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Aldfrid Anderson
I am Aldfrid Anderson, I am an expirenced troll traveler. I was once known as a legionnare but that was a long time ago. Now I am but a senior seargent. I was once a high ranking member of many guilds but all the people I once was close too have left these lands.

I always liked the idea of being a hunter when I was young. Living out my youthful days in the echo islands before Zalzane drove us out, but he has met his end by my tribes hand since. I began to persue the role of a Hunter in my village providing food and protection. I found that I was particularily good at striking down my foes from a range so I learned all I could into becoming a marksman.

I was born on the primary echo island but we fled from zalzane the witch doctor when i was only 5. We lived on the mainland of kalimdor until I was strong enough to adventure on my own. I left my family and did odd jobs all through durotar until an orc in razor hill found me and told me I had a future at crossroads and so I picked up and left to the west and followed the path that my occupation took me. I joined a group of travelers in the same line of work as me. They were known as the Head Hunters lead by a brave troll called by the name of Gupaljinda but the leader was one of the people that I mentioned had moved on. The group slowley disapered and the members grew apart. I began to live on my own in a farm in the barrens rasing pigs. Then I was called into the millitary to fight off the alliance invaders I grew to the rank of Legionnare and then was released from service when the alliance grew scarce. I grew close the the others that were fighting with me. I can still recall many of their names. They were Cruelpok, Kennel, Xalliance, Xanthol, Rajak, Tenki, Guildrum, Balefrye, Lurgarl, and Jemimah. We fought back to back every day killing alliance. We grew apart any many of us are no longer in these lands. Now here I am a lone hunter looking for a group to accept me.

I took up mining and enginnering when I was about to leave durotar and am now an artisan.

I have been a member of The Head Hunters, The Knights of kalimdor, Whisper, And I once was a leader of 50 young druids known as The Durids of Thunder Bluff.

I need people to accept me and to fight with in these days of war. I hear much about the tribe through close friends and am impressed and the sense of adventure is too much to pass up.

The greatest trial I have ever faced was saying good bye to old friends before they left of passed away. And there are many that I can still remember.

My current goal is to become stronger and to be able to strike down the evil alliance. I also seek fellow adventurers to tell my storys to.

What I most enjoy doing is telling the young ones about the great adventurers I used to have and hearing new stories from other expirienced travelers.

I have read and find the code of the tribe to be fair and just and will follow the code to best of my abilitys.
-Aldfrid the humble hunter of kalimdor
Greetings, Aldrid, I am Merrina, a blademaster of the Tribe. We meet on Thursdays, 6 pm Orgrimmar (Sliverhand) time. Since we change the locations of the moots (meetings) from week to week, when it gets close to the time, ask anyone in the Tribe where we are. Hope to see you there.

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