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Andareth and Khelsar
((Hello! This is an application for two characters. We're married IRL, and are applying as a couple. Smile ))

Khelsar begins his letter, "Greetings to you all. I am Khelsar Skyhawk, sending in this application for myself and my friend Andareth."

He looks up at his companion. "What about our titles? We did serve as rangers in the war. Does that count?"

Andareth shakes his head. His tone was patient but insistent. "No, that was for the Alliance. They don't need to know that."

"Oh. Next question, then. Vocations. Hunters. How hard is that?"

"How barbaric," Andareth said with a slight huff. "I'm very selective about my game preferences. Add in something about 'trophies of impeccable merit' or somesuch."

He narrowed his eyes. "I should say you're out of practice."

"Do you want me to write this letter?" They moved on to the next question.

"Oh, this should be a good one." Khelsar smiles brightly. "They're asking us to introduce ourselves and our history." That struck him as a friendly thing for a tribe to ask.

Andareth rolled his eyes. "As though I wanted to tell them my life's story and have the paper trail lead back to Silvermoon. No, Father will find out about this, but on my terms and on my own time." He checked his fingernails idly.

"Uh, I'll figure something out." He thought about it for a time. "As most Elves, we hail from Silvermoon . I met Andareth and served with him through the Second and Third Wars. We've been traveling companions ever since. We've had a fair bit of adventure across Azeroth, and now we find ourselves in Ogrimmar. By chance, I found your notice board, and what an interesting thing it'd be to meet someone from a Tribe." Satisfied, he brings up the next question.

"Professions and trade," he read. "Proficient gatherer in skinning, mining. My life as a ranger has also taught me how to fish, to cook my catches, and to treat common battlefield injuries."

He hastily scribbles in, "And then there's Andareth, who doesn't know how to boil water." He looks up at his companion then and asks, "So what do you want to say?"

"I suppose gardening is nice. I like that quite a bit. It's not without sophistication. I find it relaxing. Next, please."

"They want to know about any other guilds we've been a member of."

"I'm an ongoing member of the Silvermoon Poetry League for Academics. That's a guild, of sorts."

Khelsar looks at him strangely. "I'm not going to write that, that's embarassing." He pens in, instead, "We haven't been a part of any other group."

((We are Kyren (Khelsar) and Korgand (Andareth) of Alahni lo Andu Alliance-side. Khelsar and Andareth are transfers from Moon Guard, where they were a part of Shadows of the Labryinth.))

"Moving on." He read the next question, regarding what drew their interest in the Tribe, and read aloud as he wrote, "We've heard a lot of positive things about the Tribe from Ogrimmar."

Andareth nodded.

((In ALA, we've had some very positive interactions with IST, namely the rescue of our then-Battlefield Commander Pantzeri. We've also had a lot of fun meeting those of you who have come over to join us Alliance-side!))

"What is the greatest trial you have faced." They thought about it, and wrote in, "The wars, and getting out of Silvermoon, which wasn't as easy to do as it is now.

"Goals, greatest desires, and the reasons behind them?"

"That's none of their business," Andareth said with a modest snort.

"Let's just say we want to adventure with relative freedom. Next is... an interesting question. 'What do you enjoy most in your adventures?'" He smiles and writes in, "I appreciate my companions in adventure, Andareth and our animal companions, as well as meeting new people and exploring new places." Andareth drew back from his shoulder and huffed mildly.

"Waking up somewhere that doesn't constantly smell like a swine farm. Oh wait, I'd forgotten what that was like."

Khelsar frowns. "Come up with a nicer answer."

"Nice? Since when were the Horde expected to be nice?" He let out a labor-intensive sigh. "New faces, new places, playing with the cat and walking the dog. There, happy?"

"And what about me?"

"Let's leave you out of that one," he smiles wryly. "We don't want to sound too self-praising, now don't we?"

Khelsar lowers his ears at him and frowns. Then he jots down Andareth's response, with the addendum, "And Khelsar."

"I suppose that's modest enough," Andareth says with a laugh. "Is that all?"

They both added and signed, "We have read the Code of Conduct, and agree to abide by the rules of the Tribe."

"Imagine that," Andareth muses. "A tribe governed by rules and what seems like reason."

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