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Declaration of WAR

Whereas the Scourge has come into our cities and taken the lives of our people...

Whereas they have dared to commit the attrocity of kidnapping our Warlord...

Whereas they threaten the peaceful existence of all peoples of Azeroth

The Ironsong Tribe hereby declares WAR on the SCOURGE...its servants...its leaders...and upon the Lich King himself.

Nowhere will they be safe from our wrath. They will be killed on sight with extreme predjudice. Someday we shall take the fight to them...to the continent of Northrend itself.

So declares the members of this tribe by making their marks here. First we shall take the battle to their very doorstep by making an Assault on Naxxramas. We shall bring our Warlord home and send them running back to Northrend like the cowardly dogs they are!

Signed on this day:

Dispaya, Farseer of Ironsong

*Following are those members who hold keys. I will continue to add names as members get keyed or volunteer to join the event. (If I missed ya feel free to remind me)*


Maybe Late

Krimson Kaos may help


Rendere- Exodus

The Reserves (Can't be there but always with us in spirit)

Get your keys....see you there!

Sing True Ironsong!

When the expansion comes around Naxxramas will be moved back to Northrend and will be re-tooled for lvl 80. Many of us have never seen this instance so we are putting together a single raid to see the place (at least) one time before the expansion hits. This will be a COMBINED RP/RAID event and is part of a storyline created by the officers called "Assault on Naxxramas."

Over the next few weeks several of us will be leading attacks on Stratholme to work on argent faction and to collect orbs. See Robn for details also as he is helping us run this.

Please post here if you are keyed and/or want to join and we will begin putting together an assault team. We can take up to 40 members. If we (somehow) get over 40 we will rotate folks in as best we can.

I have a store of nexus crystals and a few rightous orbs. If you need them for key quests...please send me an IN GAME MAIL and I will reply with supplies. Once they are gone they are gone...first come...first serve.

We will be setting a schedule for the raid soon...but in the meantime...start getting yourself keyed. Work with your tribe. Come join in the RP both on the message boards and in Guild chat.

Lets all go see this instance and have some fun together as a tribe!

Sing True Ironsong!
The pair of us stood quietly, staring down at Light's Hope Chapel. The place was not entirely unfamiliar to me, having been there a few times on the business of my people. I knew I would find no welcome. My companion, the hulking brute Logros, snorted in the musty air, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides. He said nothing, but I could guess his thoughts - he was a faithful friend, but rarely subtle, reveling in a direct bluntness I found distasteful. Glory. War. Destruction of the foes of the Earthmother. Such were the things his simple mind fixated on. When we'd heard that Sreng had been taken to Naxxramas, it'd been all Coraka could do to keep the lummox from charging off to the Plaguelands on his own.

The tauren turned his head, perhaps feeling my glance, "So, elf, yer not gonna come?" His voice was thick and heavy, speaking the Orcish tongue poorly. His thick lip twitched in a smirk, and his red eyes narrowed as they looked at me. I scowled at him, and his smirk widened.

"You know I will not, nor is your feeble attempt at wit welcome. I'm here because Coraka wants to make sure you don't do anything particularly stupid, like take up old feuds or choose not to wait for our Tribemates." The words were harsh, but true, and as I expected, he laughed. Grunting, he pulled his hammer Dragonmaw from it's loop on his belt. Grinning at me, foul breath steaming through his blunted teeth, he replied, "Hrmph. That orc wench oughta come too. Bring that big dumb bear. Be lots o' Scourge to go 'round, I hear. Maybe we could sneak you in too, eh? And I ain't gonna take no swings at Metz. Let 'im sit here, I gots the whole o' Outlands to play in now." He swung his hammer lazily a few times, and then let it fall against his leather-clad leg, returning his gaze to the Chapel.

Despite myself, I laughed. Logros had hated the Dispatch Commander for not giving him dangerous assignments back when the shaman was working with the Argent Dawn. Or, as the tauren put it, "keeping him from the good fights". Those were the early days of the Scourge invasion, and the idiot tauren had simply gone off into the wilderness alone as often as not, returning days later with bags of scourgestones and recovered "loot". He'd been nominally sent to the Argent Dawn as one of many tauren warrior-envoys, but he'd been quickly drummed out of the ranks for his lack of discipline and disinterest in taking orders from humans. He'd served their cause, but for his own reasons and through his own methods - there were few amongst the Argents that would welcome his return. My levity was gone as quickly as it had arrived. Still, I supposed, the Scourge would be less happy to see him than the humans.
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)

Will be available this Sat and Sunday around 12 noon server time to help folks get righteous orbs for their keys. Hopefully someone in whatever group forms will have a key to get into live side Strat...Ug might but am not sure..
I can aid in the fight.
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
I will be glad to aid in the recovery of the warlord. (( i'm not attuned for it but I could prolly secure some or all of the mats myself.))
((attuned now and can most likely make any weekend event))
The Naxx raid/RP event is being set for Feb 22 at 6 ST
That is one week from Today. Get your keys....see you there!


PS: For any major conflicts for a majority I will reconsider the schedule but so far everyone can make this as no raids are scheduled on Fridays except for Entourage and we are going to forego for this event. Post any concerns here...and we will go from there.

ALSO: ROBN plans to run a couple more Strath runs this weekend...Sat and Sun at Noonish ST...please send him a tell for details. ((Thanks Uggie!!))
Sing True Ironsong!
I will join in on the assault.

(As soon as I get around the getting attuned. I'm revered right now with AD so it shouldn't be difficult.)
Oryx and I can join in the attack.

((We will need to appear a little late -- around 7 p.m. We will be glad to join if there is still room for us.))

Mahiah will go
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Sound is now keyed and would like to attend, please!
This friday...everyone feel free to gather at Lights Hope Chapel before raid time.
5-6 server time to rp and make preps for the raid. At 6ish we will start forming up.

Light's Hope Chapel was swarming with activity as members of The Ironsong Tribe gathered.

Somewhere in the distance, Krell was shouting orders..."We need more arrows! And get those blades sharpened...faster...faster ya peons..."

Sound was there as well speaking with Valtrinity about various things as the two toasted something over an open campfire.

Daichallar and Jivundus were sparring back and forth...the clanks of their weapons could be heard all over the camp.

Dispaya sat at her campsite just outside the chapel furiously scribbling on parchments...taking inventory...scratching out strategies...and making notes on the scourge and their leaders.

From behind she heard a rustling and turned to see Uglawha just behind her.

"Dis de last sis." He handed her two more glowing orbs he had wrestled from Scarlet soldiers in the now fallen city of Stratholme. He looked battered and bruised...and very tired.

"Oh Uggie...these will have to be enough. You look tired dear friend." She placed a hand against the Orcs cheek. "Now you must go and rest. Please...you have done enough. Faeriel is inside the Chapel...along with Eruadan...go see that their magic helps you to recover." Uglawha nodded and departed. He was an Orc of few words. She smiled as she watched him walk away. "So brave" she whispered.

Kosath next appeared at her side. "We do not have much in the way of information. We captured a few scourge...but they are incoherent. No information can be gotten from them."

"In a way...they are the perfect soldiers." Dispaya sighed. "Well...we shall have to go with what we do know. The rest will be up to fate."
Sing True Ironsong!
Faeriel had been worried about her mother for many many weeks. Her letters had gone unanswered...and there was still no word from her contacts in Silvermoon. All that was said was that a few emmisaries were missing. No one seemed to know why or where.

Recently...in preparation for the raid on Naxxramas, she had gone with the tribe to explore a dangerous fortress called Scholomance. Together with the orcs Krell, and Dergash she had broken into a lab there in search of information and clues. What she had found had practically devastated her. It was a small amulet...a holy symbol. She had given it to her mother as a gift. She would know it anywhere...but how had it gotten there?

She stared at it again as she opened the goblin mailbox just outside of Light's Hope. She was startled to discover a letter there. It was closed with wax that bore her mother's seal. Furiously she broke it open and read:

Quote:Dearest Daughter,

I am sorry I was not able to send word sooner, but I have been on a grave and secret mission for the order that sent me to places from where I could not write. Let me assure you that I am well.

I have been working to gather information on our missing officers and I believe I have come across something that will be of great interest to the Ironsong Tribe. I believe I know the exact whereabout of the Warlord Sreng and can give you some details about where he is being held.

Please meet me on the road to the Ghostlands just beyond the Elven border. You must come alone. I will tell you more when I see you in person. I am sorry I cannot deliver this in person, but I cannot risk such vital information falling into the wrong hands.

All my love


Bellethiel of Silvermoon

"This is indeed good news!" Faeriel exclaimed. "I must prepare to go at once! The tribe will be so pleased!"
Sing True Ironsong!
*Senthris sat inside the Chapel and listend to the arguing between the representatives of the Scarlet Crusade and the Brotherhood of light, when he stood up and interrupted* This gets us nowhere! I cannot believe you will not lend more troops to rescuing our leaders!. *Scarlet Commander Marjhan eyed the mage* You do not know of what you speak Barrister, your Warlord is likely already dead, as are the rest of the "officers" of your beloved Horde. I will not commit any of my troops to aid you and your ridiculous tribe in a suicide mission. *Senthris nearly spat as he replied* You and everyone else that bears that accursed tabbard are insane, and it is certainly not your help we need. If the Brotherhood will not commit further, then we will go it alone, and we will be victorius. Like it or not Marjhan, now be a good human and run back to your leaders and tell them, if they are not with us, they are against us. *Senthris stormed out on that note*

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