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A nightmare that won't end
I sat by the fire and watched her...the other tauren who was my sister by blood and birth...my twin. Veramorla. She was busy again, thrusting with those swords of hers..but something was different. Her Tribe...they don't trust me. Even when I pleaded with them of the plague of corruption that haunts me, they ignored me. I guess I don't blame them. I did try to kill one of their own...but only because I felt they wouldn't have listened to me based on the legacy that my mother placed upon us. They seem to have left me to my fate....but alas...that same fate is also placed upon my sister as well. Will they allow her to succumb to it?

When she first came to me, she was different. She knew I was tormented and haunted by nightmares...she was too. Though we hadn't met with each other very long, we both knew we needed each other. We were family....I think it's a concept that she came into understanding recently. Because of my mother, ours was shattered and broken. She never had the chance to have a real family. I was a different case. My father...our father...took me away from my mother after he realized what she was becoming. I went to live and grow up with his brother..my uncle. He had made different arrangements for my sister, but...his plan never was put into action. Based on what Veramorla told me...she must've corrupted his mind before he had the chance to take Vera away from her. My heart...still pains after learning what my sister ultimately had to do when she became of age. It only served to fuel nightmares for both of us. Nightmares that won't end...

She's not the same now....I watch her even now...holding weapons that normally would require two hands...her strength is...growing at an alarming rate. I...have noticed some change to myself as well. Occasionally, I would swear I saw some glowing green rune, or mark on my hands. And every time I saw it, they burned! Oh, how it would burn! When I told Veramorla of this, she would merely say it was nothing and dismiss it without further discussion. Why? Why won't she talk about it? Why has she grown so aggressive? The hate in her heart...I can see it now growing with her rage. What is...happening to us?

I often ask about my mother...Delgarsida...where did she go wrong? What made her do what she did? Veramorla dismisses those questions also...with even more assertion. She won't even have me mention her name. I understand my mother did so many unforgivable things...but she is still my mother...our mother. Nothing will ever change that. All I want is answers...but I know that's impossible. Veramorla spoke long ago of how she put her to rest and her spirit trapped within a Legion's device...but why didn't that break the curse over us? Why do we continue to suffer? I fear I may never have those answers. Even now..I could swear I heard the whispers...the whispers from my nightmares. Strange....lately I could swear I see a new spectre in my dreams...a pale tauren woman upon what I thought was some sort of dreadsteed...her face was hidden. This new element in my nightmares...is she connected to us somehow? What is her purpose?

All I can do is watch my sister continue to practice with her over-sized weapons. My mind grows weary. Talking with my sister lately does nothing to ease either of our pains. I fear...we are losing our minds. I am doing...everything I can to hold those demons in my head at bay...but after looking at my sister, I know it's a losing battle. I don't know how much longer we will last....there is no end to this...

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