 15 times.

Fusillade (Admiral Svirax's Pod):  Causes a Legion cruiser to bombard the entire arena with heavy fire damage.  Each bombardment puts a stacking buff (called Zeroing in) on Svirax which increases the damage of future Fusillades.

Entropic Mines (Chief Engineer Ishkar's Pod):  Each cast lays 5 mines near a random target.  Each mine takes 3 seconds to arm itself, after which they will detonate if a player gets within 6 yards.  Detonation triggers Entropic Blast, which does fire damage and applies a stacking raid-wide DoT (Entropic Blast) on the raid.

Adds (General Erodus's Pod):  This summons two types of adds, Fanatical Pyromancers and Felblade Shocktroopers.  Pyromancers cast Pyroblast, which deals heavy damage to a single target, but can be interrupted.  Shock troopers will periodically Demonic Charge to one of the three furthest enemies, knocking them back and inflicting a slow.  Then they'll cast Bladestorm (a whirlwind attack) as they return to the tanks.

COMMANDERS' ABILITIES (Outside the pods)

All commanders have a shared set of abilities when they're out of their pods.

Exploit Weakness:  Anti-tank attack.  This attack does damage in a 10 yard frontal cone and applies a debuff to anyone in that cone which increases damage taken.

--> Tanks must point the boss away from the raid, and swap after each Exploit Weakness.  The current-off tank should stand behind the boss.  Everyone else, don't be in front of the boss.


The pods spawn behind each active boss.  These pods should be occupied and used by players as much as possible!  The player will have access to several different abilities inside the pod.  Button 1 is the basic attack -- use that against the boss.  Button 2 is specific to each pod.  In a nutshell, the first pod has an anti-add attack, the second pod has a shield that protects the raid, and the third pod has a mine-clearing ability.

Button #1 is Chaos Pulse:  This ability is available in every pod.  It's a basic attack that also applies a stacking DoT.

Button #2 varies in each pod:

Admiral Svirax' Pod, the first pod available, has Withering Fire.  This is an anti-add attack.  This inflicts heavy Fire damage and increases damage taken from all sources by 25% for 10 seconds.  This ability can only affect the adds (Fanatical Pyromancers and Felblade Shocktroopers)

Chief engineer Ishkar's Pod, the second pod available, has Felshield Emitter.  This ability provides the raid with a shield.  Specifically, it allows the player inside the pod to deposit a device which other raid members can click on to shield the raid.  This shield prevents 50% of fire damage taken for 10 seconds.

General Erodus' Pod, the third pod available, has Summon Disruptor Beacon.  The Disruptor Beacon lasts for 7 seconds, during which time it interrupts enemy spellcacts, slows their movement speed, and destroys Entropic Mines within 12 yards.  Use this ability to clear mines.

In summary, in each pod the player should SPAM BUTTON 1 on the boss to do damage and keep the stacks at max, while using BUTTON TWO on cooldown.  Button 2 will be an anti-add attack in Phase One, will place a raid shield generator in Phase Two, and clear mines in Phase Three.  

During the time a player is inside the pod, that player will be damaged by:

[b]Psychic Attack:[/b]  DoT that does increasing damage at every tick.

[b]Psychic Scarring: [/b] Debuff applied when a player exits a pod.  This prevents them from entering another pod for a couple minutes.  

[b]Stealing Power:[/b]  The player will be periodically assaulted by the two Commanders that are still inside their pods.


* Tanks should point the bosses away from the raid due to the cone attack.
* Chaos Pulse CAN be dispelled but it may not be worth the Mana.

Phase One:  Admiral Svirax active

* Ranged DPS and healers spread loosely through Svirax's third of the room.  DO NOT occupy the other bays of the room, as that will place mines there.  

* Adds will spawn every 30 seconds or so.  They always appear in a group with one caster (Fanatical Pyromancer) and two melee (Felblade Shocktrooper) adds.  Interrupt the Pyromancer's Pyroblast as much as possible.  Avoid the Shocktrooper's Bladestorm.  Make sure a high mobility ranged DPS is the furthest from the boss to attract the Shocktrooper's charge (Mages, Hunters, Shadow Priests are best, in that order).

*  We'll get mines throughout the phase, targeted on random Ranged DPS and Healers.  Ranged DPS and Healers should stand within Svirax' third of the room to keep these from spawning elsewhere.  The mines persist forever unless they are triggered.  Avoid them.  Accidental detonations are okay but don't do a bunch of them.

Svirax' Pod:  A few players will need to get into Svirax's vacant pod.  While inside the pod, SPAM BUTTON 1 (Chaos pulse), which does damage to the boss and will keep a damage-increasing debuff at max stacks (15 stacks).  CAST BUTTON 2 ON COOLDOWN (Withering Fire). This can only be used against adds.  When the damage inside the pod becomes too high, usually after about 30-40 seconds, exit the pod and have a new player pick it up.

Phase Two:  Chief Engineer Ishkar active

*  There will be no mines in this phase.  Tanks hold the boss where he spawns, keeping him facing away from the raid.

* The adds will persist in this phase and should be dealt with in the same way.

Ishkar's Pod:  SPAM BUTTON 1 (Chaos Pulse) on the boss.  USE BUTTON 2 TO LAY A SHIELD GENERATOR.  Raid members should activate this shield generator before each fusillade to mitigate some of the damage.  Players will need to rotate every 35 seconds or so.

Phase Three:  General Erodus

This is the most dangerous phase, as the Mines are back, along with Fusillade, but there is no longer a shield to mitigate the damage.  Tank the boss where he stands.  Ranged can use as much of the room as they like as no mines spawn during this phase.  Each Fusillade will deal a LOT of damage.  Use healing cooldowns or personal cooldowns to survive.  

Erodus' Pod:  SPAM BUTTON 1 (Chaos Pulse) on the boss.  USE BUTTON 2 TO CLEAR MINES.  

We will Bloodlust during Phase Three.
On heroic, in addition to numerical increases, there are a couple mechanics changes:

* Pod damage: While inside a pod, the player will take ever increasing ticking damage, as Psychic Assault now stacks over time.  Healers can heal the targets inside, BUT the damage will become excessive after 45 seconds (at which point the damage will kill them).  A single healer should be assigned to keep the player in the pod alive.  Once the player leaves, at 45 seconds, another player should immediately enter it so that the raid can make full use of the pod's abilities.

* Pod debuff:  When a player leaves the pod, they gain the Psychic Scarring debuff, which prevents the player from reentering for three minutes.  This lines up so that two players can be assigned per phase to use the pods (for a total of six pod players).
Some tactics that Icy-Veins suggests which we could try:

- Have high mobility dps be the furthest from the active boss in P1 and P2. They can most easily move away from charging Shocktroopers.

- Use felshield emitters in P2 right before Fusillades instead of preplacing them. This way they can be dropped so that the tanks don't have to move the boss to get under the shield.

- Use Disruptor Beacons in P3 on top of the boss during fusillades instead of Felshield Emitters. These will create a safe zone that will be clear of mines, the raid can group up for AoE heals, and the DPS can focus on burning the boss. In order to manage the damage of Fusillades we would rotate healing cooldowns or have everyone use a personal cooldown plus healthstone.

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