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A plea for help
The messenger remembered the strange Blood Knight that sent him on his journey, he didn't say much, only that he spoke Orcish very poorly, he merely said, "Letter to Ironsong, here is gold." The Forsaken looked down at the very poor quality envelope, he wondered only for a moment, but continued his journey, he managed to get the letter to Ironsong the next day, his job was done

"Dear friends,

My name is Arvator, I am reside in the lands of the Quel'dorei. I come to Ironsong, for I am one that has been damned by my own race for my views and beliefs. I seek refuge with the Tribe.. As this letter passes into your hands, I must be brief and vague, for if it falls into the wrong hands, my enemies will come and exterminate me. I follow the path of the Light, but I seek retribution and justice for what has been done to me. I cannot take this path alone, I seek aid. It is ironic that I come to Ironsong for this aid, for in the past we have had our differences, and I know once I am on this path, those differences will arise again. I ask that the Tribe sees past that and realize my purpose. I come not with hatred in my heart, but with the burning desire to right the wrongs that have been done to me. I used to command legions, now I eek out a living in Eversong, selling Bloodthistle, making potions and teaching young Blood Knights of their newfound powers. I have known many of you, but to name names at this point, will put myself at great risk. I am fully aware of your gatherings, in fact I have been to a few. I will make myself known at one of them in the future. Do not seek me out, I shall seek you. Once you have met me, you will realize what I speak of.

Glory of the Light be with you all,

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