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Greetin’s, all!

My name be Acha, dat’s it. I got no title in da Horde army, ‘cept mebbe “She Dat Runs Awey Real Fastâ€
As your application has not caused me to grow bored enough to disregard it, I suppose we could have you attend one of our moots and prove to some of the tribe that you are worthy to do something more than lay near our doorstep and provide something upon which we can wipe our boots.

Congradulations on getting this far.
<Peers> You needs help you just asks...I show you where all them ebil elfies hides...then we smack em good!

((welcome to the Tribe!))
((Thank you! I've been in the Tribe less than a week, and I'm already having a blast! It's so cool to have so many friendly, creative people in one place!))

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