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A plea for rescue
The white-haired elf pins several papers to the totem. The first reads:

As mentioned at the Moot today, I recieved a request for help from an unlikely area the other day. I was in Silithis despining Twilight culits when a furtive-looking Tauren handed me the pages below. I hadn't realized Tauren could LOOK furtive.

After bringing this to the Warlord's attention, he put me in charge of any attempts to rescue this elf. I am thinking that Saturday, around 6 Orgrimmar time (server time) would be a good time to start. What say you all? Shall we free an elf?

The pages I was given are here:

Greetings hopeful friend,

My name is Aldarah. I was a passenger on an ocean crossing when our ship was attacked and captured by pirates. They sold most of us passengers to slavers, who in turn sold us to unscrupulous types here and there.

My own 'buyer' has treated me semi-decently, but I chanced to overhear a converation between him and another who had purchased one of us passengers. This one was talking about killing his slave if she did not begin to 'perform more adequetely'. He laughed as he described how he kept her, a Sin'dorei named Sayren, chained to a tree atop that great giant tree city of theirs, and fed her only sparingly.

I can only pray that this letter finds its way into friendly hands and that a rescue can be mounted to Darnassus before the poor girl is slain. Maybe she will know the location of other captives also.

Scribed into the totem is a short note in slightly jagged writing. It reads:

I will investigate. Do not act until I have returned.

It is signed only with a diagonal slash of three claws.
Righteous are those who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!
Just beneath the previous carving is another, done with a little more care.

I have confirmed the rumor. There is a woman, a Blood Elf, being held captive inside Darnassus by the usurper Staghelm. She has been abused to an extent that not even I believed Staghelm was capable of. It is most urgent that we rescue her. In order to do this we will likely have to sneak into Darnassus itself and briefly remove Staghelm himself from the picture. This will not be easy. I ask for as much help as I can muster. He may be a vicious, pompous jerk too full of himself to see his own mistakes, but he is still an Arch Druid. And if we have a large group we will likely need to cut a path through at least part of the city in order to reach him.

I implore the Tribe to aid me in this.

Again, the message is signed with three diagonal slashes.
Righteous are those who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!

- Logros"
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