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A dusty note...
Tacked to the Tribal Totem is a battered and dusty envelope. The plain green wax seal has been cracked, and the contents are posted immediately below. Written on an irregularly shaped sheet of light leather, the quickly scrawled letter is written in a jerky, angular version of Coranda's usual elegant hand. It reads:

Greetings, Tribe!

I'm so sorry to have disappeared so quickly after the wedding. I would have loved to stay, serve out my peon-hood immediately, and join you in the many activities I imagine you're all engaging in.

Unfortunately, well... my sister is gone. She's wandered off before, of course, but she usually at least leaves a note. "Hit by lightning. Overdue for Spirit Quest with Your Mother... back sometime in next year-cycle. Have dinner waiting, but don't let Coriakin make any of that awful chowder. -Tor"

This time, Innkeeper Pala tells me she just left in the middle of the billing cycle. No note, no Guild Preservation Fee, no deposit for the room she'd rented. Thankfully I'd gold enough to cover that, but... I have to find her.

I've dragged my brother by the tail tuft, packed the War Kodo, and set off. Amato can get in touch with me if you really need me... Our Mother is generous with her gifts, especially when it comes to communication. Still, I don't know how long it will be until I find her.

Good luck to all of you, and I'll be back as soon as I can. So sorry about the writing... I packed my good parchment, and writing on the back of a running kodo is dicey at best.

For Honor and Glory!


(My account ran out with Thak's, and I'm currently away at a job where my available free time just doesn't justify the expense. I'll be reinstating one or both of the accounts (depending on how HWC Thak's life is looking) soon enough but for now, Cora is off on a wild adventure with her erstwhile brother.

I do miss all of you, and you'll definitely see me popping in on your TS and here, and Cora will probably be back sometime in the next 1-6 weeks, depending on the schedule here. And, of course, I'll be poking HWC Amato for all manner of details of your doings.

-SWC Cora)

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