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After the fires
After the fires were put out Aracna had taken her sleeping son and went home. The Hinterlands always held a sense of peace for her and she needed that now. Her kitchen was filled with the smells and sounds of cooking as she chopped up some vegetables to add to a stew, a sudden knock at the doorway startled her.

"You gotta stop doing that." She said without looking up.

Lucinther smirked, "You're too jumpy." He leaned over the bassonet, "Hows he doing?"

"Asleep still." Aracna wiped off the knife, "But I think hes ok. I brought him in here in case he woke up or something."

"You should tank him."

"The Night Elf? No." She replied flatly.

Lucinther shook his head, "You don't have to be so stubborn, He saved your son."

"I didn't ask him to. I don't owe him anything."

"I"m not saying you owe him...just saying you should thank him." He came in a little closer, "When it came down to it he did the right thing."

"No, I won't."

"Its because hes Alliance, isn't it? If any of us would have resurrected him you'd thank us in a heart beat."

She sighed, "yes."

"You ought to let that go." He looked at her a moment, "That bitterness is what causes wars."

"They tried to wipe us out! Of course I'm bitter!" Aracna closed her eyes for a moment to control her anger.

Lucinther sighed, "I was alliance once, do you hate me too?"


"Then thank him. Good will come of it, you'll see."

Aracna didn't look at him for a moment, "Ok..but thats all. I'm not talking to him other than that."

Lucinther smirked, "Thats fine, you don't need to."

"Do you want to stay for dinner?"

He pulled out a dagger, "Nah, I got some stabbing to do. But I'll see you at the Hall tomorrow." He headed back to the door, "You really should get a lock on your door."

"Think it'll help?" She called back.

He smirked, "Not really."

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