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*Reluctantly, Alfin sets aside his mace and starts looking for parchment and pen knowing that if he doesn’t fulfill his promise to Saerrina soon that she will be back to encourage him to do so. After a short search he’s able to locate the needed items and begins to write.*

Greetings, my name is Alfin, from my earliest memories, I wanted to be a paladin. I was raised an orphan and have few memories of my parents as they died when I was very young. Fostered and raised by a family just outside of Silvermoon. As soon as was acceptable I entered training. Since leaving home I have learned many things, the art of blacksmithing, the science of engineering, fishing, first aid and cooking. For a time I was a member of Relentless, a group that cherished the conquering of the next challenge beyond anything else. I travelled and adventured widely with them, initially as a healer, but later performing other roles. It was while the guild was adventuring alternately on Hyjal Summit and sometimes within the Black Temple, that I realized that something was missing or maybe even wrong.

*Pushes back, wondering what needs to be said and what can go unsaid, still undecided he considers changing the topic for a bit.*

It’s strange how life affects us. I never looked for a girlfriend; one might even have thought I was unconcerned with that aspect of life. I was too focused on my training and adventuring. After completing training, I had occasion to visit a tailor shop in Silvermoon city, and there was the most enchanting creature I had ever seen; it’s embarrassing to admit but I was smitten from moment I first laid eyes on Saerrina. She was a young elf and I was a rather shy and not much older one. After that day I would often find an excuse to be near her, when she worked or trained. Eventually she noticed me and we began, after a fashion, to walk out together. Things like this have a way of getting worked out and although I thought her too young and was content to wait for years, Saerrina evidently wasn’t.

*Considers what still needs to be said and decides that something more must be said about his former guild ties.*

Living is an endless lesson, when we stop learning, we stop living. I have always striven to be a true paladin of the light and along the way I’ve come to know myself. I believe that honor is an important thing, it’s not a high ideal but a way of life. Occasionally in life, we find, that we are engaged in activities with others who lack compatible values. Relentless is a group focused on accomplishment of the next challenge no matter what it takes. I have, on occasion, wondered some of my cohorts would sell their mother into slavery to best the next challenge. Although there were many great people, there were also those who were not so great, so with a heavy heart I left to seek a new path. What followed for me was a time of rediscovery, of loneliness and solitude during which I became separated from my friends, from my love.

Having reordered my life, I set out to reestablish the important relationships and most important among these was the one with Saerrina. I found her here at this very totem, she told me about the Ironsong Tribe and how she hoped to make it her new home. With her encouragement, I reviewed the information posted and found the Tribal Tenets, where I read the Code of Conduct, a set of beliefs that I could embrace and accept.

*Considers what has been put to paper and hopes it’s enough, not all these memories are pleasant.*

((Some things are very hard to do IC, so I’m adding a short OOC section to make sure that some facts are clear. Alfin, is the current name of a character that was Alvin on Sisters of Elune. He is my main. I am not a great RPer, I do like the richness that comes with playing on an RP server. I like to raid but prefer enjoyment to progression, that's part of the reason I left Relentless. I am not looking for a “raiding” guild but I do hope to do some raiding, other than that, my only goals are to enjoy playing WoW and learn to RP (I really do struggle with it). Thanks for entertaining my (our) request(s) to join you))

*Sets the pen down, re-reads his efforts, hopes that it’s adequate …*

- Alfin
*Durkham's forehead scrunches up as he looks at the parchment. He recognizes the name of his friend and many words look familiar, but the content is just beyond is comprehension. He sees his other friend's name on the parchment and he can at least put together that they have some sort of tie, but the rest of the prose is entirely lost to him. He hopes his nice Elf friend will tell him what it means.*
*reads through the entire posting and shakes his head disappointed*

Another elvish paladin, just what the Tribe needs. I find it surprising with the number of you elves that we seem to be overrun with, that you could not muster enough of a defence to hold off a few Scourge. Then again given that you only had the humans and a few dwarves as allies at the time I am surprised someone didn't take your pretty city from you long before Arthas showed up. Still like your friend you seem to have some substance to you, and the Orc likes you so you can't be all bad. This devotion to the light worries me some, but I guess we all have our callings.

Our guild moot this week will be held at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time in Shadowprey Village, Desolace. Do try and attend so you can introduce yourself to the assembled mass and answer our questions.
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Goldberry read the note from the paladin and suppressed a shudder. Away from the tribe for long periods of time, she had little contact with the paladins in it, yet far more with the Alliance who carried the same title. Consequently, the very word "paladin" still caused her mane stand on end. Sensing her unease, the lion at her side growled. Patting his head soothingly as she lead him away, she muttered, "...different in our day, yes. ...certain that he's a perfectly nice person."
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