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A visit to Faeriel.
Lady Shadris sat in her library admireing her work of the past few months in her hand she held a small Truesilver/Adamantite mix metal star with a glowing dark blue aura about it and ancient elven words carved int it. She was proud of herself it was a very tedious process to make and few still knew the ancient elven language anymore so it was a product of her many years of knowledge the words stated simply "To ward evil" though that in itself wasn't enough to do what it said she had placed numerous spells and enchantments on this small peice of metal imbueing it with energy she gathered and pureified of demonic corruption from the sun well, the scarlet crusades surprizeingly potent holy water, and even takeing it to the Naruu and haveing them bless it. The idea is that this necklace will help protect its wearer from from demons and the scourge barring the arrival of a truely powerfull being she had started working on them after the incidents leading up to and following the tribe entering Naxxramas to help protect the tribe from the same things happening again. With the rumors of military force going to northerand she knew they were going to need it more than ever but the process was long and she trusted no one else to do it and with the constant interuptions of the court she had only managed to make this one and had decided to give it to the young Priestess Faeriel the young elf seemed to be a magnet for the scourge. She noticed the time and gathered up the necklace and a note that would explain its purpose should she not have the time to and walked out and grabed Blazerunner's Reins and rode off to Silvermoon's Temple. She arived and tied the Dreadsteed's reins to the post out side and went up to one of the priests and asked to see Faeriel.

"Sorry m'lady but she is resting right now."

She frowned but then said "Well than can you give her this when she wakes up I really don't have the time to stay for too long and give it to her myself." As she handed over the trinket and note she watched as the aura around the metal changed color to a golden yellow hue.

The Priest looked down at the trinket then said "Yes m'lady it will be done."

"Good." She then smiled and left as she grabed the reins to Blazerunner she thought about the number of those needed before we enter northerand and that she would need help if she was going to help protect the tribe. She then thought again of the young priestess and said in the ancient elvish in a prayer/blessing "Be safe young one." then rode off to take care of other tasks.
Faeriel returned to her chambers. She was feeling better but there was still a sickness crawling around inside of her that she could not describe. The Ironsong Tribe had saved her and returned her to Silvermoon for treatment...but the Scourge bites were deep and they did not heal quickly.

High Priest Aldrae slipped quietly into her room.

"How are we feeling today?"

"I am well Father...thanks kindly."

"You are still looking sickly Faeriel. We will have the alchemists take more blood for testing."

"No more blood today...I am almost out." She tried vainly to smile.

"A gift was left for you. It is under your pillow. I placed it there that it would help to ward off any evil."

Faeriel reached under her pillow and withdrew a beautiful talisman. She read the runes and ran her fingers over it's beautiful marking. On the back there was name inscribed.

"Shandris...how lovely." She said out loud.

"A gift? From your...tribe?" Aldrae's question held a hint of sarcasm.

"Aye...a gift." Faeriel knew enough not to press the matter further.

It was then that Father Lancaster of the Scourge appeared in the shadows of the doorway. He silently beckoned for Aldrae to have words with him. Aldrae excused himself to the hall where the two conferred for some time in hushed whispers. After some time Aldrae returned.

"It would seem as though your blood is ridding itself of the Scourge Plague. This is an unusual occurrence. Something seems to be bolstering your bodies immunity. Father Lancaster here thinks you may have some type of natural immunity to the plague. We have also surmised that the unusual tattoo you created for yourself may be helping."

"The tattoos power is strong...but protecting me was never its intended use."

"Perhaps we could mark all of our people in such a way...it would strengthen us against the Scourge invasions."

"I am sorry Aldrae...the tattoo ink was crafted from rare materials and took many days to enchant even a small vial. To produce such on a large scale would be impossible...and I do not know the recipe in any case. It was crafted by the Forsaken called Dispaya.

"Dispaya...fah!" Father Lancaster practically spat the words.

Aldrae turned. You know this Forsaken Father?

"Dispaya prattles around like she is still human...and she swore allegiance to the Darkspear trolls as a member of their tribe. Yet she maintains quarters in the Mage section of Undercity in a private tomb like some type of princess. She is no more Forsaken than a cockroach on the wall."

"I did not realize she was so disliked by your people." Faeriel stated.

"We tolerate her only to a degree. It seems our Dark Lady holds some degree of liking for her...but many of our leaders do not feel the same. She holds her alchemy secrets to herself rather than sharing with the apothecarum. Bah! Dispaya...always I hear that name...will it never end...?"

"She is adopted daughter to the Ironsong Tribe's Warlord...Sreng."

"Bah..Sreng...another miscreant. He is no better than she. A fool of a Troll and twice as stupid as the day is long. He 'adopted' her? Adopted? Daughter? She is no more a daughter to anyone than I am. One cannot be 'daughter' when one is dead! Will she marry and give him grandchildren? More likely she will outlive him I think...fah...Sreng...fool!"

"I believe it is an honorary title Father...but I intend no disrespect to your kind." Faeriel stated politely.

"Honorary...bah! That one has no honor or loyalty. She died long ago...better that she would remember where her loyalties should lie. One day she will learn...but I have said enough for now."

Lancaster turned and muttered something under his breath before stepping back to the hall to await Aldrae.

"You seem to have some allegience to Sreng's tribe now." Aldrae asked the question offhandedly but there was meaning behind it.

"They have saved me many times...often when it would not benefit them in any way to do so. I have never met their like."

"Just do not forget who you truly serve Priestess. You are on assignment to that tribe only on orders from our order. You will remain there only as long as it serves our interests...is that understood?"

"I will not forget my place Lord Aldrae." Faeriel nodded out of respect.

"Ah well...I have taken enough of your time Priestess. Perhaps I should give you time to rest."

Aldrae smiled and nodded, then turned and left her in silence. Father Lancaster followed quickly behind.


The chamber maid brought the girl a cup of hot tea to sip just before bed. Unknown to Faeriel something was hidden in the drink and she soon fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Deep into the night the door to her chamber opened once more and Father Lancaster slipped inside. Taking a silver needle he withdrew blood again from the girl's arm. Holding the vial up to the window he observed it's color in the moonlight.

"You may heal but we will know more of this girl's blood. You may be able to resist the Scourge's plague but you will not be able to resist ours."


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