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A notice of intent
I've had an increasing number of folks asking me about starting a Karazhan run lately. People want to go... I'd like to go. I would also like to get the Tribe focused on a goal as a group again. So I am sharing my thoughts from the officer forum, and letting you all know where I intend to go with raiding.

Here are the problems as I see them:

1) Karazhan and the heroics are on roughly the same level of difficulty and they were not created for "casual" play. They are the answer to all of the people who wanted a hardcore 10-man or 5-man dungeon that dropped purples. So we end up with that, and the 25-man raids... and nothing else. TBC is very much missing a zone like UBRS, where you can actually just get together with more than 4 of your friends and go have a good time without major concerns for group balance and strategy while still having a chance (however slim) to find something useful or rare. It doesn't even have a mid-size/difficulty zone like ZG. There's really nothing we can do about this problem other than acknowledge that it exists.

2) Karazhan requires experienced people. Saying it requires the same experienced people every week is, I believe, a logical fallacy. But it does require that people know what they're doing in the fights. The easiest way to accomplish this is to form a consistent group that learns together. However, this leads to problem #3.

3) The current team setup leads to personnel issues. We are not a hardcore raiding guild with attendance requirements, and we all have real life obligations. To overcome this, we made sure that our strategy in the past was to get the guild through content as a whole, rotating members through while making sure we had an experienced core in each run. This led to an ever-growing "experienced core", allowing for more and more flexibility. This was, of course, easier in a 20 and 40-man environment.

So my plan started this past monday with Jin'do. It was a fun thing to do and it got us into a larger group together again. We will be expanding on that, as announced in the Azeroth Raiding Review forum. This is to gear people up (mentally, not literally) for raiding together again.

Step 2) Karazhan keys. We focus on keying like we did in the old days with Onyxia, MC, and BWL. I would like the Tribe to have this as a goal right now. Help your Tribemates accomplish this, because we're heading for step 3 shortly.

Also note that this step comes with a secondary benefit and goal... gear. Karazhan will require that you are at least comfortably decked out in blues from the 5-man dungeons and quests. You represent 10% of your raid's power now, as opposed to 5% or 2.5%. Come prepared.

Step 3) Karazhan itself. I am estimating a start date of May 4th, but this is subject to change. I will give a solid date within a week.

This won't be easy to organize. Honestly, I don't look forward to that portion of it, but it seems the only recourse we're left with due to the current structure of the game. I just hope blizzard recognizes this problem before I get too much grey hair from dealing with class shortages.

But it will get more people exposed to Karazhan and learning it, and this can only be good for the guild as a whole, because this will begin to solve problems 2 and 3. If we have a larger experienced pool to pull from, then it begins to require less and less organization.

Now to answer your first question: Regarding the current teams, I'm not going to usurp your group. I will, however, be asking for your help for the greater good of the Tribe. All I ask is that you rotate in new folks to help gain the benefit of learning the encounters with experienced people. I know many of you have already begun doing this, and I believe I've illustrated why it is a good idea in the long run. Plus, if you were to disband your group and tell me to organize it every week, it would be mildly sadistic. :wink:

So this is where I would like to see things go in the next month. We will begin with fridays and expand from there as needed, just as we've done in the past.
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Those who need attunement to Kharazan please post what you need. I know there are many who are at different points in the key fragments quest.
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I have Shantow all keyed for Kharazan, but I would prefer to drag Krell along to thee runs if possible. This brings up my question.....at what point can I begin the Kharazan attunement quests? Can they be picked up at level 68, and the chain begun then, or do I need to grind quickly to 70?

Thanks all. In the short term, if I am unable to get Krell prepared, Shantow would enjoy tagging along on these runs.


Krell aka Shantow
You can pick up the quest before 70, but I'd recommend getting to 70 before you try the end of the chain in the Black Morass.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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Its 68 that the quests become available to do.
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Efluvious Wrote:Those who need attunement to Kharazan please post what you need. I know there are many who are at different points in the key fragments quest.
As for current personal needs for the Kharazan key, I was able to get the first key fragment thanks to Sound's Outland quest night, and with help in no small part from Dai, Tets, Luc, and Jaba.

Now for the second and third fragments, which can actually be done with ease to my understanding. The there's the Black Morass, and I need to get Durnholde done first though.
I think we've got a fair number of people sitting at the Black Morass step of things. That's where Logros is at.

I'm a fan of Durnholde (buggy as it is), and would be happy to help folks smash through there to get access to BM.

Full key info is here: http://www.wowwiki.com/The_Master%27s_Key/In-Depth
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