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Aieyana's Application
1) Aieyana Ranalys Rayne, Adoptive daughter to the Rayne family.
2) Season 19 Troll Warrior
3) No sponcor as of yet
4) ((Ooc)) I'm 25 years of age, work full-time to support my addictions (WoW of course!) I like fantasy and horror movies, I like pretty much all kinds of music but rap and country, love to rp on my spare time and meet new people. If I can get a laugh out of at least one person a day, I've done something good.
((IC))*Dips a quill feather in a vial of ink, and begins to write*
I was born in a small village within the vast jungles of Stranglethorn, just a few years before the first wars broke out between alliance and horde. At that time, the beginnings of small armies of human paladins, Templares, were marching in a 'holy crusade' in attempts to purge the lands of the spreading evil and corruption, wickedly mislead glory in the name of the light masked with virtue, the most dangerous kind of zealots. My own village was one to be targeted, hit in the middle of the night and without warning. Most of my kin had no time to react before being barracaded, burned within their own homes or hunted down and slain on their own farmlands.
*Lifts her pen from the paper for a moment in thought, then returns to writing*
Have you ever had a dream, that when you woke, you coulden't place if it had actually happened, but remember even in conciousness as a walking nightmare? Everything is a blur, even to try to remember it now. I can remember my real mother bundling me quickly in blankets and hiding me in a small dresser we had, my father running out to meet our attackers. It was the sights and smells of that night that scared me, as I remember looking out a crack within our window,watching hot embers of fire fly through the air as huts were torched, lighting the night sky with a brilliant shade of orange. The smell of blood was thick within the air, and the sound of screams were all that could be heard in the panic and confusion. Two men busted open the door to our hut, and laughed a laugh I would only hear in my nightmares. They grabbed my innocent mother, slicing her throat and dropping her to the ground, her blood pooling on the ground beside her. The men went through our personal belonings, taking what they wished before ramsacking our home. I stayed quiet, muffling my own cries with my hand. Minutes passed that seemed like hours, time stood still in a moment of anger and bloodshed and violence and eventually the sound of footsteps and horse hooves hitting the ground faded. I was 8 at the time, hardly able to understand what had happened.. As I lay there over my mother's now cold body, I heard the sounds of approaching horses and calls of a language I coulden't understand. A small part of me wanted to join my mother and father, and I waited for my murders to come to me, wanting to be with my family. Instead, I felt the gentle hands of a female lift me from my mother, and into her arms. The woman pulled her helmet free from her head, and revealed to me a face of sorrow but kindness as if to say 'Sorry' and 'Your safe' at the same time. Her long, red hair as dark as fire and blood mingled struck me as quite odd, since most of the humans that had been spotted within our own lands were blond. I was the only survivor of the massacure that night. The human put me on her saddle with her troops to a faraway farming town near Hillsbrad, in safety. There, the woman took me into her own home, despite the nasty words exchanged between her own kin and herself. My mother was around only once a week, her duty to the city kept her from her own family. I knew she hated it, but had to as per required by all who lived in the lands of their king. I had one sister, a grey-haired girl and another adoptive brother, dark in complexion and dark brown hair. I never was able to learn their language, so we used images and hand signals to talk to one another. They helped raised me, teaching me how to cook, pick herbs, and farm the lands. And eventually, as what happens to all families, my mother's children grew of the age that they could go out into the world on their own. My brother sought out the great city of Stormwind, the last bastion of men, to pursue a career in Espionage. My sister took up the arts of becoming a warlock, and the studies of Demonology. As for myself, I would return home to my own lands to make a new life for myself here, with my own kind. My mother was saddened to see me go, I felt it in her touch and saw it in her eyes, but she would always respect and trust that I would know best. Now, I seek my fate within the lands of my own people, and await what life might reveal to me.
*Smiles as she sets her feather pen aside, nodding with approval*
5) I haven't decided on a skill right now, but I'm thinking something along the lines of herbalism and alchemy.
6) I was apart of the Winds of Fire for the beginning months of when I first had WoW, then eventually switched over to Allianceside, where I was apart of many rp guilds, currently my retired 'main' within Exalted ones.
7) The Ironsong tribe has always been spoke of very highly, for it's reputation of having kind member, and some of the best rp on our server on both sides. The first time I encountered a member of the Ironsong tribe, I was on my first toon, an undead. She was wandering around Lordaeron, when she came upon an orc sitting on the throne. He began a conversation with my undead, and we spoke of the fall of Lordaeron, and the creation of the undead. His name was Damoxian. Shortly after that I left to alilanceside, but since then I had come across this same orc many times, and heard stories of him. He's one of the most honorable people on the game IMO.
8)In game or irl? None in game so far really with this toon. Irl, I'd have to say my greatest trial was growing up and coping through all the hard personal things in my life that have happened to me. I could go into detail but..they aren't very nice.
9) I think the greatest goal right now is my wanting to become a veteranarian. I've always loved animals and I think that would be something I'd love to go for, but at my current moment I can't afford to go to college. I'm working on it as we speak =)
10) I'd have to say the thing I enjoy most out of every aspect within WoW is just meeting people. There's such a variety of personality and nice folk you meet through rp, and hunting together. I think the social aspect of WoW is the only thing that's ever kept me playing and hooked, the great sence of humor most have when you are gaming, and all the friends I meet.
11) I have read and understand all the terms of the guild charter and game.
Just a quick note about the application form- all of the questions are meant to be answered in-character, as far as goals, trials, and whatnot.

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