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A fond farewell (Partial OOC)
(posted in the dining hall of the Ironsong Tribe's headquarters is a note on fine vellum. The flowing script is not so flowing anymore and it is obvious to an observant person that the hand that wrote it carried the fine trimmors of age and a life lived harshly.)My Dearest Tribe,

We been together for a lot. We shared the joys of life on Azeroth, the pains of loss, all of the ills and wells of life in general. I fear, however that I'm getting old and maybe it be the senility of old age... I am, after all nearly 99 years old, and you know we troll don't usually live this long. Please care for my sisters, Amatula and Zybrine. They aren't young ones anymore but they still hold a lot of naiveté in there bones.

In short, its time for me to leave the tribe and strike out against Azeroth and her elements to find out who Eonia Attaboli really is on the inside before my last year dawns. I don't leave Azeroth for a seat with the great Loa, but to contemplate the triumphs and mistakes I've made in my life before its all to dawning end. As I leave, please know that the Tribe is ever in my heart and mind.

With Greatest Love and Sincerity,
Eonia Attaboli
Frost Magus, Ironsong Tribe

(The letter was written with great care to attempt to convey the utmost sincerity.)

((Hi tribe. I just first want to make it clear that I've no desire to leave you completely. Long story short, after my illness a few years ago, my mind is not quite as sharp as it once was. I'm fine, by the way, but I find more and more I'm unable to concentrate on the game, and chat and maintaining a back story, an ongoing story and the contact I need and want to maintain with friends and family.

I am, therefore removing my main RP character from the Ironsong Tribe. My hopes are that as a member of my younger brother's non RP guild, still on Silver Hand, I can still enjoy the game. I'd like to remain a member of this wonderful group of people, and if you'll all permit...keep

My priest and druid ensconced in the fine tradition that has become the Ironsong Tribe to me. When I've been away from the game, it has always been, in part, the Tribe that has brought me back. By all means, if you see Eonia wandering the world, I'm certain that she'd want to catch up with her Ironsong family.

TLBig Grinr: I'm putting Eonia in my younger brother's guild in order to spend some time with him and his son. I'm finding it harder and harder to maintain the game, relationships and RP so rather than let the RP suffer, I'm withdrawing my main RPer. Thank you all, for your generosity, friendship and kindness over the last years. I'll understand if you wish to withdraw my other characters as well. Admittedly, my ability to RP was never amazing, and its worse these days so I wouldn't blame you at all.))

Peace and Love,
[Image: EoniaAttaboli.png]

Amutula and Zybrine will be quite safe with the Tribe. We will continue to watch over them for you. I shall not say goodbye, but instead tell you peaceful journey. Life is a journey, and you have a home with the Tribe if you ever want to stop by again.

Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Dear Eonia,

We will miss you, but we understand your need to find out more about yourself while you still have the time and energy to do so. We will take care of your sisters. And should you ever wish to return, you will always have a home in the Tribe.

Safe travels to you on your voyage of discovery.


((We wish you the best, Eonia. Enjoy playing and spending time with your brother and nephew. And remember that you are always welcome here!))

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