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Akora's Don't look like a Noob on your 1st MC run Gear Guide
So you got an invite to the big dance, to the Molten Core, to the MC 90210. It's the hottest zip code around who would not want to go to get a chance at some Epic duds. Since invitations like this don’t come just everyday, you will want to look your fashionable best, but need to look Smart too. But your closet is a mess of greens and weak blue items that make you sad. Do not fret Cinderella, with help from Auntie Akora we can get you ready for the Ball!


As a Shaman in the MC we will be mainly healing. Having robust mana pools and bust lines helps keep our tanks standing up. You can't do much with your bust line, but lucky for you, your Intellect can get bigger by farming. Because we will be healing, we need to have a big mana pool and thus we need intellect gear.

Here is a listing of non MC intellect gear that you can farm for with out too much effort. (Epic pieces not included these are just obtainable, farmable items)

Of course having a complete set the Elements set is probably the minimum gear requirement for a Shaman in the MC (and besides it is a decent looking party dress to boot, its all color coordinated and all - for sure! Although the Kilt of the Elements does make my hips look big as the Earthfury set has a much more slimming effect on me).

1. Coif of the Elements found in Scholomance, +24 Int, +12 Spirit
2. Braincage found in Black Rock Depths +25 Int, +9 Spi
3. Helm of Exile found in Sunken Temple +18 Int, +18 Spi

1. Drakesfire Epaulets found in AH & DireMaul Arena, +15 Int, +14 Spi, +10 Fire resist
2. Blue Dragonscale Shoulders are Crafted, +21 Int, +6 Spi
3. Pauldrons of the Elements in UBRS, +15 Int, +6 Spi
4. Royal Cap Spauders in Scholomance, +9 Int, +13 Spi, +26 Heal
5. Den Watcher Shoulders in Dire Maul Main, +10 Int, +10 Spi, +18 Heal

1. Dreamwalker Armor in Various Mobs +20 Int, +20 Spi
2. Vest of the Elements in UBRS +20 Int, +20 Spi
3. Blue Dragonscale Breastplate are Crafted, +28 Int, +8 Spi

1. Bindings of the Elements in Various & AH, +10 Int, +10 Spi
2. Loomguard Bracers in Scholomance, +7 Int, +33 Heal
3. Brazegore Armguards in Lower BRS +7 Int, +10 Spi

1. Dracorian Gauntlets in Scholomance - +11 Int, +18 Spi
2. Harmonious Gauntlets in Dire Maul North + 5 Int, +5 Spi, +51 healing
3. Gauntlets of the Elements in Upper BRS, +10 Int, +16 Spi
4. Gordok Gauntlets in Dire Maul North, + 10 Int, +9 Spi, +1% Spell Crit.

1. Dentention Strap in Scholomance - +17 Int, +11 Spi
2. Cord of the Elements in Various & AH, +17 Int, +7 Spi
3. Barage Girdle in Live Stratholme, +6 Int, +6 Spi, +23 Heal

1. Silvermoon Leggings in Dire Maul West, +16 Int, +10 Spi, +18 Heal
2. Malestorm Leggings in Scholomance +20 Int, +20 Spi
3. Kilt of the Elements in Undead Stratholme +15 Int, +20 Spi
4. Blue Dragonscale Leggings in Crafted, +20 Int, +19 Int

1. Merciful Greaves in Dire Maul East, +20 Int, +20 Heal
2. Odious Greaves in Dire Maul East, +9 Int
3. Boots of the Elements in Lower BRS, +17 Spi

1. Gift of the Elven Magi in Live Stratholme, +10 Int, +6 Spi
2. Lore Spinner in Dire Maul East, +6 Int, +5 Spi, 3 mana per 5 sec.
3. Skullstone Hammer in Quest EPL, +9 Int, +3 Spi
4. Hammer of Grace in Black Rock Spire, +31 Heal
5. Energentic Rod in Dire Maul East, +5 Spi, +14 Heal

1. Zulian Defender in Zul Gurub, +9 Int, +8 Spi
2. Observer’s Shield in Dire Maul North, +14 Int, +5 Spi
3. Rhombeard Protector, - Lower BRS, +15 Int, +10 Spi
4. Rattlecage Buckler in Scholomance, +12 Int, +7 Spi

1. Argent Crusader in UD Stratholme Quest, +30 Int, +10 Spi
2. Hammer of the Grand Crusader, +26 Int, +9 Spi, +22 Heal
3. Trindlehaven Staff in Lower BRS, + 30 Int
4. Rod of the Orge Magi in Dire Maul North, +14 Int, +7 Spi, +23 Heal, +1% Spell Crit

Give a little TLC to your favorite man, by getting a Re-Spec in the restoration tree. This will increase your mana & healing capacity. Also choosing Ancestral Knowledge (no its has nothing to do with Shamans from Arkansas - and keeping the family tree forkless). Ancestral Knowledge can increase your mana pool by 5%. The restoration tree can reduce the mana costs and cast times of your healing making you a more efficient healer. If you do invest in the restoration tree, Nature's Swiftness is considered the 'crown jewel' of the tree.

When fighting Ragnaros, as a Shaman you willl need a minimum of 80 base fire resist (no totems that is cheating!) if you plan on staying in the back lines, 150 if you are healing the MT or MA, or are dumb enough to Melee him. Over 300 is needed if you are the Tank (another reason why we should not tank).

I personally try to keep my Fire Resistance around 80-150 at most times, and that seems to work for the lesser bosses. This works because we are not a front line unit, and are usually out range for most fire related damage. It is a fine line to walk between Intellect, Spirit and Fire Resistance (just like picking which Taruen Warrior to dine with on Friday nights), just strive for an overall balance. But for some boss fights swapping out normal gear for Fire Resist gear is a good idea.

The trash mob pulls (lava packs) before and after Baron Geddon (around Shazzrah & Sulfuron) it is a good idea to put on your fire resist gear that doesn't sacrifice too many other good stats. (Drakefire Shoulders & Amulet, that fire resist quest reward ring from killing MC bosses, etc) Just don't sell the Intellect and Stamina farm.

Most of the time I wear my "Elements" & ËœEarthfury" set pieces, but for tough boss fights you should consider donning some fire resistance gear. Fire Resist gear also drops in the MC too. Here are some Fire Resistance items for us Shammies that are obtainable with out a rock star level of effort (i.e. can be farmed outside the MC)

Helm - Sunblaze Coif it is a level 30 helm with ok stats that drops in SM, I got mine in the AH for 5 gold
Use: Just wear the Sunblaze Coif for the trash Fire mobs

Shoulders - Drakesfire Epaulets or Black Dragon Shoulders
The Drakesfire Epaulets give great stats and are red, the official color of the MC (bonus fashion points)
Use: Consider wearing the Drakesfire Epaulets all the time in the MC or for certain boss fights

Chest - Red or Black Dragon Scale breastplate (there is also a plain dragonscale breastplate that give good fire resistance and stamina)
Red Dragonscale Breastplate gives a nice bonus to healing, but requires 30 red dragon scales to craft it (i.e. rockstar level of effort)
Use: Consider wearing the Red Dragonscale Breastplate all the time in MC or for boss fights

Wrist - Pyremail Wristguards found in Black Rock Depths off of Lord Incinderous
The stats are one of those of random drop +10 to two stats or +15 to one stat
Use: if you got a set with Int or Spi stats consider wearing them all the time in the MC or for specific boss fights

Hands - Storm Gauntlets (Crafted) or Molten Fists found in BRD
The Storm Gauntlets have decent stats and the materials are not too bad to get either (Samba crafted mine, but Kernhoof can craft them as well)
Use: Consider wearing the Storm Gauntlets all the time in MC or for certain boss fights

Waist - Not much here, there is a leather +20 fire resist belt that drops in UD Strat. Or get the Earthfury Belt like me The Firey Chain Girdle is great but very hard to get.

Legs - Searingscale Leggings in BRD, Black Dragonscale Leggings
The Searingscale Legging have nice stats
Use: Consider wearing them all the time in MC or for certain boss fights

Feet - Flamewalkers UBRS
Use: Just consider the Flamewalkers for the trash Fire mobs
Black Dragonscale boots give great fire resist, but you'll need an accomplished MC group to get the materials needed for these.

Shield - Draconian Deflector UBRS
Use: Consider using the Deflector all the time in MC or for certain boss fights

Rings - You can get a fire resist ring as a quest reward for five manning Ramstein in UD Strat You have to choose between a Int/Sta ring and a Fire Resist ring. I wish I took the fire resistance ring, because there are other equal or better Int. rings out there. Also there is a fire resist ring with INT & SPI from completing the quest line from Duke Hydroxis
Use: Consider the Ring for the boss fights or all the time. Or that silly key to UBRS also doubles as a +10 fire resist ring.

Necklaces - Drakesfire Amulet the Onyxia entrance quest, Elder Magus Pendant in DM West (the Pendant has great stats)
Use: Consider using the Drakesfire Amulet for certain boss fights
Use: the Elder Magus Pendant use all the time in the MC

Back - Wildfire Cape in UBRS, Cape of the Fire Salamander in BRD, or the Chromatic Cloak if you are into painful farming (or just date a farmer for awhile get the materials and dump him)
Use: Consider the Capes for specific boss fights, or the Chromatic Cloak all the time

Trinket - the Royal Seal of some unpronounceable name (damn Elves), aka the Shaman Trinket from finding the book ËœFrost Shock and You"
Use: I always wear mine all the time even outside of the MC it is a great trinket

1H Weapon - There is a mace that drops in UBRS the Masterwork Mace from AnvilCrack (haha I refused a blind date from this guy once), No stats just +10 Fire Resist and 37 dps
Use: Consider using the weapon for the trash Fire mobs

2H Weapon - Kindling Stave in BRD
Decent stats
Use: Consider using the weapon for the trash Fire mobs

Potions Fire Resist & Greater Fire Resist
Besides popping potions always makes you popular in the MC
Use: Consider using the potions for the boss fights.

Have at least 5 Ankhs on ya.
Don't Pop during a fight unless you have a specific job to do or are in the MT group, or the leader commands it. As you learn the MC ropes you will have a better idea about when to self rez and when not to, but when in doubt ask your leader.

In your early runs of MC carry at least 10 mana potions (I usually carry 15 - sometimes people forget) and aim to drink at least one or more mana potion(s) every fight. And as always popping potions is always the cool thing to do, int the MC - I mean come on everybody does it - you should too. (and yes, if my MT walked off a cliff, I would too).

Remember that skill called cooking that you once used, but then thought it was stupid and never progressed it? Well it comes in handy in the MC. Cooking is handy becuase the best way to a Warrior's heart is through his stomach, and it can provide you with Stamina, Spirt, & Mana Regeneration qualities. I recommend planning a picnic for you and your favorite someone right before each boss fight. Nothin' says lovin like a little carrion surprise.

And be sure to thank your Auntie Akora when you get your first piece of epic loot and are the envy of all. I mean after all that is what the MC is all about - For Sure!

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