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AQ 20?
Will the guild doing Aq 20 anytime in the future. I know I would like to at least kill the first boss Kurinnaxx o complete a quest. I know other regular ZG going tribe members may also need this boss to complete this quest.

We would like to go back into AQ20, we have taken a hiatus from it to work on MC as AQ20 has a stiffer gear requirement to progress than we initially expected; it's significantly harder than Zul'Gurub. Currently the officers don't have plans to run a raid of AQ20 ourselves as a regular event, but a grassroots effort to do a weekend run could work if you wanted to get some people together and try it. Just expect difficulty. Also, Rotten Luck does run a regular AQ20 raid on Saturday nights. I have never gone myself and I have no idea how full it is already with regulars, but contact Yyssilth or Zharveraal for more information. Some Tribemates have gone on occasion.

Thanks for asking, and congratulations on your NS chestpiece Traze!

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