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Another raid?
It seems that there is a demand for another raid to help gear people up. Unfortunately, I cannot organize this one as I am a bit over committed as is.

This is just to gauge interest in another raid, probably 10-man to ToC or Ulduar, with the purpose of helping people gear for ICC. I also need to know if someone is willing to organize.

So if you are interested, respond to this and put your name, role (DPS, healer, tank), whether willing to lead, and times you could raid.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I wouldn't mind getting some hot action for my Shaman, Winlaklu, either as heals or ranged dps. I'm not really into the whole "leading" thing, but am glad to "help out".

Edit: Woops, forgot the times. Stupid work...
My only open days at this point are Thurs, anytime Saturday, Sunday evenings
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Garudo (Tank Only)

Saturday AM/PM
Sunday AM
Wednesday PM (Two or Three hours max)

I don't know about leading/organizing (Yet) but am willing to support by researching boss strategies in order to help the raid. I don't think I currently have sufficient knowledge or experience to lead a raid at this time; though I have been asking a few questions in regards to tanking (and raid leadership) and I have been advised that I am most likely geared to Off-Tank those instances, potentially Main-tank if the raid feels ambitious enough.

However if people wish it...throw me in the fire and I will do my best to help organize.
I am in no way a leader (anyone who's ever spent any time with me would know that), but I'm fairly good at cat-herding if it comes to that.

Lucinther, on the other hand, might be convinced to lead things and be all in-charge and stuff. Smile

Cora is, as always, available to heal (but without Oryx, will probably just go with her "heal people, don't die" strategy ... good, but not refined enough for heal leader). "Always" meaning "whenever my schedule permits."

Tor could, um, show up and hit things. Maybe. I don't think she's been in a raid since Stratholme. (Yes, it was that long ago. Strat and Scholo were actual raids. And hard ones too.) Using her much-beloved [item]Kang the Decapitator[/item]. At 60.

There will be no tanking of any sort involved. Or finesse. Just ... 'hit things, try not to die. too much.' Oh, and teeny-tiny tabard goodness.
I would be interested. I have DPS and Heals that are fairly well geared. I have a somewhat selfish request for continued Ulduar raids and attemps at hard mode. I would like to finish the Legendary Mace Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings. I have 13/30 fragments. The only reasonable way to complete it is to start completling some hard mode content in Ulduar (guaranteed fragment drop) and of course defeating Yogg-Saron.
I am not sure how many people will be interested in this as it will take our experienced rank and file that are already geared to make it through on hard mode and the reward will be, for the most part, achievements.
But you get to see me carrying around an artifact and say you kicked a gods butt!

Heal, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS
Any time on weekends, any weekday after 5pm server.
Leading, maybe
[Image: 2295174RBdsr.png]
i think i have until sometime in january until my account runs out, but i would only be able to make it on saturday and maybe a few sundays. if you'd have me that is. i'd only be able to heal at this point
I would be up for UD hard modes and Yogg, at least with my more-geared hunter.

- Phoronid.
I believe the purpose stated here was to gear people up for ICC. This would (depending on those who want to attend) mean gearing up in 10 man Ulduar, and then 10 man ToC, then if need be transitioning into 10 man ICC or if needed 25 man for "role fills" for Jaba's raids if he requests (and you are willing). Hard modes are for those that feel they need to be challenged on encounters (and are rewarded rightly for success), they are not necessary for gear/story progression (which again this is the purpose of Jaba's proposal).

Also, people are stating their roles (DPS, Healing, Tank) but they are clearly stating times they are available. If those who responded to this thread already could edit your posts with that tidbit of information, it might make this more of a reality.

If some of you are seriously considering this. The new LFG tool is great for obtaining [item]Emblem of Triumph[/item] for which you can purchase ToC Item level 232 set gear or 245 miscellaneous gear from vendors and running Frozen Halls instances will net you some nice item level 219 gear and 232 (Heroic) both these options can potentially give you bit of a head start, if you chose that path, for when (if) this raid gets off the ground.
Depending on when these take off, I may be able to offer one of my characters to help folks out. However, I agree with Eruadan (scares me, hehe) in that it maybe easier to simply run ICC heroic and non-heroic multiple times, as well as the random dailies to collect emblems. In fact, perhaps we could set up a couple 5man instance runs and just roll through randoms, and then combine the groups and do the weekly 10man dungeon encounter?

I am all for helping folks gear up, as I have multiple characters that could use items. Big Grin
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Not a bad idea, Krell. We just need someone willing to take the lead doing a bit of organization.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
If you're going to be running ICC 5 mans I'd be more than happy to lead some groups through there since im paid up through the end of january anyway. saturdays look like they're open for most everyone here, although if some other day is better just say so.
I have Ura (tank) and since att just dinged 80 I will be looking to gear her up as well. If needed I could always bring than, but would definitely prefer an alt. DOn't know how good I'd be at leading, but I have a fair bit of understanding of how the fights go.

Since I am on vacation until jan 26 I am free anytime
I'd definately be happy to help out with runs... especially now that my work schedule has become slightly more regular. I'd also be willing to volunteer to lead runs as well.
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We have enough people who have seen the content where ideally someone who has a decent amount of experience leads.
Thanuist Wrote:We have enough people who have seen the content where ideally someone who has a decent amount of experience leads.

And I am one of those people who can lead it. Granted, Yes, I don't raid with Ironsong as much as I'd like to thanks to my awesome work schedule that never has a set time for me to get off work. But on the weekends, that isn't an issue. I do a lot of raiding on Feathermoon, as Malus Immortalis schedules raids on the weekends.

I'm just merely volunteering to lead if there is no one else available/willing to do so, merely because I do know how to lead a raid.

I don't mean that to sound snippy or conceited ( as i realize it probably does), just being honest. I've lead ( successfully) raids in almost every MMO I've played ( the count is over 15 now, I believe).
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