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Akora's Shaman Molten Core Guide w/ NEW CRUNCHY BOSSES

Now that Ironsong is beginning to run the Molten Core, I'm sure many other Ironsong Shamans are wondering how they can be hip like Akora and succeed in the MC. This guide will help you be cool in the hottest zip code this side of the Searing Gorge.

As a member of the hip Shaman trendsetters of the Silver Hand realm, I got invited to a successful Molten Core group, in the hot 90210 zip code of Black Rock Mountain. Besides attending rave parties, donning party dresses, and cheating on Taruen warriors every chance I get, we also do some boss killin’ in the MC. And Akora has picked up a few ‘tricks’ that I am willing to share with fellow MC Shaman wannabes.

Believe it or not everything Damoxian says in his MC guide is true. I applaud his initial write up it has helped me succeed in the MC. - (Felhart Horns really do increase your intelligence). A thanks also goes out to the Rare guild - my MC entrouge (although I encourge those that are non MC affiliated to go with the Ironsong & Rotten luck groups).

We Shamans do everything adequately, but excel in nothing. This relegates us to a support class in the MC. This means primarily healing. (Get the thoughts of being the top DPS dealer out of your head, Akora.) Simply put the critters in MC deal so much damage, we could only take a few hits if we tanked. Let the Warriors take all the hits, that is what they are there for. (Besides you don’t want the uber-repair costs anyway.)

Many critters in the MC have nasty magical effects that must be dispelled. Often times dispelling these effects makes the difference between a raid wipe and victory. This means that at times Priests are called upon for dispelling duty, which leaves us Shamans as the main source of healing. (Yes I know that Druids exist – but I’m convinced there are no more six druids on the entire server.)

Have at least 5 Ankhs on you. Have 10 mana potions or more. At least 5 healing potions. And 20-40 bandages. Come with Fire Resistance Gear, and 5 Fire Resistance Potions. And don’t be afraid to use your potions. Having spirit and stamina enhancing food is also handy for boss fights.

Also get CT Raid assist (an add on found at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.curse-gaming.com">http://www.curse-gaming.com</a><!-- w -->) . This allows you to see all the people in the raid so you can heal them all. Give helpful reminders for boss fights, and brings a whole lot of other goodness to your MC experience. Get Decursive – also found at curse-gaming. This allows you to one click remove harmful effects from your raid group.

Don’t expect to get drops every run or make money in the MC. It’s expensive for you and your entourage to live in the MC. I’d say on most runs expect a 1-3 gold repair bill and no loot. And tip the repair bot provider (these are not cheap to make), tipping is a duty when you are privileged.

This is the price you pay for partying in the MC 90210. During non-MC times you need to be willing to farm for potion materials, runecloth for bandages, and fire resist, intelligence and spirit gear. Partying in the MC is a big time commitment. But when you get that purple epic drop you will be the envy of all your friends and isn’t that what we all really want?

First and foremost as a Shaman you will be a healer for the most part. You won't be melee-ing very much so equip gear that gives you maximum intelligence. Spirit and mana regeneration are helpful for boss fights, but not necessarily for the trash mob fights. A good goal is to aim for is 5000 hit points and 6000 mana unbuffed. (Minimum’s at 3500-ish health and 4500-ish mana) Also gear that adds to your healing is beneficial. I often wear my ‘Elements’ set or a mix and match of that and plus XX healing attire. I use a shield and a one hander because I’m not there for DPS. You’ll need that 5000-6000 or greater mana pool for many of the boss fights.

For most Trash mobs I am responsible for healing my group and throwing the Main Tank, or Main Assist a heal when I can. This will be your only time to dish out any DPS so feel free to do so in moderation, but remember healing is your #1 priority. Remember the MC is a different party than most other instances and you might have to get used to your new role as a healer in the MC 90210.

This is my standard operating procedure for most trash mobs.
1. Let the Warrior build aggro – do not attack until the leader says so. Learn to abide by this.
2. While the MT & MA are building aggro and no one is attacking feel free to toss the MT or MA a heal or two, or drink up to get mana.
3. Once the attack order is given I run up next to the target drop a few totems (usually Grace of Air, Fire Resistance, and Stoneskin/Strength) – just be sure that the totems are in range to affect the melee-ers of your group.
4. Since I’m already at or near the mob, I get in a few melee wacks on the target with my melee weapon – keeping an eye out for my group’s health and mine.
5. Once I or a member of my group gets to about 2/3 health, I retreat off the mob and start healing.
6. After healing my group and myself, if we all are at full health, I re-engage in melee and back off when I or a member is at 2/3 health. Rinse and Repeat. This also helps my mane look my best for all the Tauren warriors out there – they love its natural shine.
7. If I think I’ll end the fight with a lot of excess mana I cast a frost shock or two.
8. If I run out of mana, at that time I usually bandage myself up, if needed, (entering melee at anything less than full health is a bad idea) and go melee till I’m at half health then I run out melee range screaming like the Shaman baby that I am to rest.
9. Drink up to regenerate mana after the fight. Besides only the uncool don't drink in the MC 90210.

Most single pull mobs, don’t require a lot of healing and you will be able to squeeze in some nukes and significant melee time, so feel free to do so. Most double pulls you can melee and little bit, but no nuking and save your mana for heals. I usually drain most of my mana on a double pull healing.

After successfully enduring most of the MC boss fights (all but Ragnaros), I’ll share with you my thoughts about boss fights in general and for specific bosses in detail. Boss Fights last a long time. Consider donning your spirit gear. I know having a big Intellect is what all male mages measure themselves by, but in 5 minute or longer fights you are gonna need all the mana potions, mana regeneration gear and spirit you got. The Elements sets provides decent spirit, as well as a few other items, that rusty Lorespinner dagger comes to mind. I often sacrifice some Intellect/Stamina for Spirit gear. But don’t get retarded about it strive for a nice balance of Intellect and Spirit.

In order to look your fashionable best for MC boss parties, I often will wear my mix and match ‘up to XX healing’ gear for the fights before each MC boss (in case I die my casual clothes get damaged), and put on my brand new, undamaged Elements or Earthfury (party dress) set for the boss fight, so I can look my best for the MC party goers. This is an optional move, depending on your level of fashion sense. But you never know when that Victory Loot Party pic is gonna be taken and you’ll want to look your best, for the MC 90210 press. After you get that epic drop, you are gonna have to model it for the MC party press, so you’ll want to have on your best attire. You don’t want to look like guns and ammo vendor in Orgemarr for your epic loot pic!

You will only be dropping totems and healing in boss fights. (no Nukes) Don’t try to melee. Bosses hit so insanely hard you won’t last long melee-ing anyway. Mana is better used for heals than for offensive spell casting.

Certain boss fights you might be asked to use Purge/Decursive (a mod that finds a bad effect on any raid member and removes it) or drop fear Anti-Fear/Fire Resist Totems. These duties are very important, make sure you always fulfill these needs, they can make the difference between a victory loot party, and a gold wipe repair bill.

Other times you might be asked to join a healing rotation, which means you cast your mana until you reach a predetermined point or time, then you rest and regenerate mana. This ensures a steady flow of healing for the party. If you are asked to participate in a healing rotation please abide by it.

Rez Duty – sometimes you might be put ‘Resurrection Duty’ during the boss fight. This is an important job. This means that you will retain your ‘out of combat’ status during the entire fight. And rez the fallen raid members during the boss fight, giving priority to the MT & MA, and healers. You do not drop totems, do not heal, do not melee, do not offensive spell cast, do not take damage and you must stay out of AOE range. Any of these actions will put you into combat, and thus you won’t be able to rez. If you do happen to get into combat, just stay out of combat for a minute and you will regain your ‘out of combat’ status and can resume rezzing.

On a side note if you die during battle and get combat rezzed your initial status is ‘Out of Combat’ – so take advantage of this. If your group is ok on health find a dead guy and rez him before you go about healing. If you rez a cute warrior ask him for his phone number after the battle, after all he does owe you his life.

Self Rez – during a boss fight your raid leader might ask for all Shamans to self rez. This is often done when the boss is near death, we Shamans can often snatch a victory from death this way. If this command is given, heal the Tank and bandage yourself and others and pop a Mana potion if you can. You will have very little health and mana when you self rez, save your mana for the the tank and bandage yourself. Always have at least 5 Ankhs on you for an MC raid. Generally don’t self rez unless you are told to do so by the leader. Often times during battle a Druid or the designated Rezzer can bring you back to life.

Here is my generic standard operation procedure for Boss fights.
1. Put on your boss gear (Spirit & Mana regeneration) & Drop applicable Totems pre fight.
2. Most bosses have an AOE range, figure out the range and stay out of it.
3. Position yourself out of the AOE range but close enough to heal your group, the MT & MA. This takes some practice, like knowing what dress to wear for rave parties.
4. Heal your party and the MT & MA until you have about ½ mana left.
5. Drink a mana potion very early in the fight (Mana potions have a 2 min. cool down your goal is to live long enough to drink one-three mana potions during a boss fight).
6. Re-drop Totems if needed.
7. Ration your heals over the next two minutes until you can drink another mana potion.
8. Remember the 5 sec. mana regeneration rule.
Consider dropping mana tide/regen or healing totems.
9. Make use of bandages on yourself and others nearby during this time if needed.
10. Never heal yourself with a spell unless the need is dire or you can’t afford the 3 sec. bandage channel time.
11. Drain your mana with heals and drink another mana potion.
12. Refrain from Melee-ing & nuking unless it is very close to the end of the fight.
13. If you die – die in a safe place you may be asked to Self Rez, and rez the party afterwards.
14. Rinse and repeat (also good for keeping a healthy shine to your mane)

Luci’s two bodyguards have a mind control spell that affects random raid members.
As a Shaman it is our job to purge this effect. If this is not purged, the mind controlled member can do lots of bad things that can ruin the MC party experience. (Like learning your boyfriend is leaving you for a priest and then running into the Imp Cave.) Purging this effect can be done by ‘Tab cast Purge, Tab Purge’ or by installing the Decursive mod, and just spamming that Decursive button. I usually drink one mana potion for this fight.

Here is my Lucifron Standard Operating Procedure
1. Put on Boss fight gear (Spirit & Mana regeneration gear)
2. Consider Shadow Resist gear.
3. Stretch Decursive finger
4. Stand at the back of the cave
5. Once Luci’s two bodyguards are pulled drop totems
6. Spam Decursive
7. Get in a few melee wacks on the targeted bodyguard
8. Spam Decursive
9. Heal
10. Repeat Steps 6-9
11. Once Luci’s bodyguards are down check your mana if its around 50% or less drink a mana potion
12. Postion yourself outside of Luci’s curse range and heal your group and the MT & MA.
13. When the CT raid assist curse alert shows up, step back a few steps to ensure you don’t get cursed. (his curse essentially damages you)
14. Get back into healing range and spam heal.
15. Repeat steps 12-14.

This is one bad ass core hound and is one of the longer fights in the MC. Anti-Fear Totems and Fire Resist are important here. I usually drink 2 mana potions on this fight. This boss fears people into running away. (Like when I see a Foresaken Mage with too much makeup on – just scary. If you do see a Foresaken Mage with too much rouge on – just let her be, they are too smart for their own good – let them look like a slut.)

Here is my standard Madmagmar operating procedure:
1. Put on your boss gear (Spirit & Mana regeneration gear)
2. Consider taking a fire resist potion or fire resist gear (you will get feared into giant spit balls of fire and take considerable damage)
3. Pre Fight drop your anti-fear totem, fire resist & grace of air totems.
4. Take a guess at where the Fear Range will be and stand just outside of it.
5. After the first fear readjust your position or congratulate your self by promising your self a spa treatment after the fight.
6. If you do happen to land in a spitball of fire damage, get out of the fire, and bandage and heal yourself up.
7. Often times you have to step inside the fear range to get your heals off to their targets.
8. When you see the CT raid assist 5 second fear warning get one quick heal in on your lowest health party member and get out of fear range. A feared shaman can’t heal.
9. Heal, Redrop Anti-Fear totems.
10. Drink a mana potion when you get to 50% mana.
11. Repeat steps 6-10.

This boss is pretty standard, like a red wolf meat dinner date and a zepplin ride to the Under City. It’s Gehennas and his two buddies. I usually drink one mana potion for this fight. He does two things, a curse that reduces your healing spells by 75%. Simple -don’t heal while cursed. Secondly, he has a big rain of fire AOE. Simple - if you get hit by the AOE, get out of its range. Or equip the fire resist umbrella found in Wailing Caverns (just kidding about the umbrella - but for a moment I had you). Hang out until your priest dispells it, in the meantime bandage yourself or someone else, or think up ways to discredit other MC party go-ers who might steal your man

Here is my standard operating procedure for Gehennas.
1. Put on your boss gear (Spirit & Mana Regen gear)
2. Consider Shadow protection gear.
3. Stand a little behind the main group in between the two pillar formations.
4. I don’t usually melee at all during this fight. Gehennas’s bodyguards have a cleave attack that hits everyone in their immediate range, and usually melee-ing a boss is bad idea for Shamans.
5. After the bodyguards are dead you will probably have to move in a little to heal the meleers on Gehennas.
6. Stay out of the rain of fire AOE
7. Heal (and watch for the reduced healing effectiveness curse-don’t heal while cursed)
8. Drink a mana potion when you get down to about 50% mana.
9. Heal some more
10. Repeat steps 6-9

The Garr fight is like dating the MC bad boy, either really great or really crappy, and either way it’s not your fault. Garr is a big elemental with eight cute little baby elementals, that you will want to snuggle up to until they explode in your face and take half your health. The eight baby elemental targets get assigned to people to tank or banish, it’s like a fast moving shell game, but fortunately as Shamans we can catch a few zzzz’s pre-fight while the MC leader plays his own game of three card monte with the hunters and warlocks. Anyway depending on how the fight goes, I usually use none or 2 mana potions.

The purpose of this shell game is to systematically kill the baby elementals one at a time, then take out Garr, then kill the remaining banished baby elementals. Yes, we will be killing babies, get over it they are made of rock and are evil.

In this fight you will likely be assigned to a Warrior to keep upright, until the main group can get to his elemental and kill it. It is important to keep your warrior up at all costs. I generally don’t heal anyone else, until my warrior’s mob is killed (if your favorite man is getting hammered throw him a heal, but if it’s that slut Debbie, forget about it). If your assigned warrior’s elemental is the 3rd-5th in line to be killed tell your other group members that they are on their own for heals. If your warrior dies, then an elemental will be running lose creating havoc on the party, and you’ll have bad karma and a potential wipe. Once your warrior is done killing his assigned target, heal who you want, or help out the remaining isolated warriors and warlocks with heals.

What makes this fight so mana or non mana intensive is when each elemental dies it explodes. And Garr can order his baby banished elementals to explode. If you or other raiders get caught in this explosion say goodbye to a lot of health meaning you have got to heal a ton, if the raiders get out before the explosion, little healing is necessary. So positioning yourself away from banished and about to die elementals is important.

Garr also makes you walk real slow, no big deal (all the cool people do it in Orgemarr anyway) but if you need to heal your warlock that is across the cavern, it will take more time than the flight to Tanaris from Orgemarr to get there. As usual I don’t melee at all in this fight.

Garr standard operating procedure.
1. Put on your boss gear (Spirit and Mana regeneration gear)
2. Position yourself near your assigned warrior.
3. As the fight progresses you will need to reposition yourself away from banished baby elementals but close enough to heal.
4. You will be slowed movement wise during this fight, so plan in advance where you need to be as baby elementals get slaughtered.
5. Avoid Melee-ing or getting to close to Garr he sometimes explodes for big time damage like 4000 +. It’s a fun punt but not worth, it trust me.
6. Heal
7. Drink a mana potion at 50% mana.
8. Repeat steps 2-7

This boss is the hot date you always wanted; he comes with a title of nobility, he comes alone and you have him all to yourself (no stupid buddies or bodyguards), he has a nice aura about him, is really strong, and is very hot. He is a fire elemental. But don’t try to get intimate with him because he has a nasty AOE that comes in waves, and each wave is stronger than the previous one. So play hard to get and stay away, but not too far away from him. Bosses and Warriors like it when you play hard to get anway.

Positioning is very important, because Geddon will randomly make someone ‘da bomb’. Your MC leader will position you for this fight. So pay attention. Positioning is important because it provides an escape plan if you become the bomb. (Just like every blind date needs an escape plan, like my last date in Feralas.) Basically CT raid assist will tell you that ‘You are the bomb’ and you have 5 seconds to run away from the MC entourage and toward the back wall. If you become the bomb don’t be mad, it’s the Baron telling you ‘baby its better to burn out than fade away’ and he will explode you damaging you and any loved ones around you. (Talk about a boyfriend that can’t take rejection!) It’s his 5 second goodbye kiss of death to you. You will explode and take a lot of damage and possibly die if you are not at full health. If you die don’t worry a friendly rezzer will be by shortly to bring you back to the MC party scene. But the important thing to remember for this fight is if you die as the bomb take comfort alone, and don’t be a party killer by blowing up your neighbors.

Like the morning after pill, the Baron comes with side effects, the biggest being a nasty, nasty magical effect that drains you for like 200 health and 300 mana per tick. This curse is a real bummer, not a lot you can do, just spam heal yourself, and cross your fingers that this gets dispelled before you die. Don’t bandage during the curse, because your bandage will get interrupted and you won’t be able to bandage yourself again for 30 seconds. After the curse is over bandage yourself, and consider popping a mana potion and a Tylenol.

Baron Geddon Standard operating procedure:
1. Put on your boss gear (Spirit and Mana regeneration gear).
2. Get in your assigned position.
3. Know your bomb escape route & practice it pre fight (although you will look like a dork doing this).
4. Keep a Mana totem down at all times (Since everyone gets the nasty side effect of mana & health drain).
5. Keep your group and MT alive with heals.
6. Drop a Fire Resist totem in melee range for extra credit (but time it right so you don’t get AOE’d).
7. Drink a mana potion whenever you are able (you will be mana challenged throughout the entire fight).
8. If you are lucky enough to have mana, toss the MT and your group a lot of heals, spend your mana fast because chances are you won’t have it for long. (stupid mana drain thing and all) .
9. If you are out of mana and can’t pop a mana potion bandage up a neighbor, and resist the urge to melee. (If you die in next to Geddon you probably won’t get a rez, and when you are dead, you can’t heal, and when you can’t heal you are worthless – take that for a pep talk!).
10. If you become the bomb use the escape route and die alone.

Shazzrah is like a big, bold, full bodied, vibrant red wine. He’s full of life (a lot of hit points) and gives you a big headache after you are done with him. He also leaves a stain that is next to impossible to get out of your Earthfury gear if he spills on you – so stay away from him and fight him at ranged. This fight isn’t too hard; it’s kind of forgettable like your second instance run of Scholomance.

His special attacks are as follows:
Counterspell – He occasionally silences you for 10 seconds (just locks you out of casting spells from that school). Sometimes I wish he could do this to my boyfriend or that slut Debbie that spreads those lies about me!
Blink – No it’s not him flirting with you (although who could blame him-I am quite the catch) he disappears and randomly appears elsewhere. Just like your last boyfriend it’s just annoying and nothing else.
Curse – He doubles the spell damage you take from time to time. So this means that priests will be dispelling, and we Shaman & Shawomen will need to be a big part of the healing efforts. This will also cause HP spikes.

Deaden Magic – this is a buff Shazzrah casts upon himself that reduces the magical damage he takes by 50%. He casts this about every 5-10 seconds. This must be purged or the DPS will be too low to bring him down. This ‘buff’ shows up on Shazzrah as a ‘Praying Hands’ Icon. Usually one Shaman is dedicated as the Purger. If you get assigned this duty create a macro that targets Shazzrah and casts Purge on him. You will also need to follow him when he blinks to be within the Purgable range. You should be able to purge him and heal yourself, and be your own self sufficient Purge team. If you die while on this duty rez yourself immediately and keep on purging’.

Here is my standard operating procedure for this fight.
I am the dedicated purger on this fight so I don’t really know what the ‘normal’ shaman does during this fight – but I’d suppose it would be something like this.
1. Put on your boss spankin’ gear
2. Get into your Barron Geddon positions
3. Don’t melee during this fight, just heal, and use ranged attacks
You heard me nuke and heal! FTW!
4. Try to stay in your positions
5. He occasionally drops a 2000 hp arcane explosion on someone – just heal it
6. Drop some totems mana regen, searing totem.
7. Heal yourself and neighbors & the MT
8. There won’t be a lot of raid movement during this fight so save some mana and band aid a neighbor.
9. Drink a mana potion at 50% mana
10. Repeat steps 3-7

Sulfuron smells of rotten eggs and brings his own troupe of healers much like your own main tank. But lucky for us his priests (like all priests) are pushovers, if you can keep them from healing each other. This fight too is very forgettable like your ‘of the elements’ attire.

In this fight the MT will solo Sulfuron (with his own healers of course) and the raid will systematically select and kill one priest, then move on to the next, etc. Much like an active, attractive Tauren’s dating life (I go through men like mana potions). A warrior is usually assigned to tank each priest. You will likely be assigned to heal one of these warriors. The only real challenge is if you have the warrior who’s critter is slated to die last to keep your mana & warrior up.

Here is my standard operating procedure:
1. Put on your boss attire
2. Consider Shadow Resist gear (Sulfuron’s Priest cast Shadow Word Pain that basically makes you spam heal yourself or a raid member nonstop until it is over)
3. Find your designated warrior to heal
4. After your warrior’s target is dead please heal the MT or Off-Tanks
5. Pop a mana potion at 50%
6. Repeat 3 -5

Golemagg is an endurance fight – like a good third date, you just have to outlast him to claim victory. But unlike my last date this big boy can last more than thirty-seven seconds. He likes it doggie-style with two doggies flanking him. However these dogs are magical dogs and can not die. So the mundane trick here is to have a group off tank each doggie and the rest to bring down Golemagg. Once Golemagg is down his doggies disappear - faster than a flagged alliance Rogue in Orgemarr.

Here is my standard operating procedure for Golemagg
1. Put on your ‘evening-casual’ boss attire
2. If you are healing one of the groups off tanking a dog, just focus on healing your off tank, and not worry about the rest of the group (also consider a healing rotation if you are healing an off-tank doggie)
3. Learn his AOE range and stay just beyond it
4. He will randomly target someone 2k damage – heal it
5. You will need to manage your mana to make it last you don’t want to blow your mana too early – practice safe mana management take a few mana potions use a few band aids
6. Repeat steps 2-5
7. Golemagg’s last 10% of health he gets really mad and jacks up his DPS – so spam heal the MT – let the other melee-ers fend for themselves (muhahaha – show up that DPS hoggin’ rogue who is boss by not healing him)

Majordomo is called a Major for a reason (major pain in the butt comes to mind) and he commands a small army of 8 badasses – hellbent on destroying you (like your boyfriends ex). Four of them are priests, four are warriors. This fight is tough like all your previous combined boss fights wrapped up into one big battle. This is a major endurance fight, you’ll need to use every trick used in the previous boss fights and all the previous strategies to survive this. This will truly test your mana pool and healing abilities.

Like that torrid summer fling – healing will be fast and furious. You will need to practice good mana management, pop mana potions early and often. You might be asked to participate in a healing rotation – during your mana regen time heal the world with bandages on yourself, neighbors and your warrior (give priority to the cute ones of course) – maybe even get in a melee hit or two (shh don’t tell). Don’t just stand there like a newb in the AH.

A mixture of his army will be crowd controlled, the others off-tanked and the remaining systematically killed by the raid. You might be assigned to keep a warrior healed while the group gets to his critter, just heal, wait and hope like your last blind date. Usually your priority is to keep the Warriors, and Mages up (the mages are critical because they are the crowd control) – let everyone else fend for themselves in heals (this is why bandages exist) if you heal too many other people your mana will run out (this is cruel, but this is triage at its finest – you control who lives and who dies relish in your power muhahaha).

Standard Operating Procedure for Majordomo:
1. Don your boss gear
2. Consider Fire & Shadow resist gear
3. Be prepared to pop mana pots at 50% mana
4. Concentrate healing on your assigned warrior & mage
5. Be mindful of the 5 sec. mana regen rule
6. If you get teleported into the pit of fire, get out (duh), heal, run back to position
7. Use bandages
8. Hope for Finkle’s Lava Dredger to drop

Upcoming, but get your fire resist above 80 you nOOb (with out totems – that’s cheating).

Bottom line is partying in the MC is big time fun - you need need to be prepared, and understand that you will date a lot of duds (i.e. wipe alot) before you find Mr. Right and have success in the MC. But trust me its worth it . :lol:
This made me laugh and was informative. A double threat, and we all know how Akora normally liked to generate Threat!
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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