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A tale of Altria
((The following is not spoken through Valtrinity's words but of Altria's.))

I fell asleep upon da tree in da middle of da city of Orgrimmar having hinted someting to da Tribe of someting that had been bothering me dat day. Dis was before da so-called 'Plainstrider Day' dat everybody was talking about and preparing for. Dat day, I was hunting satyr horns for a goblin up da forests of Ashenvale. I met up wid some companions who aided me in dis task and also helped me slay Ordanus. Me companions were another troll and a tauren. Da tauren was nice enough, but I was, as wid most of me troll brethern, uncomfortable around da troll. Da ting dat bothered me da most was dat he called me 'holy womon'. I tried ta argue wid him, saying I was hardly ta be considered 'holy'. While it be true I possess da divine powers dat Loas was gracious enough ta grant ta me, dat hardly makes me 'holy'. I am undeserving of such a title, let alone ta possess dese powers. Da troll tried to argue a little further, but he just didn't understand. I've done too much and have ta atone for it. Dis does not make me holy.
Da next day, Plainstrider Day as it was called, I went someplace ta get away from da city and to rest me mind a little more. So I chose ta head to da outpost on da Zoram Strand. It was quiet enough until da head orc dere told me dere troubles wid a particularly nasty hydra called Vorash da Lasher. Da naga was aiding dis creature in tormenting da small outpost, so a decisive action had ta be made. I followed da orc to a small brazier just off da beach a ways. Da naga had dis lit as a tribute to da beast. Da orc told me to extinguish its flame. Doing dis would draw da hydra to us. Da instant da flames went out, da naga quickly arose out of da water ta stop us from doing what were set out ta do. Me powers combined wid the orc's strength outmatched dem. A second wave of dem appeared, but dey too couldn't bring us down. Den da hydra showed up. Vorash da Lasher was a huge beast of da water, purple-scaled, and as vicious as he looked. Me mana was a bit drained, but I managed to shield meself from da beast long enough to finish it off wid what power I still had left.
While everyone was enjoying dere plainstrider all around da world, up here on da Zoram Strand, we did not have plainstrider. We had hydra. (A bit salty for me tastes too, but still good). Vorash's corpse made quite da feast dere dat day. Dere was still plenty leftover after everyone had eaten dere fill. Da rest of da day was spent with da telling of many tales and da story of how I brought about da end of da hydra. I was called a hero and admired by everyone in dat outpost dat day. But dat too bothered me as well. Ta be called a holy womon one day, a hero da next...I only do da tings I do because I believe dem to be da right ting ta do. I'm simply looking ta atone for what I have done, and by doing dis, maybe I'll be able ta find some relief from da pain dat continues to burn me to my soul it seems. Of course, to da inhabitants of the Zoram outpost, I made no open protest of dere words. I merely smiled and nodded. I suppose in dese times of war and hatred, da world needs heroes from time ta time. May Loas continue ta guide me.
Your story is an interesting one Priestess. You feel yourself unworthy though the Loa feel different it seems. So often those who are above the mortal can see things in us which even we cannot see. Perhaps you are unworthy now, but also perhaps they know that your worth is judged more by what is in your soul and spirit, than it is by whatever past deeds you have done.

Your story does beg the question to be asked...of what could you have done that was so terrible that you must attone? Though the matter may be a personal one, you have chosen to share and so I must urge you to share all with us that we may understand and better guide you. To decline to say is within your right, but please know that if you choose to share I shall do my utmost to understand and guide thee.

If the tribe may not help, then look only to yourself and your own spirit to guide you through. I feel you show great potential and I forsee that one day you shall become a great spiritual center for our tribe...but as with all precognitions these matters are always in motion and subject to change, for I also see a great darkness in you that may consume you and take you from us if you cannot come to terms with your past.

Sing True Ironsong!

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