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A simple question.
"Now, my unknown friends, know this. I come to you with no mighty background. I have fought no great battles, nor have I slain demons or dragons. I am but a humble hunter of the Darkspear tribe, looking for a home. I left my previous home of Sen'jin Village 5 years ago. I was raised by my parents, Zuriah, my fisherman father, and Ikutalmi, my mother. I learned to use a bow at a young age, and by 10, I was hunting the Tigers near the Echo Isles. I was happy there, but as I grew older, I began to feel a yearning to leave, to go search the world, get outside of the arid coastlines of Durotar. I grew wily, cocky even of my abilities, until one day I got into an argument with our leader. When it got to the peak, I struck him across the face with the blunt side of my axe. As my thought returned to me, I knew then what I had done. He got up, a disgusted look in his eyes, a scratch dripping blood on his cheek, already regenerating. I ran out of the tent, dashed past some awed spectators, into my home, grabbed my bow, arrows, and axe, and darted out of the door, only to be met by two spears pointed to my head. I was led to the tent of Gadrin. A trial was held, and to my dismay, I was sentenced to be banished for dishonering the tribe. I began to wander aimlessly after that. Then, once, while crossing the border between Durotar and The Barrens, I overheard two orcs talking about the Ironsong Clan. I instantly became interested, and after some research, found a way to contact you. As I have said, I have no mighty background. Only a mistake I can never take back. My problems are not yours, I only seek friends, and at least, a home.


((Ok, a little about me. Just to tell you, I'm new to Roleplaying both on Silver Hand, and Inside of World of Warcraft. I just really wantd to join your guild. Smile ))
Heh... ya talk pretty for a Darkspear. Spent some time wit' de elves, yah?

So ya dishonored de Tribe o' me birth an' now ya want to join de Tribe o' me heart? What gonna stop ya from someday takin' an axe to Sreng'jin? Over de years, we had lots o' different folks from lots o' different Tribes. I seen exiled Hakkari slaves an' green trolls from de Amani tribes, even a Bloodscalp from Stranglethorn, all from far away an' all safe an' strong in Ironsong. Dey had a bad start... born to de wrong folks, but dey come to Ironsong an' learn de Darkspear way. You, ya had a good ting goin' but got yaself cast out.

Now, if I take ya into me own Tribe, what de elders of de Darkspear gonna tink o' me?

((Hi there! We can probably find room for you! Odds are that you might have to do a bit more than most to prove yourself trustworthy, but that sounds like a good RP vector to me. Have you checked out our Code of Conduct? Sign off on it and then get ahold of someone in the Tribe on a Thursday. They'll give you directions to the weekly Tribal Moot, where you can get a taste for what it is that we do!))

-Sreng'jin Skullclaimer
Warlord of the Ironsong
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