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A healer for tonight.
While Zeenjai will be able to come with us this weekend, he mentioned on Sunday after the Prince he wouldn't be able to come for our Tuesday clearing. If anyone in Vanguard gets a chance while in game today to poke around and look for an extra healer for tonight, would you? It'll be for the first four/five bosses. A priest would be goodly.. however we'll ultimately take what we can get. I work from 9-5, or else I'd help search today too.. and am unsure how much luck I'd have in the hour I'd have at home before hand, hence my posting this. :]

If all else fails your wouldnt have to twist my arm to much to Respec Healy for a day or 2. I only speced healy once, and that was while i was lving. i would not mind trying it for a bit.
That's awesome of you to be willing to do that, Min, but let's wait until the last moments after searching to decide if it'll be needed or not.. No sense losing a hard hitting DPS'er for it if we don't have to. :]

Would you be willing until then to poke around IronsongLFG for healy types that'll be free tonight though, pretty please?

/goesbacktowork. :">
I'm afraid i wont be on much earlyer than you *looks around quickly to see if any one at work sees him on a computer* i shoud be on around 7:30 ish EST (maybe a bit later) but i'll see what i can do.
Man, all I ever do is work on a computer! *Looks round quickly to see if anyone sees him not working on a computer....*

I'll be on tonight (Elektra most likely). If you guys find yourselves in a pinch, let me know. I've got scads of unused healing gear, or I can pew pew if you want someone else to heal.

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