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A new tactic.....
It had been two days since we started this little project two days of solid chanting.....*thinks back over the events of the past few days* It all started when the Ranger Lord of Quel'thalas sent a Messenger to me about reporting to Lady Sylvannas Windrunner. When I reported to the queen of the forsaken she let me in on a secret that the leaders of the horde had been working up evidently the Arcainists and the RoyalApothecary Society had been working together to form a new weapon against demons and Illadins Demon Hunters. This new "weapon" was a series of magical pendants they had created that absorbed Demonic Energys and in turn converted it to boost the wearers power greatly they had run a series of successful tests on some of the minor demons in Azeroth they petitioned the Warchief Thrall for the right to try a more dangerous experiment. Well the always wise Warchief of the horde would not allow this without certain precations being put into place, so he sent messengers to the other leaders of the horde to gather their best heros and soldiers to prepare and also to the Ranger Lord of Quel'thalas he sent messages to assemble the best summoners that the bloodelves had. I then found out what they were planing to do the had gathered materials to recreate one of the legions teleporters and a lure of sorts to try and draw one of the stronger demons out of the nether perhaps a lesser Eredar or a Shivan the decided any medium ranking demon would be sufficient to see whether this new weapon will work against the greater demons and perhaps give us a way to re-claim outland for the horde. The plan seemed simple enough the Summoners of Quel'thalas would control the portal and lure to make sure nothing too big ends up comeing through we had some of the best warriors available to the horde. (Including some of the group known as the Warcheifs Elite they are a group of heros dedicated to the horde battleing on the frontlines with the enemys of the horde they were assembled by the former dragonmaw clan blademaster Garkas Bloodblade an ancient orc who still remembers life before the demons and war with "The Pinkskins".)
Of the people I know that were there was Cairne Bloodhoof Himself along with several of the Bloodhoof Clan's Elite Warriors, The Second in Command of The Warcheifs Elite a bloodelf named Velandra "The Tutelary" Lightblade (I met her a few times in silvermoon before), and one of the eldest summoners of Quel'thalas and long time friend of mine Delnar Firedancer. But what had seemed to be a simple task turned out to be a test of endurence and patience it was now aproaching midnight of the second day of this task and still no demon had entered through our portal It was my turn to rest and I was tired from trying to manipulate the nether forces for so long that when my relief came I was exuberant( or at least I would have been had I not been so tired) so I quickly left to go join the camp and sat down to a late supper with Velandra and Delnar (Though Velandra talked more like a orc than a blood elf.) we sat and talked trying to figure out why we have had no responce from any demon yet it would have been understandable if only a few minor demons came it would mean our lure wasn't powerfull enough to get something truely powerfull to care but not even a lowly imp had dared to show up almost as soon as we had finnished eating our supper we heard a call to arms from Cairne the demons had finally showed up........ When we had reached the portal we were horrified by the sight yes the demons had come but it seemed like a entire small army had come through there were waves of felhounds and felguards comeing through then at last we saw why there were so many demons two large pit lords emmerged from the portal along with a group of Shivan bodyguards........ as Cairne was forming the troops there into ranks the pit lords were prepareing to charge suddenly we heard a deffening clap. The goblin bomb squad that was hired as one of thrall precations blew up the portal leaveing the demons stuned and with no chance of escape. Now Mages Chanted warriors and blood knights drew their blades summoners focused nether energys we may have cut them off but we were still in for a major fight Cairne called out and our first wave broke against the legions ranks led by the bloodhoof warriors and the warcheifs elite we charged in blades swinged clubs smashing arrows and magical bolts flying we carved through the felhounds but by the time we had wiped out about half of their pets the greater demons had recovered from the blast and the felguards joined the fray bloodelves, orcs, tauren, forsaken all dieing around me I turned around just in time to see one particularly large felhound start to leap at Delnar I threw my shadowbolt and sent it flying away from him I watched the Carnage around me so many dead bodys...*flashs back to her childhood*......its not the first time ive seen carnage like this the outpost where I lived before I was Orphaned there were many dead bodys there too the trolls with pure hatred in their eyes.....*returns to the present battle* Just in time to see a Shivan Assasin bearing down on me how did I get this far in? I tried to cast A shadowbolt at it but it was comeing too fast all of a sudden a blade apears in its torso and goes up bisecting the demon now standing behind where that omen of death was is Velandra...... I look around the Battle is in our favor now one of the pit lords is dead the other and all remaining forces are surrounded traped against the mountain but where is Delnar? At last I find him laying on the ground cleaved in half by a Felguards axe my eyes flare with fel fire I turn towards the remaining demons and start casting spells in such a mad fury that I can't even remember which ones I've hit already the pit lord is traped the Arcanists use their new weapon the demon's body falls limp and its energys are absorbed leaveing no target left for me to unleash my fury on. Our new weapon works.......but I must wonder at what cost so many lives lost in this horrible accident so many of peoples friends dead.........

((Basicly this was a story I made up to explain why my character wasn't on for a couple days really it was cause my internet wouldn't let me log on for more than 2 minutes >.< well anyways hope you like it ^.^))

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