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Ahn'Qiraj Opens
A formless mass of darkness rises from the corner of the room. Two brilliant eyes finally appear and the raspy voice of Efluvia fills the chamber, her words incanted by every shadow.

"Listen well, worms. In movement of nether I sense the coming of the swarm. In whispers of shadow I hear the servants of the Qiraj. And in still-warm entrails I see the great enemy and know their thoughts. Their weakness is made plain to me.

"The Wall quakes as the earth itself heaves and vomits forth countless legion as the avatars of the Old God rally against all life. A day of reckoning has come and the future is shrouded in a darkness borne of wings.

"Prepare yourselves, puny Tribe of Ironsong, the fight of the ages is coming and united we must stand or all fall."

OOC: Sounds like the gates open this coming week! Weee hehe!
(( Though I realize that most of you who are strong enough for it to be really relevant probably already know, the gates are scheduled to open at 4:30 PM server time today. Reynaja of <Not a Shaman> will be turning in Onyxia's head at roughly 4:00 to give us all a boost, so if you'd like Thrall's Blessing, do head to Orgrimmar around then.

If you're not there in time for the first ringing of the gong, do not despair! The event is said to last around ten hours, and will be sure to be quite the sight to see (provided the server infrastructure can handle it).

Even if you're not planning to participate, if you're strong enough, you should venture down to Silithus today (preferably well before the event, lest you be caught in the giant maelstrom of lag that is likely to surround it), just to see all of the reinforcements that have appeared around the hold. Marksmen and infantry and steam tanks, oh my!

-SWC Cora))
I'm going to be in The Barrens defending, the army will be all over the place, mainly in:

The barrens

((Or so I hear from the forums.))

(I picked the barrens to avoid lag, sly as I am.)
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