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Anca needs advice!

This week, I have an opportunity to sub into Donalzon's ICC 10-man normal for an almost guaranteed Lich King kill, as long as I don't screw it up for everyone else!

But to get into it would mean skipping out on Jabadue's Tuesday and Friday raids, that I've been a part of forever, and Jaba's only got 3 of those raids left before he leaves!

I don't want to leave Jabadue's group hanging, because we've been working so hard, are so close to the finish, and have such a short time.

But I don't know when I'll have this good a chance of killing Arthas again.

I have a hard time thinking that either group will have strong feelings either way
Jabadue is smart. He came up with a plan Smile
Wish I knew what the plan was. I have to go to Tue/Fri raids because I have to work wednesday evening, so I can't join Don on his. All I can do is hope that I get my Kingslayer title at some point soon.

All the raids have essentially died off at the point and I don't think Don is going to keep his runs going for much longer. This may even be his last week of doing a Lich king kill. Needless to say, I'm very unhappy that I can't go.
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My main reason for talking about discontinuing my raid is that I don't have the critical mass anymore. I've lost 5 or my regulars and a few alternates over the last couple of months and there just aren't the people to replace them. As of this Wednesday I will be short a healer and 2 DPS to fill them. If there are more people that want to come let me know. We have been working on heroics, we have them down up to Putricide and are looking to push further. If Jabadue's raid is going to discontinue at some point I can certainly take a few people from that and start up again. In the meantime if anyone knows players with the gear, roughly 5400 for heroic, and the competency to do the fights please drop me a line. I'd prefer people that are known and respected so don't send me anyone you wouldn't give a recommendation for.

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Melly just needs to power level her pally and join me alliance side every week <3
Actually, I think it would be a great thing if tribemates could pull together to try and get everyone that is prepared (appropriate gear and experience) the Kingslayer title.

Tues. Aug. 24 will be my last raid with our 10-man. Surely between that group and the other raids there are enough to help each other out. The T/Th 10-man has successfully transitioned out of the 3rd phase (Valkyrs and Defiles). With a little help, it would be really nice to get those folks the kill, if we don't get it next on Aug. 24.

Also, anyone in my raid check you RAID ID. You may still be free to help Don out on Weds. After all, we did not kill any bosses.

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