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A request for long-term assistance - Dark Iron Ore
<scrawled in Zema's childish scribble>

I have to make the metal dorfies like me, and to do that, I have to give them lots and lots and lots and lots of metal.I don't know how to take it from the ground, so I have to ask for help.



Here I am again, off on another crazy faction mission....

It is my intention to procure the +22 int enchantment for the tribe - NO ONE else should ever have to pay 10 - 20 gold for an enchantment. Especially not when we have the means to have it within the guild.

I have gotten as far as I am able by my own means (And with a TON of help from Saltin and several others.) .. that is to say that I am currently at Honored faction.

I will be working to complete all of the quests at Thorium Point in order to bump my faction up from Honored as far as I can. The assistance that I need is Dark Iron Ore. I realize that it is extremely valuable and that I am asking a lot...and I want you all to know that it kills my soul that I cannot do this alone, or with 'casual' help.

As far as my research has provided, the only way for me to increase my faction from Honored to Revered is through Molten Core drops (Core Leather - hahahahahahaha - yeah right), blood of the mountain ... OR ... Dark Iron Ore... 2400 ores, to be exact. (Someone check my math, oiye! 12,000 faction points / 50 faction per turn in = 240 turn ins X 10 ore per turn in = 2400 ores)

I am at a loss for what to do besides to ask. I cannot mine, none of my characters who -can- mine are of sufficient level to survive the places that have dark iron ore...and my time, lately, has been limited more than is normal for me.

What I CAN offer to do is heal for miners through blackrock depths, escort and accompany people around the zones that have nodes outside of the instance (Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge).

I am opened to other suggestions and am a very patient person. I understand that this could take a very -very- long time. In fact, I am relatively certain that I will finally be able to get Kemnan to level to mine in those places by the time that this is all said and done with...and have every intention of using that to the advantage of all involved.

My most sincere thanks to anyone and everyone who decides to get involved - this is something that will take a tribe, not a person.

-player of Zema
I have some in the bank I think, I will send you what I have and keep an eye open for any more I find.
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Zema, while I do not want to discourage this, my general feeling on turning in dark iron is that it's too little reward for too much time invested. It has gotten better since we are able to mine dark iron outside of the depths now, and I'll remember to send you any blood of the mountain I find, but the sheer amount of ore required is a staggering investment.

My suggestion for this is of course to first reach honored through the easier means of the alternate quests, but after that... well, it may be worth paying 20 gold for that enchantment when you compare the time involved in farming a few hundred gold versus gathering 2400 dark iron.

Now that said, reaching revered or exalted is a fairly necessary goal for someone. I think that the dark iron works better as a supplement to the other turn ins because of the amount of faction we're talking about. It's 2400 dark iron ore versus 60 fiery or lava cores... the difference is very large.

Personally, I will be sending you some of the dark iron I mine as I also keep some to make armor for tribemates. I think this is a good idea. I'm just not sure we should go out of our way to do this, as there are more efficient means to the same end.

Here is a good link to the faction analysis and quests for thorium brotherhood:

Kosath Whitehorn
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I know this is the ‘cop-out’ answer, but Naus (a Damoxian look alike) will enchant the +22 Intellect for 9 gold if you provide the materials. I believe this to be the most reasonable price on the server. Naus is a friend of Ironsong and runs Molten Core with Damo, Majhal, and Molotov.

I have used this services before, and have referred other tribemates to him.
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Thank you all for your input. I have been thinking about it for awhile now.

I agree, fiery cores and the like are a MUCH faster route, but in order to get my hands on those things, I would have to first, go to Molten Core and second, win the items involved....I won't be going to MC any time in the near future.

If there is another way, I am very opened to suggestions.. especially since I am well aware of the value of the dark iron ore and its relative difficulty to come by. (as with any of the other turn ins)

...as for Naus enchanting for people... the point was to have the enchantment within the guild and available to everyone without a gold cost. <shrugs> Maybe it is an unrealistic goal.

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