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Abbru Out for 4/27 Raid
I am out of town and will not return in time for the raid. Sad

Will advise if this changes.

I have two words for you: Fired!

Hope things go well for ya and hope we can get things going this weekend.
Apparently Blood Elf civilization has deteriorated enough that they have failed to teach their paladins how to count. Remind me not to ask Terelith how many enemies lie ahead of us. :wink:

Abbru, please come back to us soon!

As for the rest of us, I expect you all to show up tonight (Friday), prepared and ready to go. I would like you all to also keep your eyes and ears open for any that are keyed and might be able to fill in our ranks. Without a second tank, we will not be able to attempt Attunemen though, and unless we have more ranged DPS, the maiden will also be out. I would like to see who we have though - all might not be lost - it just depends on who we have to fill out the raid, so please show up if you are able and keep an eye out for friends who can join us (a second priest and a hunter or two would be lovely).

<img src="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/roster/addons/siggen/sig/Lymoria.png">
As the horror that is my luck is apparent, I do not thing it will be physically possible for me to make it in time for tonight's raid. My computer managed to get a nice virus which has reduced it to a vegetable status where it boots, but can't run a single program. I'm getting the blue scream every other boot, so I dare not damage my computer further. I was supposed to get a windows install disc in the mail the other day, but the person forgot so it won't arrive until tomorrow at best. However, I will be asking/begging Anathamon to make the run with Terelith tonight. I hope things go well with my beseechings.
See what happens when you try to kidnap Smash and Grabs?

Seriously, I'm sorry about your computer! Darned things. I hate them. :evil:
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
I am down a priest...and a mage this weekend. And I could use replacements for these this weekend..as well as our much needed resto-shaman or paladin spot taken up...please take this into consideration.

Sorry about not being in attendance this last weekend. The installation discs I got were defective, so I had to go and pay through my teeth for new Windows XP installation discs. <weeps> I refuse to subject myself to Vista. I've finally gotten everything installed and ready to go again, so I am calm. Hope everything went well with everyone's Karazhan delving crews.

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