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Amber-shaper Un'sok nutshell guide
We've seen this guy in LFR -- he's the one with the huge molten add. This is a three-phase fight that requires two tanks.

Throughout the fight the boss will regularly transform random raid members into Mutated Constructs. Transformed players have a complex and special role, and in fact play a very important part in the encounter, so let's deal with that first.


Every 50 seconds during Phases 1 and 2, and even more often in phase 3, the boss will cast "Reshape Life" which targets a random raid member and transforms that player into a Mutated Construct. During phase 1, this ability ONLY targets tanks. During phases 2 and 3, it targets anyone.

The Mutated Construct is fully under the player's control. It is hostile to the boss and to other players. It has a special resource, called Willpower, which must be used wisely because it is the key to defeating this encounter. Willpower starts out at FULL capacity when the player is first transformed, and slowly decreases over time. When the Mutated Construct runs out of Willpower, the transformed player is instantly killed.

The ONLY way to avoid being killed is to use one of the Mutated Constructs abilities, called Break Free, which only becomes available when the Mutated Construct is below 20% health. When this ability is used the player will immediately leave the Construct. Implication: the raid has to DPS the construct down to 20%, then the player has to use Break Free, all before running out of Willpower.

If the Mutated Construct is killed (e.g. the player does not manage to use an ability) the transformed player will also die.

The abilities are:

* Consume Amber: Construct consumes a pool of Burning Amber (void zone thing). This GENERATES 20 WIllpower, but also increases the Construct's max health by 5% and heals it by that amount, too. This ability has no cooldown and no Willpower cost. The fact that it heals the construct is BAD because it means the raid must DPS it more to free the player. However, a player should use this ability IF their Willpower is getting low and the Construct is not low enough on health to let the player out.
--> Use this if Willpower is getting dangerously low and the Construct isn't yet below 20% health

* Struggle for Control: This costs 8 Willpower and is a self-interrupt. Constructs sometimes spontaneously cast Amber Explosion which deals a lot of raid-wide damage. This is the ONLY way to interrupt this spell. This ability also increases the damage taken by the Construct by 100% for 5 seconds.
--> Use this to interrupt Amber Explosion

* Amber Strike: a single-target attack with a cooldown. It also puts a debuff on the target, called Destabilize, which increases its damage taken by 10% per stack for 12 seconds. There appears to be NO CAP on the number of stacks. Amber Strike also interrupts the target's spellcasting -- very useful against the add's Amber Explosion which cannot be interrupted in any other way.
--> Use this against the add, or the boss to do damage & stack the debuff
--> Use this to interrupt the add's Amber Explosion

* Break Free: This causes the player to break free of the Construct. The construct myst be below 20% health for this ability to become available.

Note: A Mutated Construct can't tank, because both the boss and the add have the Destroy Will ability which drains 40 Willpower everytime they hit it in melee, which will kill it pretty fast.


* The raid must DPS the Construct down to 20% to enable the player toe break free
* The transformed player must hit Break Free before their Willpower runs out.
* The transformed player must watch for when the Construct casts Amber Explosion, and interrupt it with Struggle for Control
* The player should use Amber Strike every time it's up to stack/ refresh the Destabilize debuff on the boss (and on the add in phase two), as well as to interrupt the add's cast of Amber Explosion in Phase 2.
* Players should NOT consume void zones as this makes the Constructs harder to kill. Use this ability if the Construct's Willpower is low and its health is not below 20%. This may happen more in Phase 3.



Amber Scalpel: targets a random raid member with a beam of amber, which follows them around, leaving a trail of void zones. Some of these void zones turn into adds called Living Ambers. These adds fixate on random raid members and melee them, doing minor damage, and do a small amount of raid-wide damage as well. When a Living Amber is killed, it deals a lot of damage to anyone within 8 yards, and heals all other Living Ambers within 8 yards for 40% of their max health. When it dies, it leaves behind a void zone, called a Burning Amber. These remain on the floor indefinitely unless consumed by a Mutated Construct.

Parasitic Growth: Debuff placed on a random raid member. Lasts 30 seconds, deals moderate Nature Damage. While this debuff is active, healing received by that player causes damage from the Parasitic Growth to increase.

Reshape Life: Spell that turns a random raid member -- a tank during Phase 1 -- into a Mutated Construct.


During this phase we will focus on DPSing the Mutated Constructs and bringing Un'sok to 70% health. Our goal is to have only ONE Mutated Construct active at a time. So:

--> DPS Mutated Constructs as soon as they appear, bringing them below 20%, but without killing them.
--> If no Constructs need to be attacked, DPS the boss
--> Avoid the Amber Scalpel beam (ideally kiting it away from the raid)
--> Single-target Living Amber adds. They can't be AoE'd because they heal others upon death. We'll kill some of them to keep raid-wide damage under control, but not all of them to avoid having too many void zones scattered about.

--> The Mutated Construct player should maintain & build the damage-increasing debuff on the boss at all times, by using Amber Strike. We want a big stack of the debuff. Delay exiting the Mutated Construct until the boss is about to turn the second tank into a Construct (5 seconds to Reshape Life), so we don't lose our stacks. The tank may need to consume a few void zones to make the timing come out right. Don't kill the construct! Second tank refreshes the stack and keeps building it. This timing is a nice-to-have but not critical for completing the fight.
--> The Mutated Construct Player should interrupt each of its own casts of Amber Explosion by using Struggle for Control

--> Expect steady tank damage and steady raid-wide damage, which will be higher with more Living Ambers alive.
--> HIgh damage on random raid members who get Parasitic Growth. Heal players who have Parasitic Growth as LITTLE as possible, while keeping them alive. This debuff can be removed with things like Divine Shield and Ice Block. Power World Shield and Sacred Shield also help mitigate damage without causing more. Hand of Purity also works well. Overhealing these players will stack Parasitic Growth.
--> Avoidable damage from players getting hit by Amber Scalpel
--> Avoidable damage from Living Amber death explosions
--> Avoidable damage from standing in void zones.


In this phase, the boss shields himself with Amber Carapace, becoming almost immune to damage. He summons a large add, called an Amber Monstrosity. This phase ends when the Monstrosity is killed.


The Boss:
Same abilities as Phase 1 (Amber Scalpel, Living Amber adds, Parasitic Growth, Reshape Life). BUT now Reshape Life can now target ANY raid member, INCLUDING healers.

The Amber Monstrosity:
* Amber Explosion: cast every 50 seconds. Lots of raid-wide damage. Interruptible by Amber Strike, an ability available to the Mutated Construct.
* Massive Stomp: every 20 seconds. Lots of physical damage to everyone within 15 yards, and a knockback.
* Fling: every 40 seconds. Picks up the current target (a tank), and throws that player to a random location in the room. When landing, the target deals a lot of physical damage to everyone within 8 yards and stuns them for 3 seconds.


We'll have to deal with all of the abilities from Phase 1, AND the abilities of the Amber Monstrosity. The focus here is to kill the Amber Monstrosity to push the boss into Phase 3.

* Ranged DPS and healers should stay 15+ yards away from the Monstrosity so they don't get knocked back.
* Tanks must be prepared to be flung and stunned
* The player controlling the Mutated Construct must be prepared to interrupt the Monstrosity's Amber Explosion every time.

--> The Mutated Construct Player should interrupt each of its own casts of Amber Explosion by using Struggle for Control
--> Use Amber Strike to damage the boss and stack the debuff AND interrupt Amber Explosion.
--> Auto-attack the boss too
--> Break Free before you run out of Willpower. Stack the debuff as high as you can, and refresh it right before you leave the Construct, which should be right before the next Construct is created. You might have to consume a void zone or two to last long enough. Make sure the raid does not kill you off before then. But don't worry too much about this timing -- it will help if we get it, but it's more important to survive.


--> Same phase 1 concerns
--> More tank damage, from the Amber Monstrosity melee attacks
* Regular damage to tanks and melee and anyone else caught in the Stomp


Okay, when the Amber Monstrosity dies, we'll enter Phase 3. He'll be vulnerable once again.


* Concentrated Mutation: he'll cast this as a self-buff which increases his damage done and attack speed by 50%
* No more Amber Scalpel
* Parasitic Growth will still be here
* Reshape Life will be cast a lot more often. This is a soft-enrage mechanic

* Volatile Amber: new ability which causes one of the amber pools to explode, which will fire a barrage of amber shards at the raid. Deals moderate Nature damage to any players that are hit. If a Mutated Construct is hit by Volatile Amber, it is healed for 20% of its maximum health.


This is a DPS burn phase. The damage the boss deals will eventually run the healers out of mana, and the increased rate of Reshape Life will make it impossible for the raid to keep up with killing them.

--> Burn the boss, ignore the Mutated Constructs
--> Constructs should stack Amber Strike on the boss, and consume Burning Amber whenever they need to to replenish Willpower. ALSO, interrupt your own Amber Explosions using Struggle for Control.

We'll use Bloodlust during Phase 3.

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