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Achai Atreyu
My name is Achai Atreyu, a quiet rogue. I hold no rank currently with the horde but i do see fit fighting in the Battlegrounds. I possess the ability to craft Armor and mine ore from the many places of Azeroth.
My past guilds are Spirits of Azeroth, Crimson Dynasty, House Dalconan. Ive been eyeing the Ironsong for some time hopeing that i may join the ranks one day ever since my teachings were low.
Currently my goal is reaching Outlands. Which...is soon...then from there i shall aquire my keys and armor to make me much use to everyone. And one day...to take in Illidan himself.
Unfortunately, one of my recent trials has slowed my progress...but it has been overcome with the help of my friends. (( Made the switch to Horde from Alliance, was harder than i thought -.- ))
In Azeroth my personal favorite is finding the best weapons available. But unfortunately....seeing as how all are in Outlands. I cannit complete dungeons at my current level. That is also another trial...
Finally, i agree to your Code of Conduct and i shall abide by the rules set in place.

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