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Ages of Elves in WoW.
A interesting fact that I got out of the WC3 game manual in the back where the information about important people in Azeroth is at I noticed that elves were naturally long lived even before The World Tree even existed. Since Both the Stormrage brothers were young and in love with Tyrande before the war of the ancients, and the Stormrage Brothers at the time of WC3 were 15,032 years old and Tyrande was 13,836 years old a 1196 year differance so now even though the world tree is gone Night elves and Blood elves will very likely still long outlive all other races.

Another interesting fact is that Cairne Bloodhoof is now over 100 years old and still whips the alliance like they are nothing. >.>

Oh and one more interesting fact Muradin Bronzebeard was 221 years old when he died and seemed about middle aged meaning Dwarves are likely the second longest lived race Natural to Azeroth.

I put this here cause I know that some people were wondering how long elves live in WoW and I myself wasn't so sure till I found this so I hope this clears up some information for lorewise age of Blood Elves though I would still guess there would be very few that are still over one thousand years old considering the Amani war, the first war, the second war, and the third war(in which the Scourge killed most of the elves) just something I thought I would point out.

PS. Oh and to give you guys a timeline for how old the Stormrage brothers and Tyrande were when the tree was made is that The high bourne were Bannished 10,000 year aprox. before WC3.
Yet for all their longevity, none of them can oust the pure awesomeness of the troll race.


-snickers- sorry Smile
Zeengo Wrote:Yet for all their longevity, none of them can oust the pure awesomeness of the troll race.

<Glomps Zeengo with a fish> He meant Tauren <nodnodnod>
Don't mess with the trees!

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Now now this post was just meant to give people a good RP ballshot when giveing ages for their Elves......... And besides everyone knows that Elves are the most awsome in WoW or any other Fantsy RPG :crazy: :lol: :crazysmile: .
As an alternative the WoW Roleplaying Game books lists the ages of the various races as follows;

Forsaken: Unlimited
Goblins: Max 93 years
Gnomes: Max 230 years
High Elves: Max 390 years
Humans: Max 110 years
Ironforge Dwarves: Max 270 years
Jungle Trolls: Max 79 years
Night Elves: Max 750 years
Orcs: Max 100 years
Tauren: Max 150 years
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A fantasy setting that doesn't have humans as the shortest-lived race? *gasp* Next thing you know, it won't be praising their versatility!
I think a lot of people would rather NOT see people trying to rp 12,000 year old elves. I mean, how PRETENTIOUS is that?
Trolls only live to be around 79 years of age!? o_o

Melikar is 25. He must be, like, over the hill by now. Screw it, I'm making him 10! *realizes that totally doesn't fit with his story*

I knew they matured a lot faster, but I thought they lived to, at least, be around 200 or so.
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Cloudjumper Wrote:As an alternative the WoW Roleplaying Game books lists the ages of the various races as follows;

Forsaken: Unlimited
Goblins: Max 93 years
Gnomes: Max 230 years
High Elves: Max 390 years
Humans: Max 110 years
Ironforge Dwarves: Max 270 years
Jungle Trolls: Max 79 years
Night Elves: Max 750 years
Orcs: Max 100 years
Tauren: Max 150 years

Just to comment on that. I have read that in rare occurances Elves have been able to live longer than the Max ages listed above. However those are probably due to magical influences and other means to extend their lives.. But I agree with the ages listed, its pretty consistant with all the research I have done.
Quote:Race Adulthood Middle age Old Venerable Maximum lifespan
Centaur 8 20 30 43 45-55
Dark Iron dwarf 40 125 188 250 ??
Ironforge dwarf 40 125 188 250 252-450
Flamewaker 250 750 1,070 1,500 ??
Forest troll 17 30 47 69 70-79
Forsaken None None None None None[1]
Furbolg 30 70 100 130 133-190
Goblin 20 40 73 85 75-93
Gnome 40 100 150 200 203-500
Half-elf 20 62 93 125 128-185 (or 200-300)[2]
Half-ogre 22 44 71 88 89-98
Half-orc 17 37 60 75 77-99 (or 83-110)[3]
High elf 60 (or 110) 175 263 350 354-390 (or up to 2000)[4]
Hobgoblin n/a n/a n/a n/a 3[5]
Human 15 35 53 70 72-110
Jungle troll 17 30 47 69 70-79
Murloc 12 25 40 60 ??
Naga 500 650 800 1,000 ??[6]
Night elf 300 (or 110) 500 650 700 705-1200 (or up to 2000)[7]
Ogre 16 38 65 80 82-120
Ogre Mage 16 38 65 120 123-180
Orc 20 (or 18) 40 65 80 82-100 (or rarely over 75)[8]
Pandaren 80 175 263 350 ??
Quilboar 17 (or 3[9])) 30 47 69 ?? (or None[10])
Satyr 300 None None None None[11]
Sea Giant 100 750 1,070 1,500 ??
Tauren 50 (or 15) 75 95 110 114-150 (or rarely over 100)[12]
Wildhammer dwarf 40 125 188 250 252-450

Table notes
^ Forsaken do not age, as they are already dead.WoWRPG 174 Forsaken do not mature into adulthood, an individual becomes Forsaken upon death. While technically immortal, some Forsaken exhibit signs of old age, losing their identities and eventually sentience. They appear as dying old humans, feeble and scared, with a cold growing inside them, and forgeting who they are. They are losing their mind to the Scourge, and would eventually become a "mindless one" - an unintelligent zombie. All forsaken fear this process, as it means they revert to the Scourge's will and lose themselves to the Lich King and his dominance. The Forsaken will often kill these poor souls, perhaps as a form of mercy.HPG 152
^ Written lore accounts claim a half elf still enjoys a long life span, though lacking his elven parent's longevity, reaching maturity at 20 years of age and living for two to three centuries on average.WRPG 48APG 11
^ Written lore accounts claim half-orcs live longer than their orc parents, with life spans equivalent to a human’s.WRPG 49HPG 9 The dice maximum age for half-orcs more or less overlaps the human and orc ranges of life span (with both orcs and humans actually appearing to live longer than half-orcs).
^ Written lore accounts claim that high elves reach adulthood at 110 years of age, but can also live up to as old as 2,000 years before dying of old age.WRPG 42[1]
^ If a hobgoblin lives to his third year, he’s ancient.DF 197
^ In addition to their natural longevity, a number of naga develop mutations that increase their life spans even further. Some are immortal.
^ An earlier lore account claims that night elves achieve adulthood at 110 years and, while no longer immortal, can live to see a second millennium.WRPG 44
^ An earlier lore account claims orcs are a relatively short-lived people, reaching maturity in about 18 years and rarely living longer than 75 years.WRPG 51 It is also said that orcs that have drinken the blood of demons can live for a very long time, the magic sustaining them.LoM 183
^ Reach adulthood at age three.MG 111
^ Quilboar never reach maximum age, they commit ritual suicide once they become, weak, elderly, crippled, or past child-bearing age.MG 111
^ Satyrs are immortal and cannot die due to old age, nor do they age.DF 24
^ An earlier lore account claims tauren have relatively short life spans, reaching adulthood around age 15 and rarely living for longer than 100 years.WRPG 53

While that may be a bit hard to understand it is a race age list from WoWwiki. It seems to me that even blizzard doesn't know how old elves should be. Considering lore consistantly contradicts itself: Saytr's who if I remember correctly are demonicly corrupted highborne live forever, there are the examples of the 3 hero's of the night elves I gave before and now they say that elves can't live over 2000? But also that pretty much any race thats effected by magic get unnatural longivity?

I'm not sure if there is one right answer to the ages of elves....I have always RPed Bloodbound as a 2537 year old elf because I didn't know what the norm was for Blood Elves when I created her story. I considered that they would probably of had extremely long lives considering I have only heard mention of 4-5 kings since their bannishment, and The fact that despite their change in apearance they are the same race as the night elves and therefor wouldn't they have been effected by the World Tree? And if not that what about the sunwell which bathed them in the most potent magical energy source in the world pretty much? So it was my guess of a age to put her early childhood near the end of the long war against the amani trolls which was the RP story I gave her.

And I don't think its pretentious to RP someone who has lived a long life, I find it interesting and likely part of the reason so many elves hold themselves as a more important and more sophisticated race. I always saw it as when you live that long you see more than anyone that there is always something more to learn that is why you will often see Bloodbound buried in one spell book or another. Because it is her belief that one should never stop learning or trying to better themselves.

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Buh, please use paragraphs and complete sentences!
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