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A rough start
Eddge Bowstrider sat on a rock as he overlooked the vast plains infront of him. He glanced down at his bow and quiver leaning against the rock. It was useless, he thought. He would never be the hunter that his father wanted him to be. His entire family looked to him to carry on the Bowstrider traditions, but, that was impossible. Eddge grabbed his bow and quiver as he stood up. It was getting late and the sun was beginning to set. One more day passed and Eddge still had failed at his task.

As Eddge began to walk towards his village, several gazelle loped by. With the grace of the most masterful hunters, he knocked an arrow and drew the bowstring back to his ear. He took careful aim, and then he released. He missed, though, to say he missed was being generous. The arrow simply fell straight to the ground right in front of him. Out of frustration, Eddge unhooked his axe from his belt and hurled it towards the herd of passing gazelles. The axe suprisingly found a mark and brought down a rather large gazelle.

Eddge stared in amazement. His father would surely be proud when he returned from his hunt and had something to prove his success for a change. He retrieved his axe and spent several hours dragging the large beast back to his home.

It was well after dusk when he returned. He drug the gazelle by its horns to his father, who overlooked the animal and then looked at Eddge. " So, how much did you have to pay for someone to slay the beast for you and let you claim it as your own?"

Eddge frowned, obviously hurt by his father's words. " I... didn't pay anyone, sir."

" So, you stole a kill from someone else?"

" What?! No.... I would never..."

" Silence. I don't have time for your petty excuses, Eddge. Where did you find the animal then?"

" I... didn't find it, sir. I killed it myself...." Eddge's voice cracked with uncertainty as he spoke. He was unsure if his words would hold sway against his father's judgement over him.

"Ha! You? Killed it? I doubt that!." Eddge's father quickly began inspecting the animal to see if it had indeed been killed by Eddge. He found the deep wound created by the axe and nodded to himself. He again looked towards Eddge.

"You are a disgrace to this village and to the Bowstrider name, Eddge. As your father, and the head of the village, I, Esprit Bowstrider, banish you from this village. You are not to return until you can properly hunt by the old tradtions passed on by my father and his father's father. Until then, you will always be known as a disgrace to your family name. Now get out of my sight." Esprit turned his back and walked off through the crowd that had gathered to see what all the commotion was about.

Eddge stared at his father's back in disbelief. For once he had thought he had done something right, yet now he was a mark of shame amongst his people. He knew no one would ever look at him as a member of the proud Bowstrider family, instead everyone would point and laugh at him, and remind him that he was a failed hunter and a disgrace to his family.

Eddge could only think of one thing to do. He ran. He ran throughout the entire night and well into the next day, never stopping to rest.


(( Well, that's part of Eddge's story.... as most people know... Eddge is definately not a hunter..... I'll be adding more soon as it comes to me, but for now, i have to take the dog to go get meds for allergies....))
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