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A dark destiny
I am a monster. I betrayed the tribe, and stained my hands with the blood of my unborn child. I murdered my brother, and stoll his runeblade to wield as my own. I do not deserve to live. I am trapped now, my thoughts belong to the lich king and my body to my sister. The Ironsong Tribe should have killed me when they had the chance. I cannot control myself, and I know what my masters have planned for them. I wish i could warn them, but I don't know how. I am Quelosia, I am a monster, and I deserve to die.
Bye bye everyone. Thanks for the time in Ironsong =) Sorry I was so horrible =(
The hawkstrider's feet pounded across the muddy ground of Silverpine. Quelosia's amber hair clung to her face, plastered there by the heavy rain bearing down on her. The wound in her stomach burned, but not as much as the ache in her heart. "What have I done? They had done nothing to deserve what happened tonight."

"Everyone has done something. Maybe not to you, but they have surly done something in their pathetic lives to deserve what befell them tonight," said a voice in her head. "I would have thought that by now you would have realized that."

"No. The tribe works for the good of the horde. They are not evil."

"But look what the horde has done to your people! To all the people of Azeroth. They nearly destroyed the eastern kingdoms in their first invasion, had the alliance not brought them down. They are nothing but demon worshiping barbarians."

"They are NOT that way anymore. Thrall has led them away from that path. True there are a few warlocks left but still..."

"Listen to him Quelosia. In your heart of hearts you know he's right. He has to be. Stop fighting it. Give into him. He will lead you to power you have never known," said a new voice.

The hawkstrider slipped, throwing the elf from it's back. As she lay in the mud, a shadow passed over her soaked body. A gentle blue hand reached out for her. This shadow has joined by another. They muttered something intelligible to each other before placing her on one of their strange mounts. The last thing Quelosia saw before sinking into unconsciousness was two draenei bringing her her to safety.
Bye bye everyone. Thanks for the time in Ironsong =) Sorry I was so horrible =(
Kaltara was worried. The naaru had sent two of her best vindicators to Silverpine on a "special mission". They should have been back days ago. The fact that she didn't know what they were doing only worried her more.

"Vat is the matter Kaltara?" asked one of the other draenei.

"Kayone and Paeus should have reported back by now. I vas thinking about leading a party to search for them."

"Ve must keep our faith in the light. It vill protect them no matter how far they travel. Now come and eat."

"Alright I'll eat. Then I vill search for our friends."

The journey took several days, but the group finally arrived in Silverpine. After a few more hours of locating the missing duo, what they found struck fear into their hearts. The camp was in shambles. Blood covered every inch of the clearing. Paeus's head was tied to the end of an over-hanging branch, staining the ground below it a deep blue. His body was nowhere to be seen. Kayone was found moments later. It looked as if a sword had been driven through her chest. She had not suffered for long. Their elekk mounts had not survived the attack either. Both were gutted and strung up on tent poles.

"We are too late," whispered Kaltara, "What kind of person would have done this?!"

"Someone like me," laughed a voice from behind the stunned draenei. They turned to see a slim female blood elf, her amber hair tossed by the wind. The last thing Kaltara saw was a black sword swinging toward her neck.
Bye bye everyone. Thanks for the time in Ironsong =) Sorry I was so horrible =(
The sun sank down on this terrible place. Among the bodies of fallen draenei lie another, smaller form. Quelosia's. During the battle she had been struck down not by one of the draenei, but by a poisoned arrow. The poison would not kill her, but leave her paralyzed for hours. Her attacker crept up to the ghastly clearing, taking care not to disturb the others who lie about the place. He would lay them to rest later. For now there was just one thing on his mind: repairing his final mistake. It was his fault Quelaris had joined the scourge, therefor it was his fault Quelosia had fallen. At last his dark past would be laid to rest and he would be able to move on.

"Hello Quelosia. Don't bother trying to speak, that arrow was poisoned so speech will be impossible. Do you know why I'm here?"

Quelosia just stares at the man, hostility burning in her eyes.

"I am here to right the wrongs I have committed. I realize now that the only way to move on will be to destroy my past. That ends with you." said the elf. "Ironsong had tried to help you but you pushed them away. If only you had accepted their aid, I would not have to do what I am about to do."

With that he drew his twin blades and plunged them deep into Quelosia's heart. She was dead in seconds. "She didn't deserve such a quick death," muttered her killer.

As he began digging graves for the noble draenei that lay about his feet, his hood fell, revealing a face marked by pain and grief and remorse. The face of Ithenis Sunstorm.
Bye bye everyone. Thanks for the time in Ironsong =) Sorry I was so horrible =(

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