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Akora's Bio
Akora had a good day, as I awoke in warm sunlight to a vibrant summer day and picked flowers as the tribal elders watched over me in my village off Stonebull Lake. As a Tauren youngling, I always enjoyed picking flowers for my mother who would brew strange concoctions with them that smelled funny but possessed magical qualities. Once I snuck in and drank one of her potions and fell very ill, but was brought back to health by my mother.

Other days I would go fishing with my father and we would cook the day’s
catch. Once we caught an old rusted boot, and father told me of how Dwarfs disrespect the Earthmother my doing such horrible things as mining and discarding their waste onto her lands, and how it is our duty to protect and serve the Earthmother.

I grew up as the daughter of a tribal elder of Bloodhoof Village. I frolicked around the well protected confines of Mulgore. Green fields of grass, open plains, vibrant floral and fauna, flowing rivers, blue lakes, golden rolling hills, and dense forests were my home. I ventured upon these lands picking flowers and fishing, not knowing much else of the world. The tribal elders taught me of our noble heritage and of the great deeds of Carine Bloodhoof and how it was our duty to serve the Earthmother by learning to respect the land and her power.

Like my father before me, I was destined to become an elder of the tribe. To live up to my birthright, it was my parent’s duty to teach me their talents and to let the Earthmother lead me to my calling. My father was a capable warrior of the tribe with the mace and shield. My mother was a druid gifted in the healing arts and mending of the earth.

My father taught me how to fight using sticks and shields. As my talents grew I learned how to parry away blows and how to harness the power of the wind for swift attacks and the power of the stone for defense. My mother dedicated herself to teaching me the healing power of the air and water, but I had no patience to understand the Earthmother’s healing ways. I defied my mother and shunned her healing by dedicating myself to learn the power of nature through fire and lighting.

My defiance of my mother’s healing ways drove me to call upon the power
Earthmother to lay ancient totems of fire to aid in my destruction. I learned how to fell mighty beasts with only the power of the Earthmother’s fury.

Soon my destructive power grew to heights greater than my father’s. I was master of physical and elemental destruction, and despite my mother’s persistence still shunned the healing ways of the Earthmother.

Then tragedy stuck, my mother grew deathly ill and the tribal leaders beckoned for me to come to her. My mother had only a few moments left before returning to the earth, and her last words were to me and she told me to ‘find balance.’ To ‘find balance’ I knew not of what she meant, but her words haunted me.

That night in midst of my grief, was the night that the Earthmother spoke to me although I did not know her purpose as of yet. I dreamt of dark wisping swirls of heavy, wet, gray air that clouded my sight. The wind howled nothing but mournful sounds of death and despair. Groans and agony echoed through my thoughts. The air reeked of decay and foulness. Trees were dead and leafless but still upright. The land was lifeless and black. As I reached into the dense black void, I felt leathery flesh crumple at my touch, sinew and bone held a frame of a soul whose physical form had surrendered, but who’s will to live still fought for survival. The Earthmother had accepted this apparition’s physical being, but left its soul stranded for a purpose that I could not understand. This was my dream, my nightmare that haunted me for a fortnight.

This dream and the words of my mother to ‘find balance’ occupied my every thought. During the ceremonies to prepare the earth to receive my mother, I realized that the Earthmother had spoken to me through my dream, and that this dream was my calling that I must follow. That night I left the village, I left my predetermined destiny, I left to form my own fate. I knew I had to find balance and fulfill the Earthmother’s calling.

For months I traveled across the great continent of Kalimdor, I had time to reflect upon my teachings, and to ponder the meaning of my mother’s words to ‘find balance.’ I know that the dream and my mother’s last wish for me were linked. Pondering my reflections I realized that I have only been and extension of the Earthmother’s destruction. I possessed her fury thru fire and lightning, but had yet to understand how to deliver her compassion. I knew nothing of her healing talents, despite my mother’s efforts to teach me.

This was the day I stepped into a much larger world than my sheltered life had allowed. This was the day I crossed the great sea into a new continent that the Earthmother had abandoned. This was the day I discovered the Scourge.

Today was a bad day for Akora. I was alone, afraid and in a land devoid of life. In a land that was already destroyed. As a Tauren I need to feel grass beneath my hoof, I need to feel the sun shine on my mane, but alas there is no grass, no warmth, only decay and darkness. Yet I feel compelled to continue onward seeking out the realization of my vision and to fulfill my calling.

I stumbled across the ruins of a once grand city and great chair, surely built for self serving reasons. In the decrepit courtyard I saw wisps of
apparitions, or were they just mist, for I could not tell. I saw the remains of abandoned souls that walked but possessed no life. A land that was dead and yet was not. This is where I must plant the Earthmother’s seed. This is where I must attempt to heal, to draw life out of death, yet I knew not how.

As these lands are dying so was my soul, my essence, my being, I began to succumb to the death and blackness, I was losing the will to live. At my
darkest moment when I was about to embrace the black void I saw a small light, I saw my vision, my nightmare, I saw the broken remains of a being whose physical form had surrendered, but who’s will to live still fought for survival. I reached out to the light, and it was warm, it was good, it echoed of my mother, I needed to see more of the light, I needed the light to live.

When I awoke, I was still within a gray, dead land, but a single shaft of
light came from the dark clouds above and its warmth shined on a lone flower that was not there before. This flower blossomed where a broken body once dwelled. From this flower a white wisp quickly swirled, a soul was escaping its captor. This soul took the form of a physical being, albeit just barely more than a pale skeletal frame, but a living being nonetheless. I could not tell if this soul with its unnatural determination to live was my own or my mother’s. But I knew that it was good, and that I had saved this soul and that it was bound to me and I to it.

This soul I saved became Arabeth. Through my companionship with Arabeth, I learned she possessed healing powers that I could not comprehend. Although her physical appearance was lacking she possessed the healing talents of my mother. She was willing to teach me her innate compassion and healing, and I for the first time was willing to learn. I felt at peace with my mother’s passing. I knew that I had fulfilled the Earthmother’s calling and for the first time I had found balance.

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