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Alliance Vacation
It was a few weeks back when Lucinther, Neriath Konjen and I took a trip to Goldshire, thats what prompted this Idea, t'was great fun.

So, we've decided to do this again, but on a larger scale, so to speak. We'll be meating in Grom'gol at 1pm Orgrimmar time on Monday. Our first stop will the hospitaple Lion's Head inn, In goldshire. From there we will head to stormwind and ride the famous deepwood tram. Aftewards we'll visit the great Dwarven city of Ironforge and discuss where to go after that.

There aren't many rules we put up, but there is one:
-We are here for fun, not pvp, we are not to kill anyone, if needed, we'll discuss viable reasons to attack back. ( corpse camping, blah blah, that type we may strike back)

Other than that, if you can follow these rules we'd accept anyone and everyone who can go, hope to see you there.

(( Will start the raid group 'bout 12:30 org time so whisper me 'bout that tiem))

Thus far these have stated they may be there:
[Image: legendm.jpg]
[Image: NMrob.jpg]
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Well planned Kon. If I may, I will add a couple of other items to our list for consideration of those interested.

- RP armor is a VERY great idea if you intend to do this. We do get chased by guards, and there are a few of those dreaded corpse campers. We do die quite a bit as we are not looking to kill any guards that attack. Also running into Stormwind and being automatically flagged, there is a lot of dying involved and constant rezzing. So If you are not into spending the 1g+ on armor repairs, cheap RP clothes from vendors or from a newly started tailor are a great investment.

- This isn't something that will be a quick run. Running through Silverwind is a non stop rez chain until you manage to get to the canals. Paitence for this is deffinately needed. For the most part the alliance picks up on the fact that we are RPiung and not trying to honor farm in places like Goldshire, but there are still those who will use bait traps with a level 1 flagged and have them annoy the crap out of you until you attack and they will have 4 or 5 60's in the next room waiting to gank you, but for the most part, until Stormwind, it is pretty laid back and not so frustrating. The hardest part will be getting onto the Deeprun Tram in Stormwind after that we usually just ressurect out of Ironforge ( or if yo uare daring you can try and find your way out without dying.... I almost made it to the bank!).

After all the said locations are hit, it is up to everyone on where to go next. Anywhere is open. I believe last time we went to Teldrassil and then a few other side stops before retiring for the night. So post your ideas on where you want to go!

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