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A few questions.
I am currently on the (PVE)server named Rexxar,and I am looking for a guild that does raids but most importantly RPs.

I enjoy RPing as much as possible but also want to get better gear.I am looking to switch servers and I was wondering if there are any other RP heavy guilds on Silverhand that you would recommend me look into.

Thank you in advance,and great job on your site especialy the policies,very well done.
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Ironsong, and Rotten Luck are the only two Horde guilds that I can think of at the moment, though I am sure there are quite a few more. Also if you look around a bit I'm sure you'd find RPers who are in/lead Raiding/PvP guilds as well. Nobunaga, Lilandra, and a few others come to mind. Alliance side its harder to find good RP, both sides have about the same amount of RPer's (Alot of Alliance/Horde RPers have alts/mains on the oppisite faction.) but the Alliance has larger numbers, thus more idiots so its often harder to find RPers. The Good Alliance RP guilds I know of though are smaller, and most are not far into the raiding game. Brotherhood, Nightsaber Vanguard, Andu (Can't spell it>.<) all are Alliance RP guilds, also the Caelestis Templares and the Blackest Heart come to mind though Templares is more a Paladin order and Blackest Heart more a cult. Hope ya find what you are looking for!

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Raven Dreams and Cute Little Undead Girls are also long-standing RP guilds but those among them who raid do so as part of other raid groups or coalitions.

If RP and raiding are of similar priority to you Rotten Luck is closest to that model. They have irregular RP events, an IC-only channel, and many weekly raids. Currently working on Vaelastrasz I believe.

We have IC guildchat and a regular weekly RP event (our Tribal Moot), as well as weekly partial ZG, full clear of MC, Silithus Barons and Onyxia. We don't currently run AQ20 and we really take our time with adding new events or pushing for progress.

I'd say that RL and IST are just slightly to either side of the centerpoint of balancing RP and raiding interests so I'm sure you would find a home one way or another.

That said - the Rottens are recuiting for certain classes for certain raids so I'm not sure where you might stand there as far as getting into the raids. We have a rolling invite system but full members (post trial period in the guild of about a month) get priority for spots.

I will say that Ironsong as far as our rules and policies are concerned is focussed on being an RP/family guild first despite our raiding successes. Anyhow, look into some of the other guilds I mentioned if you are interested and feel free to get in touch with myself or any other officer of the Ironsong if you have more questions. We've grown large but try to stay personable. : )

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